January 15, 2021

The Making of Segment’s Outbound Machine: How Segment Drove Record-Breaking Outbound Success with Sendoso + Outreach

Nova Halliwell
Nova Halliwell

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The strength of a building lies in its foundation. The same is true of an organization’s ABX strategy. Gaps, redundancies, or inefficiencies within sales operations today will lead to lackluster results, lost productivity, and an inability to scale tomorrow.

This was the realization of Segment’s Senior Marketing Manager Rachelle Tamulevich when she was tasked with shifting the world’s leading customer data platform (CDP) to an outbound ABM strategy. In our recent webinar From Strategy to Execution: How Segment Built an Outbound Machine for 2021, we share 4 key learnings from Rachelle and her partner team at RevShoppe, Outreach, and Sendoso on building a record-shattering outbound machine.

Improve Prospecting Efficiency and Precision by Serving Data to SDRs in a Digestible Way

Segment’s SDRs have thousands of accounts, making it difficult to know who to prospect and when. To help the team focus on the most important accounts, Segment developed the Signal Dash, a one-to-many tool that aggregates all accounts showing intent in a single, intuitive dashboard.

The Signal Dash has two main functions:

  1. It leverages first-party data to surface prospects with high likelihood to convert.
  2. It guides SDRs in how to engage prospects.

With the Signal Dash in place, Rachelle leveraged other components of Segment’s technology stack, including Personas, Segment’s user profile and audience tool, Marketo, an automation platform, and Salesforce to turn insights from the Signal Dash into effective outreach.

Engage Prospects in a Compelling Way Through Profiling, Messaging, and Sequencing

Once SDRs were served data in a digestible format, the question became a matter of how and when the sales team should engage with prospects.

However, before Rachelle and her team could think about messaging or personalization, they needed to ensure that operations were in order. To that end, Segment engaged RevShoppe to develop a multi-phase strategy that would address key operational, governance, messaging, and optimization issues.

1. Operations

  • Develop a process for pulling data from the Signal Dash into Outreach every hour to enable near real-time insights for SDRs
  • Capture all possible fields, including campaign, account tier, name, or action so SDRs could filter accounts by one or more identifier
  • Instate a tagging process so accounts are routed to the appropriate sequences

2. Governance

  • Standardize profiles for SDRs to use during outbound activity
  • Identify a dedicated content creation team to ensure uniformity in workflow and messaging

3. Messaging

  • Create tiered messaging sequences based on actions, such as website activity, content download, or event attendance

4. Optimization

  • Review customer reporting and track performance according to KPIs
  • Identify opportunities to add creative touchpoints, such as Sendoso sends, to improve performance
  • Develop a “Smart View” capability in Outreach to guide outbound activity according to priority action and account tier
  • Align various tools within Segment’s tech stack to optimize all aspects of the sales process

Achieve Personalization at Scale Through Automation

Having thousands of accounts in Segment’s portfolio translated into hundreds of tasks for SDRs each day. For Rachelle and her team, it was important to find a way to streamline the outreach and follow up process without sacrificing personalization.

To that end, Segment tiered the different accounts and conducted personalized outreach to tiers 1 and 2 and automated outreach to tiers 3 and 4. The team also leveraged automation to manage follow-up activity. This approach freed up a significant amount of time for SDRs and provided further structure to the overall outbound marketing process.

Incentivize the First Call and Boost Engagement with Sendoso

Most organizations who have shifted to an outbound strategy in the past year will agree that one of the most challenging aspects is breaking through the noise. That’s where Sendoso comes in.

Segment leveraged Sendoso’s Sending Platform, which features thousands of customizable, creative send ideas, like cocktail kits, branded swag, and eGifts to cut through the clutter and make a meaningful connection with targets. This tactic helped Segment nail down that all-important first meeting and gave the sales journey a jolt when needed.


By following these steps, Segment’s SDR team was able to shatter their outbound rates for 4 consecutive quarters. They also:

  • Improved reply rates by 12%
  • Increased conversion by 9%
  • Grew pipeline from low intent inbound by 22% in <90 days
  • Saved 16 hours per SDR through automation

Watch the session on-demand here to learn how your organization can create an outbound marketing machine, and register below for CONNECTED to hear how agile revenue teams are better connecting with buyers in 2021.

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