November 14, 2018

Why Your Sales Engagement Plan Needs Direct Mail [Podcast]


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A few months ago our partners at launched their Sales Engagement Podcast Series. The series focuses on tactics, strategies, hacks, and tips for the listeners to get the most out of their sales engagement plan.

We are excited to share this week’s episode, featuring our very own CEO & Co-Founder, Kris Rudeegraap! The episode, “Direct Mail is the Hottest Way to Connect in B2B,” covers the shift on how sellers engage with prospects and customers, the resurgence of direct mail, and a little bit about Kris’ sales background and Sendoso’s origin story.

“Historically, direct mail has been filling out a spreadsheet once a month, then marketing blasting it out,” Kris says on the podcast. “And now we’re seeing SDRs, AEs, and even CSMs using technology to do real-time direct mail.”

Check out the podcast to hear Kris share trends we’re seeing in direct mail, creative direct mail ideas for your sales engagement plan, when to use direct mail in the sales cycle, and his experience of being an Account Executive turned CEO.

“A lot of people think of direct mail as their cable provider sending postcards in the mail. But we’re seeing companies send out creative things,” he explains. “They’re sending out cupcakes—all these other different types of tangible, offline items that go above and beyond direct mail.”

You can find Episode 21 of the Sales Engagement Podcast here

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