February 21, 2021

How We Drove $700K in Q4 Revenue with Branded Sends

Zackary Alspaugh
Zackary Alspaugh

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This post is brought to you by Sendoso Director of Lifecycle Marketing Zackary Alspaugh and is part of a series where we share strategies, experiments, and honest results from running our own programs using Sendoso.

Q4 can be a stressful time for sales reps as they work to close deals and hit their annual goals. To avoid a last-minute year-end scramble, our team launched a sending campaign to engage open opportunities ahead of Q4.

The Strategy

As a first step, the sales and marketing teams aligned on who we were targeting, and what we were sending. Our Account Executives created a list of key contacts at target accounts, and segmented them into three tiers based on priority.Our marketing team then used Sendoso’s Address Confirmation feature to give those contacts a heads up about the gift and confirm their contact information. Recipients had one week to respond, and the team ended up with a list of more than 400 contacts. The marketing team then executed the send on behalf of the AEs.

Tier 1 contacts received a Sendoso-branded desk clock with a handwritten note that said:

Tier 2 contacts received a Sendoso-branded bottle of wine with this message:

Finally, Tier 3 prospects received a Where’s Waldo book in a fun orange bubble mailer and this note:

The Results

In total, this cross-functional pipeline activation campaign cost less than $5,000, engaged 400+ contacts in open sales opportunities, and generated impressive results:

  • 40% response rate
  • $673,000 closed won

The unique gifts not only showcased Sendoso’s brand personality (Can you tell we like puns?), but helped us stand out in a crowded digital landscape. And thanks to the Address Confirmation feature, we only sent gifts to engaged prospects instead of spending money on unresponsive contacts.

The Takeaway

By planning ahead and working closely with the marketing team on an out-of-the-box campaign, Sendoso’s sales reps were able to confidently sail into Q4.

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