February 24, 2021

9 Ways To Support Black-Owned Businesses Through Sendoso

Meira McFarquhar
Meira McFarquhar

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This post is brought to you by Sendoso Content Marketing Manager Meira McFarquhar.

If we can take anything away from the events of 2020—like the tumultuous political climate, the disastrous impact of COVID-19, and the horrible acts of police brutality that led to protests across the globe—it’s that we’ve learned valuable lessons about who we are as a country, a world, and the critical work there is left to do in the fight for social justice.

As we settle into 2021, now is not the time to simply move on from those trying lessons, but to really reflect on our past, and turn those lessons into actionable steps for change in the future.

After all, a lot was accomplished last year in the corporate world. Companies had to not only completely shift gears due to the pandemic, but were forced to take a long, hard look at themselves, build more robust diversity and inclusion initiatives, dedicate resources to diversifying their candidate pools and nurturing Black hires, and take the necessary steps towards showing up for the Black community where it counts.

If you or your company are looking for additional ways to lend support to the Black community both this month and all year long, one relatively easy way to create change is by supporting Black-owned businesses.

Directing your purchasing power towards Black-owned businesses not only helps local Black businesses thrive, but can create more job opportunities within the Black community, and contributes to closing the racial wealth gap.

At Sendoso, we take tremendous pride in offering Black-owned vendors, services, and products on our Sending Platform, and are on an ongoing mission to diversify our offerings for customers.

In honor of Black History Month, we’re highlighting the below ways you too can support Black-owned companies right now.

How to Support Black-Owned Businesses Through Sendoso

Send Red Bay Coffee

“I have too much coffee” said nobody, ever. And when it comes to making great coffee, Red Bay Coffee is an expert, and they’ve been supplying the Bay Area and beyond with their delicious roasts since 2014. Send a 12 oz. bag of their Tanzanian Ground Dark Roast through our Sendoso Direct catalog to your customers for their morning routines, midday pick-me-ups, or late night fuel.

Toast with McBride Sisters Wine

You can send McBride Sisters Brut Rosé to your network via Sendoso from this dynamic sister-duo, who’ve grown their love affair with wine into the largest Black-owned wine company in the United States.

Or, purchase directly from their website for more “fun, fab and eco-friendly” flavors like their Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, New Zealand, or their Michelle Obama-inspired “Black Girl Magic” Rosé–perfect for all palates, and a great excuse to cheers your employees or customers for important milestones!

Deliver Monfriese Rum Cakes

The Canada-based, Black woman-owned Monfriese Rum Cakes delivers decadent and delicious desserts throughout Canada and the United States. Each rum cake is baked with the finest ingredients, and due to their natural preservatives of rum and port wine, it boasts a 3-week shelf life. Use the Sendoso Direct catalog to send their 9″ Rum Cake or a Rum Cake in a Jar to your recipients—and be sure to let them know these rum cakes go great with vanilla cream, a hot beverage, and fruits. We guarantee this will catch their attention! You can thank us later.

Send a Snack Pack with Gyfting

Founded by two women of color, the Gyfting platform specializes in “consciously curated gift boxes featuring products from Black, Indigenous, Persons of Color, LGBTQ+, and female founded brands.” For Black History Month, they’ve curated a special “BHM Snack Pack” featuring products from Black-owned companies like Pop’s Kernel, Marjorie’s Beef Jerky, and more! Plus, each box comes with a playlist of Black emerging artists and a breakdown of each product’s uses and background. These thoughtful boxes are one of a kind.

Pop Champagne from The Sip  

This Black woman-owned bubbly business is on a mission to bring champagne and sparkling wines from regions like Napa, Reims, and Épernay straight to everyone’s door—promising an in-home tasting experience full of “joy, elegance and style.”

Through Sendoso Direct, you can send The Sip’s Mumm’s Napa Prestige, Moet & Chandon, and Veuve Clicquot bottles, or their Rosé Gift Pack so your recipients can put good use to the phrase “rosé, all day.”

Choose a Gift Box from Curated for Equality

Curated for Equality is a company dedicated to closing the gender wealth gap by amplifying products made by women-owned brands, and gives a portion of their sales to organizations with similar missions. Their Handmade with Love Gift Box features products from three black-women owned businesses: a hydrating cleanser from Bottled With Love, a candle from Soyful Aromas, and minted-lip balm from Butter Love by L.C. These are great gifts for customers who prefer natural products, and are perfect sends for International Women’s Day in March!

Support Local Restaurants

Every Wednesday during Black History Month this year, Sendoso has given its employees DoorDash eGift cards to help support local Black-owned restaurants, and we encourage our customers to support Black restaurants as well!

The ability to send eGift cards to meal delivery platforms like Uber Eats and DoorDash make it easier than ever to fuel the local economy and support Black businesses no matter where you are.

Give from A Gentleman’s Trove and Le Chic Boxx

A Gentleman’s Trove understands the challenges that come from trying to find a gift that most men will actually use, so they’re on a mission to transform the men’s gifting experience by providing personalized, high-quality gifts for every occasion. Try sending their customizable Golf Enthusiast Box for a C-suite exec you’ve been trying to impress. Or, choose from their Grillin & Chillin Box or Whiskey Neat Box.

The team behind A Gentleman’s Trove didn’t forget about women either. Their sister-company, Lé Chic Boxx, delivers similar high-quality selections women will appreciate. Use Sendoso to send their Charged Up Tech Box or their High Tea Box—both great choices for your recipients working from home.

Donate to a Worthy Cause

We know how powerful the act of giving can be. That’s why in addition to personal gifts, direct mail, and virtual experiences, our Sending Platform empowers Sendoso customers to give eGift cards to Charity on Top, where recipients can select from hundreds of national organizations like the NAACP, or search for local charities that could benefit from their support. Looking for inspiration? Check out these 15 organizations you can donate to in support of Black lives and communities of color.

Make a Difference

Supporting the above businesses is just one of the many different ways you can continue to uplift the Black community in your area and beyond. Consider amplifying Black voices on social media, voting in local elections, calling your representatives, educating yourself by watching documentaries on Black history, reading books on anti-racism, listening to informative Black-led podcasts, and continue to ask how you and your company can be allies for equality.

We stand in solidarity with the Black community, both now and always, and look forward to adding more Black-owned businesses to this list in the future.

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