August 24, 2022

Scale your sending with these amazing new Sendoso features


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  • How to scale your corporate gifting efforts with our 6 new summer platform features and updates.
  • Why you’ll love all of our new features.
  • Tips on picking the best corporate gifting platform for you!

Book DemoSummer is when most people slow down, spend more time outdoors and take vacations. But not here at Sendoso! We’ve spent the last quarter working on some new features that are going to supercharge your sending of gifts to help you build better, stronger human connections. All while enhancing your user experience to make life easier.So while you were kicking it by the pool, or preparing for back-to-school, we’ve been striving to make Sendoso the best corporate gifting platform in the world. Here’s a closer look at all the new features and enhancements. Let’s dive in!Product Feature 1: New Marketplace User Interface

Summer product feature 1 - new marketplace user interface

What it is

We are continuing to evolve the Sendoso user experience to make sending simpler than ever—starting with how you shop from our expansive marketplace of premium vendors. We’ve overhauled our Sendoso Direct marketplace and provided a more enjoyable and easier-to-navigate experience when you’re creating your send campaigns. The new user interface is now a one-stop shop for selecting products for your touchpoints, and the new design helps you discover new products that will ensure you always pick the perfect gift.

Why you’ll love it

Everything you want in one streamlined user experience. You’ll save tons of time, and can now easily search for the perfect item from our premium partners.

Product Feature 2: User Experience Updates – Gift Email Customizations

What it is

As mentioned above, user experience is a top priority here at Sendoso. As such, we’ve made a number of changes that give users more control.

  • Custom Messages in Address Confirmation Emails: Tailor your Address Confirmation messages to each person you’re sending to.
  • Images in Address Confirmation Emails and Landing Pages:  Drive engagement and entice recipients by adding product images to your gift emails and landing pages.

Why you’ll love it

More control over your messaging means better quality engagement with your customers and prospects. And that will all equal better results!

Product Feature 3: Global Navigation

Product Feature 3 - Global Navigation

What it does

What’s the point of new product features if you can’t find them? That’s why we spent some time this quarter improving navigation. We’ve reorganized navigation options and reduced the number of top-level navigations. Additionally, more frequently-used features are now more easily surfaced.

Why you’ll love it

Navigating the Sendoso platform is easier than it’s ever been, helping you to focus on the most critical functions and surfacing additional features.

Product Feature 4: Customization Center Enhancements

What it does

For marketing users with multiple campaigns throughout the year, this new enhancement allows you to create up to 10 themes with different branding elements in each. You can also delete themes from past campaigns. Best of all, our new theme landing page is less cluttered, so you can find what you want faster!

Product Feature 4 - Customization Center Enhancements

Why you’ll love it

Less clutter, more options. What’s not to love?

Product Feature 5: Send Updates and Augmented Controls


What it does

We’ve added an activity feed where you can see the entire context of a “send,” (aka the gift). If your send is an eGift, this feature will also let you see all in-progress steps for eGift redemption.

It’s no fun when a send (or a group of sends) gets blocked and it’s not clear why. That’s why we’ve made managing these issues a lot easier by giving you more awareness and control.

Now, managers will receive notifications when sends are blocked and have the ability to either cancel or approve them. They can also unblock right in the app. Initially, this will work for insufficient funds or suspicious emails, but we’ll be adding additional issue resolutions soon.

Why you’ll love it

The activity feed makes it a breeze to gather details about each send, making management of all your sends easier and more streamlined. Spend less time digging up details and more time fostering those deep relationships with your customers.

Product Feature 6: Toggle Among Your Instances

Product Feature 6 - Toggle Your Instances

What it is

Sendoso enables you to scale your sending teams. If you have multiple accounts, easily navigate among them without having to log in and out.

Why you’ll love it

Customers with multiple instances can now allow their users to operate across all or a subset of those instances. This completely does away with having to juggle multiple accounts.

We also have a ton of other updates, so be sure to reach out to learn more. Want to hear about more updates, why we’re implementing them, and other product launch info? Check out our 6 Things to Consider When You Start Strategic Gifting blog post to see why Sendoso is the leading Sending Management Platform in the world!

Or, if you’re new to Sendoso, request a demo and see how our best-of-class platform can help you.

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