January 15, 2021

Jumpstart 2021 With These Creative and Timely Send Ideas

Meira McFarquhar
Meira McFarquhar

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This post is brought to you by Sendoso Content Marketing Manager Meira McFarquhar.

I don’t know about you, but we’re still celebrating the fact that not only are we in a new year, but we’re in any year that is not 2020! And there’s no better way to spread some of that new-year cheer with your prospects, partners, and peers than by sending a small gift to ring in 2021 the right way.

Whether you’re reconnecting with contacts from before the holidays or reaching out to brand new leads, these winter send ideas are the perfect way to make a physical impression, break the ice, and hit the ground running with new deals this quarter.

Pro-Tip: While the holiday season may be over, people may still be out-of-town for the winter, so use our Address Confirmation feature to ensure your gifts reach your recipients wherever they’re currently working.

Winter Send Ideas for January, February, and March


Jan 1 – 31: Toast to 2021: Send your top prospects a two-part send that consists of a bottle of champagne with a message that you’re “looking forward to toasting to their success.” Then send champagne glasses after your next meeting or milestone in the sales cycle.

Jan 1 – 31: Create a Clean Slate: Make it easier for your recipient to get a clean start. Pair a mini vacuum cleaner for keyboards and leather wire organizer with a handwritten note about wanting to help your prospects or customers get set up for success in 2021.

January 22: Spice Things Up on National Hot Sauce Day: Plans on launching a new product or feature this quarter? Send a hot sauce sampler to deals that you previously lost with a handwritten note that says, “Come see how we’re spicing up our solution for 2021.”

January 23: Celebrate National Handwriting Day: Skip the inbox notification and send someone a personal, handwritten note “just because.” This could be a colleague, mentor, employee, partner, investor, or maybe just someone you’ve always wanted to meet. Show people that you care! (Don’t have time to write it yourself? We can help!)


Feb 7: Send a Super Gift:  In honor of Super Bowl Sunday, send your target accounts a sports bundle with a football, bottle opener, popcorn bowl, mini trophy, and a message about wanting to help them be a winning team.

Feb 9: Be Cheesy: Send $10-20 eGift cards for nationwide pizza chains. This is great for opening doors, nurturing prospects who have gone dark, or anyone who’s taking a meeting around lunchtime.

Feb 14: Spread Love on Valentine’s Day: Engage entire buying committees by sending them surprise sweet treats to enjoy with their friends and family like cupcakes, cookies, or macarons with a message about how “sweet it would be to work together.” For larger audiences, send small pop-up mailers or post cards.

Feb 18: Raise Your Glass: This is the perfect opportunity to create branded wine glasses! Send them out as part of a virtual happy hour invitation with a note saying you’ll fill their glass more than half full so that they have a “wine-derful” time at the event.

Feb 20: Share Thought Leadership: In honor of Presidents’ Day, send C-Suite executives on your target list of accounts a book like Barack Obama’s new A Promised Land along with a note with a note expressing how you hope their year is filled with inspiration.


March 1 – 31: Go Mad: Lean into March Madness this year. Even if your recipients aren’t basketball fans, you can still channel their competitive spirit with a March Madness bundle that has a mini basketball hoop and basketball combo!

March 8: Observe International Women’s Day: Celebrate the women in your network by sending out Rosie the Riveter bobbleheads for their home offices or red bandanas with a challenge for your recipients to post their own Rosie the Riveter picture on social media.

March 10: Celebrate National Send It Day: March 10 marks National Send It Day! We created the day as a way to give thanks to the people who matter most, unleash your innovative ideas, and put smiles on faces around the world. Come up with your own send idea and post it online with #NationalSendItDay.

March 10: National Pancake Day: Give your recipients the gift of breakfast with a $15-$30 eGift card to IHOP. Have a large audience? Send them a mailer with the ultimate pancake recipe and a message about wanting to “fuel their day.”

March 31: Wish Them Luck! Give your prospects some “luck for the end of Q1” with personalized beer mugs or whiskey tumblers. Or engage a larger audience by sending mini elephants, shamrocks, horseshoes, and other symbols of luck.

Whatever send you choose, your recipients will appreciate your thoughtful gesture, and you’ll be top of mind as they settle into the quarter and finalize their 2021 budgets.

Happy Sending!

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