July 8, 2022

19 August puns for sales development representatives


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Give your sales prospects something to talk about this August besides the summer heat. Ditch the traditional direct mail. Instead, encourage sales development representatives (SDRs) to roll their favorite puns, think National Dog Month or Baseball Fan Day.

Warp those summer holidays into creative campaigns that decision-makers won’t be able to ignore.

August might seem like a quiet month full of out-of-the-office replies.

However, it also means there’s less sales noise making it easier to stand out. That’s why it’s so important for sales development reps to utilize direct mail. Done correctly, automated direct mail closes contracts. However, those corporate gifts and copy need to be unique enough to move accounts down the funnel.

Timing is everything when it comes to corporate gifting.

Who needs a logo-ed beach ball at the end of summer? Sendoso offers an entire calendar for sales development teams, filled with daily holidays and opportunities to get to know your clients on a new level. And no sweat off your back — puns are included.

National Planner Day, August 1

1. Send It Pun: Choose the write future for your business.

Gift Idea: Marketers are Type A, plain and simple.

Nothing speaks to the heart of a busy marketing professional more than a way to stay organized. Show you understand them on a personal level by gifting them a planner in their favorite theme. Options include planners with extra space for writing notes, inspirational quotes, daily jokes, or fun trivia.

Save yourself time by using the leading Gifting Platform™ to purchase, brand, ship, track, and report on the success of your direct mail summer sends.

2. Send It Pun: Plan to be wowed by our strategies!

Gift Idea: For those special leads, write inside the planner an agenda and next steps for a future meeting. Use sticky notes if you’d rather not write inside the planner. Now you’re on their calendar and at the top of their list.

National Baseball Fan Day, August 12

3. Send It Pun: Let’s make this partnership a grand slam.

Gift Idea: When you send a true fan a baseball-themed gift, you’re speaking to their soul.

Most baseball fans have a deep connection to the game. Use that to your advantage to move closer to closing. Has your contact been to any particular stadiums that left an impression?

Sales professionals can also go the Sendoso Direct route, and send over a collection of park-food-favorites (think popcorn, hot dogs, beer).

4. Send It Pun: We will hit it out of the park for your team.

Gift Idea: Check out the client’s LinkedIn page to discover their favorite team. Don’t discount minor league baseball teams either. Their quirky merchandise can be a hit.

National Bowling Day, August 13

5. Send It Pun: We are right up your alley.

Gift Idea: Sendoso research shows an eGift Visa prepaid card has a consistently high response rate.

For Bowling Day, send a Visa eGift that allows the boss to take the entire team out for a bowling bonding trip. It’s a company opportunity to post a group photo online—with a tag thanking your sales team for the gift.

6. Send It Pun: Spare us a moment for our next meeting.

Gift Idea: After the office outing to their neighborhood bowling alley, follow up with a warm email or phone call the next Monday asking for everyone’s score. By learning their names, you’ll get to know the team you’re reaching out to a little bit better.

National Coloring Book Day, August 14

7. Send It Pun: Add some color to your strategy.

Coloring Book Gift

Gift Idea: Millennials helped bring back coloring as a hobby and it’s easy to see why. Coloring is a great method for de-stressing that doesn’t involve electronics.

If you’ve got a decision-maker who mentions anxiety or workplace drama, this is the send for them. You’ll show you’re actively listening and they will respond by booking that next meeting.

8. Send It Pun: Bringing a little color to this partnership.

Gift Idea: Have your company art department transform your logo into a coloring book page. Pair it with a couple of coloring books and colored pencils using Sendoso’s easy Amazon integration.

National Cupcake Day, August 15

9. Send It Pun: It dozen-t get better than what we have to offer.

Gift Idea: You’ve been waiting all year to send cupcakes to drive business and create opportunities, so go big and make an impact! How many people are in the office?

Be sure to send enough for everyone. When your cupcakes arrive, you want the entire office to be captivated by your gift and ready to respond by booking that next meeting.

10. Send It Pun: There’s nothing this cupcake can’t solve.

Gift Idea: Add an extra step of brand awareness to your signature cupcake send. Sendoso Direct will help you get your logo on the cupcakes, and make them delicious.


National Pinot Noir Day, August 18

11. Send It Pun: Wine not take a meeting?

Gift Idea: Wine as an executive gift is chic and elegant. Choose a red wine from Sendoso’s vast collection which includes wines from regions all over the world.

12. Send It Pun: Let’s wine about it together.

Gift Idea: For an added touch, pair your selected wine with a delicious cheese and cracker set, or try dark chocolate to tickle their taste buds.

13. Send It Pun: We’re making a grape connection.

Gift Idea: Check out your client’s socials before you send them anything. Have they been to wine country and tagged a specific winery? Noticing little details can move clients closer to a decision. Browse Sendoso Direct for a large selection of wines including gift sets that can be sent internationally.

Try Gift Baskets Overseas to really wow international prospects. The gift set ships to Japan, China, and Australia, and includes:

  • Bottle of imported dry white wine
  • Box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates
  • Box of assorted chocolates
  • Box of imported chocolate biscuits

Pro Tip: Leave two weeks to process all corporate gifting through Sendoso. Short on time? No problem, all of the wine puns and gifts could be used ten days later on August 28 which is Red Wine Day.

National Hot and Spicy Food Day, August 19

14.Send It Pun: Bringing the heat while your competitors catch up.

Gift Idea: Spicy food is having a moment right now in pop culture. Get in on the buzz and send some spicy snacks to drum up engagement from a lost lead. Better yet, send a chili sauce challenge kit with Sendoso Direct. You’re sure to have the entire office sweating once it arrives.

15.Send It Pun: We’re pepper together.

Gift Idea: Bring the heat to cold calls and send a prospect an eGift to a local restaurant (preferably a place with a five-star spice scale on the menu).

Pro Tip: If you’re looking for a little inspiration, check out the most redeemed eGifts and who is sending them through Sendoso:

National Dark Coffee Day, August 21

16.Send It Pun: Perk up! The grind is almost over.

Gift Idea: There’s a reason why coffee eGift cards are perfect for setting up a meeting. Everyone needs their coffee in the morning.

They likely need a second cup in the afternoon too. For a sweeter treat, coffee holidays can also be celebrated by sending chocolate-covered espresso beans.

17.Send It Pun: It’s bean a while since we last brewed something up.

Gift Idea: Everyone takes their coffee differently. Non-fat, no-sugar, extra shot, extra syrup—whatever the order is, write it down when you overhear it. Then include it in your send. The client will be shocked their sales rep recalled their order when their spouse can’t remember it at all.

National Dog Month and National Dog Day, August 26

18. Send It Pun: Let’s be partners furr-ever.

Gift Idea: For dog lovers, there’s no better buddy than their furry friend. Celebrate your client’s pooch during National Dog Month—or Dog Day on Aug. 26—with a gift just for the pup.

A doggy goody box with a new chew toy, a delicious treat, or even a plush dog bed can help you build that one-on-one connection.

19. Send It Pun: We can provide the ulti-mutt solution.

Gift Idea: Does your rep know the dog’s name? Sendoso can include a personalized note just for them!

Building connections with direct mail

Take this advice from the pros.

Strong personal connections at the center of every gift can open doors and create opportunities. Pay attention to unique details during the sales process. Using those details to personalize interactions can increase response rates and move prospects through the sales funnel.

There are plenty of themed holidays in August to drive engagement with your clients. But no matter which day you choose for that perfect send, be thoughtful and keep it humorous.

By September, you’ll be shifting into welcome campaigns to onboard your new accounts.

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