February 21, 2024

Sendoso joins the Outreach Galaxy: Take your B2B Gifting Out of this World

Sruthi Kumar
Sruthi Kumar

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Here at Sendoso, we help sales teams rise above the noise and elevate their relationships with  prospects through B2B gifting.

We know prospecting into accounts is hard and catching their attention is even harder, but Sendoso’s fully integrated solution leverages automation and logistics so companies can easily source, store, ship, and measure the ROI for everything they ever want to send: direct mail, physical gifts, plants, perishables, customer rewards, company swag, handwritten notes, gift cards, and anything else.

Sendoso empowers sales development (SDR) and account executive (AE) teams to engage and send B2B gifts at scale via seamless integrations with tools they’re already using.

We know that 58% of consumers already want a personalized experience (and can only expect that number to grow), Sendoso is excited to be a part of Outreach Galaxy.

Outreach provides a platform for sales reps to connect with their buyers using personalized messages at scale, as well as deploy a multichannel strategy and track engagement activity across multiple sources. With this partnership, gifting at scale has never been so easy.

Keep reading to learn more about how to use Sendoso’s integration with Outreach to execute personalized B2B gifting programs at scale.

Using Sendoso in Outreach for B2B Gifting is Simple and Accessible from Multiple Places

B2B Gifting via Sendoso’s Chrome Extension

Send eGifts and physical gifts to any Contact in Outreach.

B2B Gifting via Outreach’s Email Compose Window

Outreach users can send eGifts right from the email compose window to their contacts. The delivery statuses pushes back into the Contact activity feed.

B2B Gifting via Outreach Sequences

  • Create manual tasks in sequences like Phone > Email > Manual Task to send a B2B gift. Users simply create a “Generic Task” then write in the notes to send a physical gift via Sendoso. Then they simply have to open the Sendoso Chrome extension to send the physical gift. For eGifts, select a “manual email” and use our email plug-in to send the eGift.
  • Automatically add a prospect to a Sequence when a gift status changes. For example, when the status of an eGift changes from “Sent” to “Opened,” it will fire off a trigger that adds said prospect to a designated sequence.

View B2B Gifting in Outreach’s Activity Feed

When any gift is sent through the Chrome extension or email compose window, the status will push into Outreach’s Activity Feed. For eGifts, these statuses include sent, opened and clicked, and for physical gifts, the delivered/undelivered status will appear in the Contact’s activity feed.

In the “360 View” tab, the house icon, the activity feed at the right side of the screen includes Sendoso package activity so you can see Sendoso activity for all of your contacts.

With Sendoso right in Outreach, reps have full autonomy over messaging and when sending their prospects gifts. Customers like Alleyoop have already felt the ease and seen results from this integration.

Sendoso is a relevant tool for any sales team; a necessary tool in a world where digital outreach doesn’t always break through the noise. So for my reps, using Sendoso within Outreach to send B2B gifts and track their statuses in Outreach’s activity feed has been a huge game-changer. My team of reps can live and breathe in Outreach to make sure they are creating powerful prospecting messages.

If you want to learn more about how you can use Sendoso for B2B gifting in Outreach, visit https://events.sendoso.com/Demo_Request.

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