October 16, 2020

4 Creative Send Ideas from Sendoso Sales Reps [Video]

Nova Halliwell
Nova Halliwell

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Any sales rep can tell you that the journey from demo to close can be full of fits and starts. This is especially true today as COVID-19 disrupts day-to-day business activity for millions of people around the world.

At Sendoso, we think one of the most effective ways to accelerate the sales cycle or revive a stalled deal is with a creative, personalized send. In this post, we share four exciting real-world ideas from some of the best in the business—our very own Sendoso sales reps.

4 Send Ideas Straight from Our Sales Reps

1. Swag Bomb Send – Amanda Purcell, Sendoso Account Executive Mid-Market

Every AE has the deal—that one key sale that is absolutely critical to close. When Amanda found out that an important executive meeting was coming up at her key account, she turned to her secret weapon: the Sendoso Swag Bomb Send.

The Swag Bomb Send is a custom box from the Sendoso warehouse that contains a variety of high-function branded items, such as a YETI mug, webcam cover, Airpod case, and socks. The delivery also includes a hand-written note from Amanda that explains explaining how Sendoso can help the organization reach its sales goals through personalized, relevant sends like the Swag Bomb.

Amanda’s send was a huge hit with the executive team and even inspired the VP of Marketing to share a post about the delivery on LinkedIn.

“This is the sort of impact that a call or email can’t deliver,” Amanda explains. “A send is a great way to stand out when building a strategic partnership.”

2. Personalized Amazon Send – Ken Malave, Sendoso Enterprise Account Executive

Making a sale is about establishing a personal connection. When Ken found out that the SVP of Marketing at one of his accounts was a big fan of the Grateful Dead, he sent some official band merchandise from Amazon with a personalized note.

As a result of this thoughtful and creative send, Ken was able to close the deal just one week later—shrinking the typical sales cycle for a deal of this size from three months to just 19 days.

3. Cocktail Kit – Lauren Axworthy, Sendoso Sr. Account Manager

Lauren loves to remind her clients that she’s here to help them “mix up” their marketing tactics. To illustrate her point, she often sends a Cocktail Kit from the Sendoso Direct Catalog to clients as a way to thank them for contract renewals, celebrate company milestones, or just help people unwind.

“A send like the Cocktail Kit helps break the monotony of the sales cycle,” Lauren explains. “It really strengthens the client relationship.”

Lauren always leverages Sendoso’s Address Confirmation feature and delivery notifications to ensure the kits reach their intended recipient.

4. Plush Pet Toy – Paige Jackson, Sendoso Account Executive

With so many people now working from home, it’s hard not to get to know your coworkers and clients on a more personal level. When Paige noticed that one of her contacts was a fellow dog owner, she made her move with a Sendoso Plush Pet Toy from the Sendoso warehouse.

“People love receiving gifts for themselves, but they are absolutely delighted with gifts they can share with their families, kids, or pets,” she explains.

Upon receiving the toy, Paige’s prospective client followed up almost immediately and scheduled a second sales call, again demonstrating how a thoughtful send can resuscitate a deal.

Based on these examples, it’s incredible to see what a well-timed, relevant send can achieve.

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