April 13, 2022

Speed up your corporate gifting experience with these cool Sendoso features


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  • How to speed up your corporate gifting efforts with new platform features and updates
  • 6 new features to enhance your gifting strategy
  • Non-technical updates to the platform

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It’s all about you. And we work tirelessly on new product features and enhancements to make gifting the elevated experience it should be. Since spring is a time to renew, refresh, and rekindle, our spring product launch will reinvigorate your sending strategy with the time-saving, new features that you’ve been asking for.

Let’s take a look at some of the recent features you’ve requested. And don’t forget to check out our demo video for a walkthrough to see how you can maximize your sending experience with Sendoso.

6 new features to enhance your gifting strategy

We built our product enhancements with your customers and employees in mind. After listening to your feedback, analyzing marketing data and sending trends, and searching for unique new corporate gifts, these Sending Platform enhancements will help you create those personal connections that elevate your brand.

New feature #1: enhanced sending and delivery worldwide

You already know about our address confirmation feature, which lets you confirm a recipient’s address prior to delivering your “send,” or physical gift. This helped you keep your gifting campaigns moving, especially when it came to ensuring your gifts were delivered to wherever your recipients were working during 2020 and beyond.

Well, now we’ve enhanced this feature one step further with address validation enhancements. This streamlines error handlings, keeping your campaign on schedule by avoiding last-minute corrections during the sending process.

Sendoso Platform - Address Confirmation Screenshot

We validate that an address is deliverable before you finalize your send. If our platform finds an address is not deliverable, like from typos or incorrect addresses, this new feature will trigger a correction prompt.

Providing confident and reliable shipping timelines for international gifts is a promise we strive to fulfill. And these requirements will help in ensuring on-time delivery. By requiring additional information for international sends like emails, phone numbers, and more, we can continue to provide you with efficient, reliable delivery timelines for your gifts.

New feature #2: improved user management

We heard your feedback on our user interface, so we made several improvements to speed up your sending process, letting you focus more on your customers and sends. From one view, you can now see all users across all of your teams and download a CSV of users for quick audits. You can also easily invite, re-invite, and remove individual users to optimize license activation.

Sendoso Platform - User Management Screenshot

New feature #3: product details redesign

We’ve made updates to our product details. Our improved user interface now offers a new, modernized experience when viewing inventoried products. You can now see more information if you are editing products, including categories and international details.

Sendoso Platform - Product Detail Redesign Screenshot

New feature #4: Sendoso plugin for Gmail

To meet you where you need us to be, you can now send inventoried gifts from within Gmail. The Sendoso plugin for Gmail now lets you send inventoried items you’ve stored at a Sendoso warehouse directly from your Gmail account with a click of a button.

New feature #5: theme management

Elevate your sends⁠—and your brand⁠—by applying different branded themes to different campaigns with our new theme management feature. Themes can include the traditional⁠—think holidays⁠—to company-specific⁠, such as your departmental themes.

Sendoso Platform - Theme Management Screenshot

Now you can apply different branded themes to different campaigns inside the customization center. Create, manage, and apply company themes for all transactional emails, landing pages, even your address confirmation landing page, within your Sendoso account.

You can also tie your campaign theme to your sends for an additional campaign touchpoint and to create consistency across all of your campaign materials.

New feature #6: sending analytics

Marketing teams can make better decisions with more data and insights. With our new Send & Spend Analytics feature, you can now see how much each department spends on sending and other key metrics at a glance in our easy-to-read dashboards. This empowers you to draw valuable insights both to measure success as well as to make data-informed decisions. You can sort, filter, and download the data for easy reporting.

Sendoso Platform - Send and Spend Analytics Screenshot

Other Updates

From technical product updates to new vendor partnerships, we stay busy making sure our platform is at its best for you. Outside of our six new product enhancements, we have two other platform updates to share.

Universal Crinkle Paper

Now you no longer need to source and stock your own crinkle paper inventory if you don’t want to. With our new universal crinkle paper option, you can easily access many paper colors to include in your sends and touches.

Expanding Marketplace

Sendoso’s diverse marketplace now includes a new premier partnership with Goldbelly, so you can send iconic American treats, from New York cheesecake to Chicago deep-dish pizza. Make an authentic connection through the emotional power of food.

Goldbelly joins our continually expanding marketplace of globally recognized brands, including Mitchell & Son for Dublin’s finest whiskeys, and The Green Factory’s beautiful terrariums that are handmade in France.

By sending and tracking these gems directly in the Sendoso Platform, you can make your presence felt anywhere in the world.

Sendoso Marketplace Update - New Partner with Goldbelly

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