March 8, 2024

22 Women Leaders in CX You Should Know About

Alli Tiscornia
Alli Tiscornia

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This post is brought to you by Sendoso Chief Sending and Operations Officer Alli Tiscornia.

I joined Sendoso as the company’s first Chief Customer Officer in January 2020 — right before COVID-19 transformed the world as we know it.

Leading the Customer Experience (CX) organization during the pandemic has only underlined the need for CX to be a top priority. Now, in my new role as Chief Sending and Operations Officer, it’s become abundantly clear that in order to be successful, companies must approach every aspect of the business with a CX mindset.

As companies doubled down on customer retention in an uncertain economy, CX shaped many of the last year’s emerging business trends. We built fully digital experiences that seamlessly guide customers through each stage of the journey. We’re focused on segmentation and personalization to deliver relevant messages at the right time. And we’re constantly analyzing customer feedback to understand and anticipate their evolving needs.

As a result of these trends, the qualities of a successful CX leader have also evolved. Today, CX executives must lead with empathy, which helps to create meaningful customer connections; agility in order to pivot to customer preferences in real time; and collaboration to unify sales, marketing, product teams around customer needs. These qualities will help companies build the trust necessary to attract new customers while helping existing customers thrive.

McKinsey reported that “companies that adapt to the changing needs of customers will recover more rapidly and be better positioned than competitors.” That means CX leaders have a unique opportunity to help their organizations become truly customer-centric and set them up for long-term success.

Because CX has become — and will continue to be — such a crucial role, we need to build diverse teams that represent the diverse voices of our customers. That’s why we’re celebrating these 22 women in CX who have broken down barriers to inspire the next generation of leaders. These women have overcome the challenges of the pandemic to help their organizations prioritize customer needs above all else.

Let’s meet these phenomenal women (in no particular order) leading the charge in CX.

Celebrate These 22 Women Leaders in CX

Denise Sauser

Senior Manager, Customer Success

Inger (Hemminger) Rarick

Vice President of Customer Success

Stephanie Berner

Global Head of Customer Success, LinkedIn Sales Solutions

Archana Shetty

Vice President Customer Experience

Jeannine Crispino

VP Customer Success

Abby Hammer

Chief Customer Officer

Gillian Heltai

Chief Customer Officer

Sharmeen Suri

Head of Global Customer Marketing, Udemy for Business

Faye Kasemset

SVP, Solutions Innovation & Architecture

Michelle M. Chow

Executive Advisor – Customer Success
SpringCX Group

Haley Barrile

Chief Operating Officer
Two Bear Capital

Emmanuelle Skala

SVP of Customer Success

Stephanie Ho

Global Head of Customer Success, Autodesk Construction Solutions

Rennie Taylor

Senior Director, Global Customer Success

Briana Lafferty

Senior Director of Customer Success

Renee Bochman

Senior Director, Solutions Delivery & Customer Success

Larisa Sandu

Head of Customer Marketing & Advocacy

Liz Caspersen

Senior Customer Marketing Leader
Arctic Wolf Networks

Stephanie Stapleton Sudbury

Vice President of Customer Success, Udemy for Business

Christina Crawford Kosmowski


Catherine Blackmore

GVP of Customer Success & Renewals

Mary Poppen

Chief Customer Officer, Glint

Happy Women’s History Month!

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