May 27, 2024

6 Relevant Ways to Bond with Prospects and Customers Right Now [Infographic]

Red Promotions
Red Promotions

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This piece is brought to you by Red Promotions, which specializes in delivering a unique promotional marketing experience—whether it’s T-shirts, tech gadgets, or high-end merchandise—by truly understanding your business needs.

We know first-hand how resilient people and businesses can be during tough times. In fact, we founded Red Promotions in November 2008, at the height of the financial crisis, and we believe that environment made us the strong, responsible and customer-focused company we are today.

Now, the COVID-19 pandemic has created yet another new normal. While some states are beginning to discuss plans for reopening, it’s likely that most employees will continue to work from home for the time being.

We know that coming together with prospects and customers is more important than ever during this time. Even when it’s possible to meet in person or attend events together, sending branded swag allows you to create bonding experiences that drive relationships and revenue.

It’s not about just sending something to get a meeting. Creating authentic connections means sending items that are thoughtful, relevant, and relatable. That’s why we created these Work-From-Home Kit ideas to help you support your customers and their families as they adjust to this new reality. Our kits cover all the bases for remote workers—from productivity helpers and stress relievers, to workout gear and at-home happy hours.

Check out the below infographic to get inspired and help your customers thrive while working from home. And if you have other ideas for the kit—we can make it happen!

6 Helpful Corporate Gift Ideas to Send During Remote Work

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