June 17, 2022

10 July puns to spark direct mail gift ideas


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Bust out the sandals, shorts, and a dad joke because summer has finally arrived! Sparks will fly like fireworks on the Fourth of July if you surprise your prospects, clients, or employees with a summer-themed gift and use a funny pun to tie direct mail sends all together.

In account-based marketing, July might seem like a month to snooze through. The kids are finally out of school and families are going on vacation. No one is doing business in July, right? Think again.

July is the perfect time of year to rally new conversations and heat up those contacts that have cooled off. If you’re thinking about summer barbecues, beaches, and boating on the lake—so are your clients. Spread the joy of summer with Sendoso’s huge selection of seasonal corporate gifts. ABM campaigns with themed holiday gifts and marketing puns increase your visibility and get noticed. But don’t stress about the marketing campaign copy. Borrow any of these clever puns to stir up new sales.

Independence Day, July 4

1. Send It Pun: Popping up to find a time on your calendar.

2. Send It Pun: Our teamwork makes fireworks!

Gift idea: Create a picnic gift. For example, curate a themed tablecloth or set of drink glasses. Sendoso can package up anything with our easy Amazon integration. Red, white, or blue—Sendoso can brand your packaging with logos and colors.

The Fourth of July holiday is one of the biggest marketing opportunities all year. Sure, it’s a day off from the office, but the patriotic spirit starts early and sticks around for a while. Kick off your outreach with a 4th of July pun and build a relationship from there. Share the excitement and make a big impression on your clients who are heading out to a family picnic.

3. Send it Pun: Let’s marinate on this for a bit.

Gift Idea: Stock your prospects’ holiday barbeque with everything they need to grill. Crowd Cow believes in creating meaningful connections with the food you eat. Crowd Cow ships impressive gift boxes on dry ice-packed with the best cuts of meat. Make your prospect the hit of the summer BBQ. Try the Red, White, and Wagyu gift set in the Sendoso Direct catalog.

Graham Cracker Day, July 5

4. Send it Pun: There’s s’more to love about us.

Knack Shop Smores Kit

Gift Idea:  Branch out and try a s’more kit from Knack Shops to evoke memories of a childhood summer camping trip. Outreach shipped s’mores kits for a successful B2B direct mail campaign. The Outreach team sent kits to larger accounts to help book “s’more meetings.”

“No one forgets a well-thought-out pun, especially when it’s that delicious,” wrote Chelsey Feldman, with the Outreach product marketing team. An attached note mentioned how Outreach can help clients realize s’more revenue, meetings, and cost savings.

World Chocolate Day, July 7

5. Send It Pun: We can help a choco-LOT!

Gift Idea: Like clockwork, the sweet snack craving hits the office a couple of hours after lunch. Satisfy sweet tooths by picking a rich dessert for the entire office to split.

Sendoso Direct is packed with rich chocolatey options. Try the Cadbury Box from British Candy Box. Besides being known worldwide as one of the best chocolate makers, Cadbury is a favorite among the Sendoso SuperSenders. Or brand your World Chocolate Day gifts with the help of Veronica’s Treats which offers chocolate-covered Oreos featuring your logo. Companies like Tipalti, HighRadius, and PatientPop scored impressive response rates by working these branded cookies into ABM strategies.

Tipalti Oreo Cookies

Ice Cream Sundae Day, July 8

6. Send It Pun: No matter how you split it, we’re the best.

Gift Idea: Chill out over one of our hottest July gift ideas – ice cream. It’s universally loved and that makes it the perfect pair with a direct mail campaign. Put ice cream to work and use it to break the ice with prospects.

Have Sendoso help you include a handwritten note with your direct mail ice cream gift: “Let’s not let our progress melt away!”

Pina Colada Day, July 10

Pina Colada Tea

7. Send It Pun:  We blend well together.

Gift Idea: Get your clients daydreaming about a pina colada to finish up the weekend. Save Pina Colada Day kits for prospects further down the sales funnel. HighRadius used cocktail kits to transform their ABM and field marketing strategies. Their spirited take on direct mail improved their meeting booking rate by 366%.

Cocktail and mocktail kits offer a lot of options to fit your budget. Or take a non-alcoholic approach with pina colada flavored tea. Sendoso customers can opt for The Tea Keepers’ special blend with hints of pineapple, coconut, apple, and strawberry leaves.

Mojito Day, July 11

8. Send It Pun: We are ‘mint’ to be.

Gift Idea: Spice up their office with a summertime happy hour on you.C onsider a cocktail kit with something to offer everyone in the office. Try the Cocktail Starter Kits from The Cocktail Box Co. Create opportunities by sending mojito, mai tai, and margarita starter kits to clients.

Mac N’ Cheese Day, July 14

9. Send It Pun: A little cheesy, but still grate

Gift Guide: Put your SDRs at the center of any lunchtime conversation with an Uber Eats eGift card via Sendoso. You can celebrate any food-related holidays by incentivizing digital marketing with an eGift card.

Personalize your Mac n’ Cheese Day outreach by making local suggestions. Look up Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives in your area and send an Uber Eats eGift card to a top spot.

Daiquiri Day, July 19

10. Send It Pun: Sorry for the mix-up or Let’s mix it up!

Gift Idea: Skip over the mixers and give your target client one of the best names in distilled spirits with ReserveBar.

Bonus Gift Idea: Send an eGift bartending class as a sales development strategy to book a crucial meeting. Once your client schedules the class, send over cocktail kits to get the party started.

Corporate gifts to help celebrate summer

No matter your B2B marketing niche, you and your clients probably have the same fuzzy feelings about summer. Whether you’re sending an inflatable unicorn pool toy, a sunburn-care kit, or a box of logo-ed vegan brownie bites, they’ll smile knowing you went the extra mile for that themed touch.

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