August 5, 2022

13 February puns and marketing gifts to spread the love


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Love is in the air in February with the most romantic holiday and marketing opportunity of all: Valentine’s Day. So break out some over-the-top February puns. Work in mentions of candies, cards, flowers, red hearts, pink kisses, and so many charming, sweet sentiments that the love hangover lasts all month long.

At Sendoso, we love, love, love in every way! It’s why we’re in the gifting business, after all, because love is at the heart of appreciation.

If you’re not into grand, swoony gestures, there are plenty of other February holidays to create compelling direct mail marketing campaigns around. Read on to see which ones tickle your fancy.

Groundhog Day, February 2

1. Send It Pun: We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: We’re the best when it comes to ___.

Gift Idea: You might be repeating yourself, but that won’t matter after your prospect opens a Sendoso best-selling gift, like a hot sauce sampler pack from Truff, Killer Brownies from Goldbelly, or a cocktail kit from The Cocktail Co. Pro tip: Check their socials before you send to learn what your prospects are into.

2. Send It Pun: We’re popping out to say Happy Groundhog Day!

Gift Idea: For this send, we recommend something that pops, like a bottle of bubbly, a popcorn sampler, or even a newly budding succulent plant (it’s just popping out of the ground). What a poppy way to welcome spring!

Carrot Cake Day, February 3

3. Sent It Pun: We’re really rooting for this partnership.

Gift Idea: We have a classic choice for this gift with big-time name recognition: the Best-Seller Cupcake Dozen from Georgetown Cupcakes. Your prospects won’t be heartbroken that there’s only one carrot cupcake when they see the other 11 mouth-watering flavors.

Pizza Day, February 9

4. Send It Pun: We have a sizzling deal to chat with you about.

Gift Idea: You probably won’t be able to compete with a prospect’s favorite hometown pizza restaurant. But you can send them an eGift from Uber Eats, so pizza’s on you after you hold your next meeting.

Super Bowl Sunday, February 12

5. Send It Pun: We won’t fumble on this deal.

Gift Idea: What goes better with Super Bowl parties than food? Send a tasty gift from Sendoso Direct that is shareable and pairs well with sports. Priority Experiences offers a backyard BBQ sauce class with beers to sample! Now that’s a score.

6. Send It Pun: Don’t pass on this opportunity; run one in for your team.

Gift Idea: If you want to reach out with an executive gift for the C-suite, look no further than Crowd Cow’s surf and turf. After Sunday’s big game, expect a Monday morning call with a plan to put a signature on paper.

Valentine’s Day, February 14

7. Send It Pun: We love where this partnership is headed.

Gift Idea: When it comes to Valentine’s Day, it’s difficult to mess things up. Cards, chocolates, and sweets with a red and pink theme are popular classics and terrific gifts. However, to make sure your direct mail gift stands out from the crowd, Sendoso has other options. The Rosé All Day gift box from Fountain Gifts includes Moët & Chandon, a pink Corkcicle glass, a Voluspa candle, and popcorn. Now that’s winning the V-Day gift game.

8. Send It Pun: There’s a whole lot to love with us on your side.

Gift Idea: Think BIG for this V-Day pun gift. Something that wows with size. Want to send flowers? Go for two dozen. Sending a box of chocolates? Opt for the Mega Candy Box from vendor The Candy Box. Or for something less sweet (who needs all that extra sugar after the holiday season?), try the Ciccetti Cheese & Charcuterie board from Boarderie.

Write It Out Day, February 16

9. Sent It Pun: We’re staying write on track.

Gift Idea: Every one of your contacts needs something to take notes in. Notebooks are trendier than ever before. Check out the stylish and colorful options from Nuuna (for EU shipping) or The Home Office gift box from Teak & Twine.

10. Send It Pun: You are noteworthy!

Gift Idea: The Don’t Worry, Be Happy gift box from Knack Shops has a journal, notepad, cards, and pens. What a way to make your prospects smile!

Random Act of Kindness Day, February 17

11. Send It Pun: Hope you like this random treat!

Giving Personalized Gifts Sendoso

Gift Idea: If you’re not comfortable celebrating Valentine’s Day with your prospects, Random Act of Kindness Day is your jam. The spirit of the day is about passing on niceties to one another with no agenda, so don’t forget to mention that. Your gift should reflect that thankful sentiment, so be sure to include a handwritten note in your package.

Drink Wine Day, February 18

12. Send It Pun: Don’t make pour decisions.

Gift Idea: The best wine gifts are ones that mean something to your prospects. Try to track down the same bottle you shared over dinner at your last face-to-face meeting or one that comes from a place they’ve traveled to. If you can’t find out those details, no worries. We have a 100-point wine in Sendoso Direct: the aptly named 100-Point Super Tuscan Bibi Graetz Testamatta. Bellissima.

Margarita Day, February 22

13. Send It Pun: Hoping to squeeze in some time with you.

Gift Idea: In the middle of winter, margaritas are like a ray of sunshine peeking through the clouds! Mark this day with your prospects by sharing a drink with them after your next Zoom meeting, and send a Margarita Cocktail Box kit ahead of time.

All you need is love and Sendoso

So get mushy, sales development reps, because it’s time to express your feelings for B2B corporate partners and prospects as you move them down the funnel.

Okay, you don’t have to get mushy. But Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to get ahead of your sales goals for the quarter. Whether it’s wine, cake, or treats for the big game, Sendoso can make it happen so that you can get more B2B love this February.

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