January 1, 2024

16 September puns and gift ideas to harvest new business


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Turn over a new leaf this September and put those sales and marketing puns to work by growing and cultivating connections with clients.

If you haven’t tried humor as a marketing tactic yet, you might be letting your efforts wilt on the vine. With every new season comes a golden opportunity for a marketing strategy revamp.

And September is ripe for the picking when it comes to marketing jokes and direct mail solutions.

End of summer marketing and sales puns

When summer ends, clients are shifting mindsets to back-to-school, sweater weather, and pumpkin-spice-everything season. Give them a little nudge with a witty note and gift that expresses your appreciation for their business.

At Sendoso, our send curation team has taken all the work out of researching funny one-liners. So, enjoy our fall-themed marketing puns and September holiday ideas (any holiday is a good holiday for a B2B send!) while you browse some of our favorite autumn gift selections.

National Baking Day, Sept. 1

1. Send It Pun: Let us show you how we measure up.

Gift Idea: Any baker will tell you they need an extra set of measuring cups or measuring spoons. Find a top-rated set and use our Amazon integration to repackage and ship with your branding.

Baking Supplies

Everyone is baking these days—it’s the hottest trend to get on board with. Baking shows have risen to the top of favorites to watch, as they inspire home-bakers to spend hours in the kitchen crafting brightly colored confections.

2. Send It Pun: Sift through the competition and let’s whip up something special.

Gift Idea: Bakers always need another spatula or whisk at their side. So, baking utensils are widely appreciated. Color-coordinated utensils make for Instagram-worthy baking pics (and hopefully a tag thanking your company for the gift!).

3. Send It Pun: A sprinkle of determination to make it work together!

Gift Idea: Move over candy-coated basics. Sprinkles these days come in so many shapes, colors, and flavors. Opt for your branded colors for a sweet detail to any client gift.

National Wildlife Day, Sept. 4

4. Send It Pun: It’s a jungle out there. But we’re looking forward to our next ZOO-m!

Gift Idea: Venture beyond the Mai Tai and try a Jungle Bird kit by honestfolk as your next cocktail send. This classic tiki drink is sophisticated and not too sweet—perfect for executives and anyone in a corner office.

Any type of wild animal—from the savannah to the barnyard—works in these marketing jokes. So, bust out of your cage and catch a client with a grrrrrrrr-eat pun that makes them roar with laughter.

5. Send It Pun: Don’t get your feathers ruffled, we heard you have a flock of good ideas!

Gift Idea: A simple, colorful birdhouse is a thoughtful B2B marketing gift that shows you care about how your prospects relax away from work and outdoors.

Star Trek Day, Sept. 8

6. Send It Pun: Our Enterprise thanks you for Pickard-ing us as a partner.

Gift Idea: Celebrate a signed deal with a bottle of champagne or one of the many top-rated desserts from Goldbelly. Try the Junior’s Cheesecake shipped straight from the world-renowned bakery in Brooklyn, New York.

If you boldly go where no marketer has gone before, you’ll be cozied up to your Trekkie client forever.

7. Send It Pun: Beam aboard our plan to energize your company!

Gift Idea: Sendoso knows it’s hard to keep meetings on the books. Incentivize by sending prospects an eGift card that redeems only after your meeting. Don’t forget to include a link to your eBook on marketing strategy.

8. Send It Pun: We make a Spock-tacular team!

Gift Idea: Gift a prospect a Captain’s Log (actually, it’s a notebook or a day planner) to help them stay organized and on top of contacts.

Save time and manpower by using a corporate gifting platform like Sendoso to brand, pack, ship, and track each Star Trek Day gift. The platform analytics can even measure response rates and return on investment when paired with powerful integrations.

Steak Day, Sept. 9

Just because it’s September doesn’t mean it’s time to put away the grill. Show off your impeccable taste by gifting a premier cut of meat.

9. Send It Pun: We’ve got a ‘steak’ in how this partnership broils up.

Gift Idea: Sendoso Direct offers an array of steak options to wow your clients. Our SuperSender community particularly enjoys the filet mignon and Wagyu steaks from vendor Crowd Cow.

Chai Day, Sept. 21

Chai is pumpkin spice’s more sophisticated sibling with an international essence. Few flavors burst with fall the way chai does, making it a great seasonal gift.

10. Send It Pun: Give us a chai.

Gift Idea: Our Send Curation Team recommends Fellow products because they know hot beverages. Both the Joey Double Wall Ceramic Mug and the Stagg Electric Kettle are chic gift options for your account-based marketing strategy.

Snack Day, Sept. 23

11. Send It Pun: We are always here in a crunch.

Gift Idea: Sweet, salty, or spicy: an array of snacks is best. That’s why there’s a little something for everyone in Sendoso Direct. Build brand loyalty by sending snack baskets like the options from Snack Farm or Packed With Purpose.

Snacks never go out of style! Snack gifts are best for sharing, so send enough for the whole team. You’ll be the superstar of the office when they open your gift.

12. Send It Pun: Looking forward to popping back into your office.

Gift Idea: If it’s been a while since you’ve seen your client in person, make a joke out of it. Send them a variety of gourmet popcorn or an old-fashioned popcorn tin full of salty and sweet snacks.

Popcorn Snack

Human Resources Professional Day, Sept. 26

13. Send It Pun: Our passion is people.

Gift Idea: Passionfruit can be worked into many delicious delicacies, including chocolate, cupcakes, and cookies.

Celebrate the under-loved heroes of the office: human resources! If you work with people teams or human resource management, this holiday is for you.

Show you care with a corporate gift that recognizes the importance of their role.

14. Send it Pun: HR is our Hero Reserve.

Gift Idea: Show the top talent in your human resource department the superheroes they are with custom cupcakes, top-notch wine, or a bright bouquet.

Apple Cider Day, Sept. 30

15. Send It Pun: Your company sounds a-peel-ing to us.

Gift Idea: Consider a sampler of apple cider freshly harvested from the orchard for future marketing campaigns. Apple cider can also be a good option for anyone not comfortable sending alcoholic beverages. Or to a recipient trying to stay away from alcohol.

Apples are a quintessential fall flavor and can transform into unlimited gifting options. A touch that includes apple cider or apple pie warms the senses and stirs up cozy childhood memories.

16. Send It Pun: When it comes down to it, we’re on your cider.

Gift Idea: Apples and apple cider also lend well to doughnuts and cupcakes. Look for sweets in bright autumn colors to remind them of the changing seasons.

Fall into sales cycle planning

Still undecided on the perfect September send to gain traction and maximize your company’s potential? Sendoso is a dynamic gifting platform with endless options, so fall back and browse around a bit.

But when you do find that perfect marketing solution with Sendoso, think like a teacher preparing for the first day of school, and plan, plan, plan.

  • For gifts and sends to reach your clients by September, you want to start planning by July 1.
  • Non-branded items stored in our sending fulfillment center can be ready by early August.
  • For branded swag and logo packaging, we need your scope of work by mid-July.

Reap what you sow and send

So, you’ve sowed the seeds of humor this fall and now you’re ready to harvest those September sends. To any nay-saying bad apples, tell them a healthy B2B direct mail marketing strategy can grow real pipeline and close contracts.

Check out Sendoso’s sending calendars and gifting guides for a bountiful garden of resources to help you sprout new ideas with personalized gifting ideas.

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