January 1, 2022

Support Small Businesses With Square's Give and Get Local Directory Integration


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Sendoso launches new API integration with Square to unlock global eGift options and support small businesses.
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At Sendoso, we believe that gifting should always be a personalized experience and we aim to deliver this to all customers no matter where they are located. For many buyers worldwide, local businesses provide a curated selection of dining options and merchandise that are unique to their hometowns and impossible to source online or from large retail stores.

Through our WeGift API integration with Square, we’ve made it possible to connect and source within local communities. We are excited to provide our Sendoso users with greater access to local vendors on a global scale.

Globally Expanded eGift Catalogue

Our data has historically found eGifts to be the most popular send option, and the number one option to engage prospects – representing over half of the total sends through the platform in 2021.

With our partnership, we’ve unlocked access to Square’s network of global businesses to provide our customers with eGift options for use at local vendors in the far reaches of the world. Sendoso users can launch a complete gifting program with digital and physical gift cards for these vendors straight from our platform. The WeGift API launched in November 2021.

If you have a deal brewing with an avid coffee lover, rather than sending them an eGift to Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts, the WeGift API will let you surprise your prospect with a local touch. Send them an eGift from their neighborhood coffee chain!

Support for Local, Small Businesses

At Sendoso we have always been passionate about helping small businesses thrive, and through our new integration, we seek to help local vendors combat the economic instability posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We understand that customers play a significant role in keeping the businesses of their communities ashore. With this extra support for small businesses, the profits of your sends can now go directly into the pockets of the local merchants and vendors.

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