May 5, 2021

Cheers to ReserveBar! Introducing New Alcohol Sending Options via Sendoso

Meira McFarquhar
Meira McFarquhar

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This post is brought to you by Sendoso Content Marketing Manager Meira McFarquhar.

Trying to find a send that will bring a smile to your recipient’s face, help them destress after a long day of virtual meetings, can be enjoyed over and over again, and one they’ll proudly display in their home office or on their desk?

We’ve got 112 ideas for you! Nothing says welcome, thanks, congratulations, or “let’s celebrate” quite like a toast – and the same rings true when it comes to sending corporate gifts. When appropriate, sending a premium bottle of spirits is the ultimate way to establish a meaningful relationship with employees, partners, prospects, and more.

So while we’re still unable to meet clients over a drink to discuss potential business initiatives, we can’t celebrate brand advocates with a happy hour just yet, and we’re a ways off from throwing in-person welcome parties for conferences, that doesn’t mean you can’t recreate those special moments that are so necessary in the human-to-human era by sending a thoughtful drink of choice instead.

Plus, a high-end send like a nice bottle of bourbon or a reserve bottle of wine will surely be remembered, cherished, and most importantly keep your business top-of-mind on special occasions.

This is a must-send for those looking to stand out and make connections that count, so take the pain out of figuring out ways to ship liquor across state lines by yourself, and instead focus on the joy you’ll be delivering to recipients – with Sendoso + ReserveBar.

What is ReserveBar?

ReserveBar is an online delivery platform that offers the best of premium, reserve spirits, luxury champagne, and fine wine. And Sendoso’s new partnership with ReserveBar now enables our U.S.-based customers to access 112 different types of high-quality, popular alcohol options like bourbon, cocktail mixers, cognac, gin, mezcal, rum, scotch, tequila, vodka, whiskey, gift sets, and oh-so much more. With so many top-shelf selections to choose from, there’s no doubt your recipient will want to hold on to these for years to come. Talk about a lasting Physical Impression!

Creative Ways to Use Sendoso with ReserveBar

The choices are endless for sales, marketing, and CX teams to send popular spirits, wine, and champagne to high-value accounts.

Build Strong Bonds with Customers: For CX teams, customer satisfaction is crucial for survival and remains priority #1. When a top customer is up for a renewal, say thank you for their continued support with a top-of-the-line bottle of rum, some coconut water to make tasty cocktails, and a note about how doing business with them has been a “breeze!” They’ll be brand ambassadors in no time.

Re-Ignite Dark Deals: Watching a deal stall or go dark is a nightmare for most salespeople. The hard work of warming up a lead, delivering the perfect pitch, and swaying the decision makers could all be in vain once an account stops responding. Getting ghosted sucks!

When you’re determined to get the deal of the quarter back on track, send a bottle of mezcal with a note reminding them of how great a business opportunity your partnership could be, and ask for an update on their end to see how things have been going.

Follow up with Flair: Any good marketer knows that despite the difficult tasks of driving event registration, curating engaging content, and executing a flawless run-of-show, after the event is when the work really begins. Reward your speakers and event sponsors (whom without their support an event wouldn’t be possible) with an exclusive bottle of champagne for a job well done, and get them looking forward to collaborating on future events with your team.

Take a look below at some additional use cases throughout the customer journey, as well as clever ideas for thoughtful, handwritten notes:

Use cases for gifting with note and gift examples

Pro-Tip: Make an even bigger splash by combining your alcohol send with branded tasting glasses for wine or upscale tumblers for spirits!

Send Something Special with ReserveBar

With the wide range of ReserveBar selections available on our Sending Platform, there’s a perfect price point for any send–regardless of your recipient’s personal tastes (or where they’re currently working in the country).

After all, ReserveBar’s motto is “Good Spirits. Delivered.”  And we couldn’t be more excited to help!Happy Sending (responsibly, of course!)

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