February 1, 2024

Say ‘Hello’ to Sendoso Airbnb Experiences

Meira McFarquhar
Meira McFarquhar

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This post is brought to you by Sendoso Content Marketing Manager Meira McFarquhar.

Do you remember the last sales email you received? Maybe.

But do you remember all the sales emails you received three years ago? Probably not.

Chances are, you can remember an incredible trip to Italy from three years ago though, or taking a salsa dance class with friends, or making a celebratory dinner with loved ones around the holidays.

That’s because memories last and grow fonder over time. The same philosophy applies in business. Imagine if you could deliver those cherished experiences right to your customers and prospects’ homes, while at the same time building long-lasting relationships and keeping your business at the forefront of their minds — wherever they may be in the world?

The truth is, there’s no more waiting for things to “go back to normal.” As the lines between work and life continue to blur for us all, B2B consumers crave more personalized, B2C-like connections. The winning companies are staying creative, agile, and connected to their audiences in new ways, making virtual more personal, and maximizing their ROI as a result.

Although your customers and prospects may still be stuck with limited travel options now, you can still shake up their routines and deliver the extraordinary.

So how will you break barriers this year? Be bold, stand out, and send something special with Sendoso Experiences.

What are Sendoso Experiences?

Sendoso Experiences allow you to send Airbnb online experience options for cooking, cocktail-making, dance classes, and so much more.

Trying to win over an executive who had to cancel her Eurotrip in 2020? Send her a cooking class so she can learn to make delicious paella and sangria at home.

Have a top customer who’s a fitness junkie? Send them a fun, interactive online full-body workout to get their blood pumping in between meetings.

If you’re looking to impress an entire buying committee, try organizing an Argentine wine tasting with the whole team to get to know them better.

Whatever you choose to send, you’ll be sure to deliver a wow moment they won’t soon forget, plus you’ll be making substantial impressions that will last for years to come.

How Does Sendoso with Airbnb work?

Sendoso customers can now create a touch that allows their team to use the Airbnb experiences feature. During touch creation, they’ll see a new category of “Sendoso Experiences” with the option to select “Online Experiences eGift” underneath.

Once the touch is set up, users can choose to send eGifts for cooking, drinks, fitness, family-friendly, and entertainment experiences in the amount of $25, $50, $100 USD.

Now, it’s easier than ever to turn your outreach into a powerful tool for standing out and driving more ROI. Simply create, click, and deliver an experience to connect!

Create Memories with Sendoso

Along with the wide variety of Airbnb options now available on Sendoso, there are even more ways to create unique and hyper-personalized moments for your prospects, customers, and employees to enjoy.

To create stronger Physical Impressions, we’ve also made our Address Confirmation process simpler by enabling you to send Address Confirmation requests to your recipients of one-to-one sends even if you don’t have an address on file!

In addition to these new features and enhancements, Sendoso still enables you to recreate top-notch experiences virtually like wine tastings, group workout classes, or trivia happy hours. You can send everything attendees need to have the ultimate virtual event too – fully customized with your branding and a thoughtful handwritten note. You can even send post-event swag to keep conversations going. The possibilities are endless.

So in 2021, don’t just send outreach. Send an unforgettable experience with Sendoso instead.

Happy Sending!

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