April 16, 2021

How a Coffee Send Keeps Our Opportunities Moving Post-Demo (Sendoso Using Sendoso)

Sara Koppes
Sara Koppes

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This post is brought to you by Sendoso Associate Director of Marketing Operations Sara Koppes and is part of a series where we share strategies, experiments, and honest results from running our own programs using Sendoso.

After a productive demo call, it’s critical for Account Executives (AEs) to follow up with opportunities in order to keep them moving through the sales cycle.

But in today’s competitive market, simply sending an email is no longer enough — and is the quickest way to be forgotten in a crowded inbox. That’s why at Sendoso, we send direct mail, gifts, and more to create delightful experiences by getting out of prospects’ inboxes and onto their desks.

That said, our AEs are busy managing their pipeline, so we didn’t want demo follow-up to take up too much of their time or add to their workload. Our marketing team needed a way to ensure every opportunity received a memorable post-demo send, without overburdening our AEs.

The Strategy

Our marketing team decided to use Sendoso’s Salesforce integration to create an automated trigger send to prospects after their demo. Automating this send meant that every opportunity would receive a high-value follow-up without requiring additional time or effort from AEs.

For the send, we brainstormed functional gift ideas that our prospects could consume or use in their daily life — while incorporating the Sendoso brand in a fun, meaningful way.

The team decided on a Sendoso-branded tin camper mug along with a bag of Sendoso-branded house blend coffee beans. The accompanying message highlighted Sendoso’s brand personality: “Kickstart your morning and kickstart a send strategy with Sendoso.”

“Kickstart your morning and kickstart a send strategy with Sendoso.”

In addition to the mug and coffee beans, we included print-outs of a demo recap brochure, customer case studies, and a send example booklet. These assets reiterated the value propositions shared in the demo and demonstrated the personalized attention that Sendoso customers receive.

The Results

This trigger send has enabled the team to ultimately:

  • Accelerate deal velocity by shortening the time between sales calls
  • Increase our win rate in competitive deal cycles

The Takeaway

The success of this send proves that following up after demos with a relevant gift helps AEs create connections with opportunities and stand out from crowded inboxes. And thanks to Sendoso’s automated triggers, these thoughtful touches don’t require additional time or effort from our AEs. Marketing teams can use campaigns like this to reduce AEs’ workload when it comes to demo follow-up, freeing up their time to focus on closing deals.

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