January 22, 2021

40 Realtor Gift Ideas for Clients


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Being a real estate agent is one of the most rewarding careers. You get to meet all sorts of people from different backgrounds — some looking to upgrade for a growing family, and others who want to downgrade after their flock leaves the nest.

And as the expert in your market, you can help clients find and purchase the property of their dreams. You’re in the business of making clients happy — so why stop with handing them the keys to their new house?

Many realtors are going over and beyond by purchasing closing gifts for clients. Not only does this speak volumes of your appreciation for their business, but it also keeps you top of mind should they need you in the future or know someone who’s in the market to buy or sell a home.

The question now is, what are the best gifts for realtors to give clients?

Not to worry — we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of 40 realtor gift ideas for clients.

Housewarming Gift Ideas for Realtor Clients

The first thing a client wants to do when moving into a new house is to make it feel like home. So here are some realtor gift ideas for clients that’ll help spice up the house.

1. Braided Money Tree

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Description: Your clients just made the biggest investment of their lives so give them a braided money tree which is said to boost financial prosperity. And even if it doesn’t, it still looks amazing in the corner of a bedroom, living area, or patio

2. Swan Lake Bouquet

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Description: Here’s a gift your realty clients can use to decorate their dining table or coffee table. It’s a bouquet of flowers and foliage that were expertly dried and waxed to maintain its beauty for years to come. It’s the perfect vase of flowers — no watering ever needed, and they don’t die.


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Description: What better housewarming gift can you give a new homeowner than a helpful little cleaner? With the DEEBOT, they can have their carpet and hard floors cleaned around the clock. Plus, it’s WiFi-connected for easier control and syncs with Alexa.

4. Custom Door Knocker

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Description: Solidify your clients’ homeownership with a personalized door knocker with their family name. You can choose what the brass knocker says, so try to add a personal touch.

5. Abstract Wall Art

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Description: Help your clients add to their new home’s decor with abstract wall art. Neutral colors will help ensure there’s a place for it somewhere in the home. This painting comes with three 12″x16″x3″ canvases.

6. Sboly Steam Coffee Machine

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Description: Here’s a gift for clients that can improve mornings and reduce Starbucks bills. This steam coffee machine can make lattes and cappuccinos. Plus, it comes with a milk frother and a carafe.

Handy Gift Ideas for Realtor Clients

Buying a home comes with great responsibility. But it’s not just financial. Your clients now have lawns to manage and repairs to make on their own. So here are realtor gift ideas for clients centered around handy, DIY homeowners.

7. 100 Things Every Homeowner Must Know

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Description: There’s a lot to learn about homeownership when you’re a first-time homebuyer. Consider this realtor gift for clients whenever you make a sale to a first-timer. This book talks about saving money and solving all sorts of house-related problems (pests, repairs, reducing utility costs).

8. UKOKE Garden Tool Set

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Description: Maintaining a home garden requires the right tools. Give your home buying clients a head start with this garden toolset. It comes with an apron and ergonomic handles on its weeder, transplanter, trowel, hand rake, pruner, and cultivator.

9. Sun Joe Cordless Lawn Care System

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Description: With this cordless lawn care set, you can help your clients avoid HOA fees and/or becoming the sore eyes of the neighborhood. This system comes with a wireless hedge trimmer, grass trimmer, and pole saw. They also come with adjustable heads for better maneuverability.

10. Cartman 148-Piece Tool Set

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Description: Owning a home means becoming a handyman. With this toolset, you can ensure your clients have the basic tools needed to take care of common household repairs. It comes with a tape measure, hammer, drill bits, wrenches, and more.

11. Armcrest Video Doorbell

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Description: Security is always a concern when you’re a homeowner. With this video doorbell, your clients will appreciate being able to see who’s knocking. It comes with WiFi capabilities and an SD card to record footage. The system is also weatherproof and comes with two-way audio.

12. Backyard Homesteading for Dummies

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Description: Know any of your clients with a green thumb? Then this is the perfect realtor gift for those new homeowners. In this book, it teaches about growing all sorts of vegetables and fruits in your backyard.

Entertainment Gift Ideas for Realtor Clients

As you’re searching for the best gifts for realtors to give clients, look into how you can make evenings fun. Homeowners enjoy inviting folks over for dinner parties and gatherings. Or relishing the evening with a spouse. Here are some gift ideas you can use to appease these clients.

13. Wild Child Flight

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Description: A wine tasting session in private or virtually is a great start to an evening of entertainment. With this package, your clients will receive eight different wine flavors and a complimentary virtual tasting with a guide.

14. Beat That! Game Set

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Description: Present the gift of fun with this party game for kids and adults. It features all sorts of wonky challenges, turning a bland evening from boring to crazy. It’s the perfect gift for entertaining the whole family or party guests.

15. Freedom of Speech Card Game

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Description: Here’s a fun gift idea for realtor clients that can lighten the mood and get everyone in the room laughing. This card game is a charades-style contest where you have to guess the words on the card.

16. ZenStyle Bar

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Description: Bring the fun outdoors with this zen style outdoor rattan bar. The bottom fills with ice to put in wine coolers, beer, soda, and other beverages. There’s also a tabletop to place your glasses and open bottles.

17. Play Platoon Lawn Dice

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Description: Your clients may now have backyards to play fun outdoor games. So give them one they can enjoy with the family and house guests. This game comes with oversized dice and a scoreboard.

18. Mini Projector w/ Screen

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Description: Who said movie night has to be indoors? With this WiFi mini projector and projector screen, your clients can enjoy HD movies streamed right from their smartphones and tablets.

19. Smirly Cheese Board

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Description: Entertaining guests is easier when you have the right sets. With this cheese board and knife kit, your clients can create beautiful gourmet treats for guests.

Tasty Gift Ideas for Realtor Clients

Finding the best gifts for realtors to give clients doesn’t have to be difficult. Worst case scenario, go with a tasty treat for your clients to enjoy. Here are several gift ideas to consider.

20. Cheese and Chocolate

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Description: Closing on a new home is a time to celebrate — give your clients something to nibble and sip on as they do so with this cheese and chocolate celebration board. You can also upgrade the gift basket with a bottle of champagne and a variety of other treats.

21. Chocolate & Wine Gift Set

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Description: This isn’t your ordinary chocolate and wine gift basket — you can spice it up with chocolate-dipped strawberries, fruit, cheese, and Boss Wine pairing chocolate bars.

22. Rustique Gift Basket

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Description: Here’s a gift basket that’s ideal for any special occasion — say, buying a new home and inviting their first guests over for dinner. This gift basket comes with a bottle of wine and an assortment of gourmet snacks like crackers, cookies, and chocolate hazelnut wafers.

23. Kiddo (for the Kiddies)

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Description: Don’t want to give your clients a gift without including the children? Then this box of sweets is ideal for boys and girls. It comes with pop rocks, chocolate, fruit gummies, markers, a bath bomb, crayons, and a notebook.

24. Sweet & Savoury Treats

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Description: Some people enjoy savory treats just as much as they like sweets. So to appease both their tastebuds, you can offer a basket of both savory and sweet. Your clients will get crisps, shortbreads, nuts, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate in this basket.

25. Organic Mexican Coffee

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Description: Give your clients the gift of a fresh cup of organic coffee. This comes with a pound of organic coffee from Mexico. Choose between whole beans, ground drip, or ground French press grinds.

Lifestyle Gift Ideas for Realtor Clients

The pandemic has made it so more people are fixated on turning their homes into comfort zones. So finding lifestyle gift ideas to give to your clients is a good idea. Here’s a look at some options.

26. Virtual Fitness Classes

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Description: Keep your clients fit mentally and physically with virtual classes from Dryft. A variety of classes are available, such as pilates, yoga, stretching, HIIT, mindfulness, and more.

27. Fusion Motion Portable Gym

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Description: Staying fit even when the gyms are locked down is a luxury. Give your clients the gift of a portable gym they can use at home, in the backyard, or local park. This comes with resistance bands, tricep bar, ab roller, and pulleys for a full-body workout.

28. Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

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Description: Make working from home easier on the body by giving your clients an ergonomic kneeling chair. This stool is designed at an angle for posture and thick cushions for comfort.

29. ErgoFoam Ergonomic Foot Rest

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Description: Know clients who are working from home? Then get them this ergonomic footrest to help reduce lumbar and knee pain while working hours at a desk.

30. Practical Weekend Projects

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Description: If you have clients who are into doing hands-on DIY projects, then this woodworking book may intrigue them. It comes with 35 step-by-step projects for every room in the home.

31. Practicing Mindfulness

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Description: The pandemic has made everyone on edge, so why not teach your clients how to practice meditation and mindfulness? With this book, they’ll learn 75 essential meditations to help with mental health, stress, and peace of mind.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Realtor Clients

You’re selling homes all throughout the year — if you happen to help a client right around X-mas, why not send a gift that matches the festivities? Here are some great realtor Christmas gifts for clients you should consider.

32. Wine & Cheese Gift Board

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Description: Send the spirit of Christmas to your clients using this festive holiday wine and cheese gift board set. Choose to include items like wine, champagne, flowers, cakes, chocolates, fruit, and gourmet foods.

33. Frosty’s Skis and Teas Gift Basket

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Description: Create your own holiday gift basket for your real estate clients. Choose to add items like balloons, Boss wine pairing chocolate bars, beer, flowers, stuffed animals, cutting board, cheese, wine, and fruit.

34. Vegan Non-Gluten Brownie Box

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Description: Everyone loves chocolate during the holidays, but they shouldn’t have to feel guilty about consuming it. Bad Brownie is a brand that bakes delicious brownies in all sorts of ways, including with different toppings and mixtures to add spice to each batch. With the vegan brownie box, you can share these tasty treats with customers who are more health-conscious. It comes with three options — 3, 4, or 6 flavors that include salted caramel, cookie dough and raspberry, chocolate chip, jelly and passionfruit with coconut, and peanut butter and jelly.

35. Thank You Gift Box 50-Pack

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Description: If you want to buy a gift for a family you recently helped, then you can’t go wrong with sending a box of delicious cupcakes. This gift pack comes with 50 cupcakes with different flavor options. You can have eight or 12 varying flavors, which can be original, with or without nuts, gluten free, and/or vegan.

36. Holiday Spirit

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Description: This gift package comes with a classic cocktail kit, dashing candle, spiced honey mixer and recipe card, a jar of matches, and the nightcap. It also features a personalized card, tissue, and a keepsake box.

37. Little Box of Dreams

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Description: This mini gift box comes with calming products that are perfect for winding down after the holiday hustle and bustle. It comes with a lavender, honey, and chamomile candle; soap, tea, honey, and mini dried flowers.

38. Breakfast Box

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Description: Select between a small or large version of this gift, which comes with tasty morning delights. It comes with ham, chocolate, maple syrup, honey, and tea. The large box comes with this and a bag of honey granola mixed with oats, sesame, sunflower, and pumpkin seeds.

39. Grooming Kit

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Description: Have a client who’s always on the go, then this will be the perfect gift to remind them of home during the holidays. It comes with soap, foot and shoe spray, lip balm, candle, socks, and towel.

40. Gin & Tonic Set

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Description: Enjoying quality cocktails during holiday parties is possible with a gift like this. It’s a gin and tonic set that offers the best ingredients and taste. Your client will receive gin, bitters, tonic, jigger, limes, and a plant option (succulent for the winter?).

Sending Off Your Gifts to Clients

The idea of selecting, wrapping, and tracking gifts you send to each client you close with can be daunting. But now, you don’t have to manage it all on your own.

At Sendoso, we work with realtors to simplify the gifting process. We have partners you can choose personalized gifts from, then our team will pack and ship it for you. We’ll even include a hand-written note.

Then in our Sending Platform, you can track all of the gifts you send and how it’s helping your marketing campaigns. For instance, you can monitor where referrals come from and improve your campaigns for direct mail marketing in real estate.

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