March 15, 2024

Sendoso is the #1 Sending Platform in the Account-Based Execution Category on G2

Brittany Klokkenga
Brittany Klokkenga

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This post is brought to you by Sendoso Content Marketing Manager Brittany Klokkenga.

G2’s Winter 2021 Grid Report published today and Sendoso has once again been named a leader in Account-Based Execution— the top Sending Platform in the Account-Based Execution category and the #1 software in both the Enterprise and Mid-Market Grids.

Nine software tools emerged in the Account-Based Execution category this year, which demonstrates the market imperative for tools that effectively create meaningful relationships and drive revenue. But our continued innovation has enabled us to remain a leader: Throughout 2020 we released a collection of relevant and category-leading features that help our customers to secure more meetings, boost virtual event attendance, accelerate revenue, and drive retention.

Not only is this the eleventh consecutive quarter we’ve been named a G2 leader, but we’ve also maintained our leadership in Account-Based Direct Mail (a sub-category of Account-Based Execution), Direct Mail Automation, and Promotional Product Management. Sendoso’s steady leadership shows that Sending Platforms are fundamental for mid-market and enterprise-level companies executing successful Account-Based strategies.

Out of the 58,000 software companies on G2, Sendoso is honored to have been endorsed so highly by our customers—91% of whom would be likely to recommend Sendoso and 98% rating us four or five stars. Here are some of the reasons why according to G2’s data and reviews:

G2 Grid® for Account-Based Direct Mail:

G2 Grid® for Direct Mail Automation:

Sendoso’s CRM integration has a 92% satisfaction rating (one of the highest in the Account-Based Execution category). Additional integrations with your existing tech stack empower teams to send from wherever they’re already working.

“The best part of Sendoso is that we’re able to do everything from one platform: send swag, perishables, e-gifts, and more. Another benefit is their ability to integrate with our tech stack; we can integrate with our customer advocacy platform, Salesforce, and our Marketing Automation platform. The final key feature is that the Sendoso team is continuously innovating and adding new features to help assist us with connecting with our customers/prospective customers.” - Kathleen M.

Our product innovation in 2020 enabled our customers to be agile and build meaningful connections with their prospects and customers in creative, new ways—no matter where they were in the world.

“As a sales rep, Sendoso is a valuable tool to add some personalization to my outreach. I often use it for cold prospecting to break through the noise and engage target accounts, but it’s also great for active opportunities. My favourite feature is the ability to send coffee gift cards – I send them sometimes before first meetings and it definitely reduces the rate of no-shows! I wasn’t sure how Sendoso would work during COVID, but they’ve transitioned well to WFH so that recipients get an email to fill in their home address before delivery is initiated which works very well.” –Janey M.

Sendoso has a faster go-live time than 72% of the other companies in the Account-Based Execution Software category (less than a month!) empowering you to start connecting right away.

“We wanted to move fast, Sendoso delivered. We onboarded in less than an hour and started to see ROI that same day with digital sends. They walked us through how to measure success and we were able to keep running without too many delays.” - Bryce N.

Sendoso is unmatched in customer experience and supply chain expertise. With more than 500 global send types and over one million sends executed worldwide, we bring expertise and dedication to ensure our customers’ success.

“Sendoso is easy to set up and use. They have a large catalog of gifts and I love the holiday additions. The customer success and account management teams are top-notch as well. My CSM is always available to answer questions and even lead training calls with other teams!” –  Mike K.

As we enter a new year, Sendoso’s mission has never been more critical: enabling companies to create extraordinary experiences across the customer lifecycle that drive more meetings and revenue, while making the most of their budget.

Thank you to our customers for once again making us a leader. Check out more Sendoso reviews on our G2 page.

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