February 7, 2024

21 Marketing Gifts Perfect For Valentine's Day


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Valentine’s Day gifts can be tricky whether you’re in love or in marketing. It’s a sweet gesture to think of your clients. Personalized gifts might be part of your typical account-based marketing strategy. It’s perfect for fostering relationships and accelerating the sales cycle.

Yet on a holiday dedicated to love, it’s best for professionals to play it safe with your sweet sends.

So don’t go digging through the swag closet.

We’ve got 21 Valentine’s Day gifts, from treats to virtual experiences, designed to expand your client connections.

Desserts & Food

1. Valentine’s Day Cookies: Give your prospects something to smile about. Consider sending a gourmet basket of nuts, chocolates, and other goodies via Sendoso Direct. Use the sending platform to customize your Valentine’s Day treats with branding and personalized notes.

Suggested Note: It’s be sooo SWEET to work together!

2. Hot Cocoa: Ship luxury cocoa to help prospects celebrate in style.

Note: “Here’s to warm hands and rich rewards!”

3. Chocolate-Covered Fruit: Show you’re thinking of the whole office by sending an assortment of fresh berries and fruits dipped in chocolate.

Note: “We know you have a full plate, so we wanted to add something sweet to it.”

4. Virtual Cooking Classes: Give your favorite foodie the ultimate gift. Sendoso Experiences allow your clients to make memories. Select an online cooking course as a standalone gift or pair it with one of the treats mentioned above. It’s perfect for clients to share with their loved ones.

Note: Date night on us!

Alchohol & Beverages

4. Champagne Set: Go big by sending more than just bubbles this Valentine’s Day. Browse the Sendoso Sending Platform for champagne sets complete with flutes and a saber.

Note: “We can’t wait to toast to your success.”

5. Craft Beer: For the client who prefers brewed to bubbles.

Note: “When you need us, we’re ready to ‘hops’ to it!”

6. Branded Soda: Recipients of all ages can enjoy a bit of fizzy fun with personally branded craft sodas delivered right to their office or home.

Note: “We’d love to help make your next campaign ‘Pop’!”

7. Wine Tasting: Select from five different purple cork virtual tasting options. It’s all part of the Sendoso Experiences. Virtual wine tasting classes even include their own expert. The winemaker or winery owner joins each event to share personal stories and tasting notes.

Note: Thank you! You are so WINE-derful.


9. Yoga/Massage: Give your marketing prospects the chance to unwind. Direct mail marketing is the best way to deliver a little rest and relaxation. Consider giving health-conscious clients a wellness-focused eGift card.

Note: “We’ll take some things off your plate, so you can enjoy some downtime.”

10. Essential Oils: Even home can become a retreat with the right essential oil diffuser set.

Note: “When you need to take a breather, we’re happy to help.”

11. Tea Set: The soothing quality of a tea set makes a lovely gift for a variety of campaigns.

Note: “Need a team that’s steeped in experience? Look no further.”


13: Luggage Tracker: Help them keep tabs on their bags with this clever luggage tracker.

Note: “We’re excited to be on the journey with you!”

14. Electronics Organizer: Speaking of keeping track, an electronics organizer will help your recipient keep tabs on their important gadgets and chargers.

Note: “We’re here to help you keep things organized.

15. Noise Cancelling Headphones: Allow clients to travel in peace with a pair of noise-canceling headphones.

Note: “With these, all you’ll hear is the sound of your next great idea.”

Games & Sports

16. Darts: Go the game route to put a little fun into Valentine’s Day. Sendoso users can browse a wide array of options. Darts are a perfect addition for offices featuring a laid back, fun vibe.

Note: “We’re here to help you hit your targets.”

17. Personalized Jersey: Build a memorable connection with sports fans in your sales funnel. Send a team jersey for Valentine’s Day. Go a step further by personalizing it with their name.

Note: “Let us be your quarterback this season!”


18. Branded Clothing: Make a statement with branded clothing. Sendoso offers quality options beyond just t-shirts. Try a Patagonia fleece and check out the Custom Brand Shop to customize your gifts within minutes.

Note: “Success looks good on you! We hope you enjoy it!”

19. Wardrobe eGift: For the discerning fashionista, a custom wardrobe eGift is an excellent way to delight them with a personal touch.

Note: “We’re all about the tailor-made experience. Enjoy!”

Pet Lovers

20. Branded Leash: Ship pet parents a gift for their four-legged friends. Create a branded leash complete with your company logo or select Valentine’s Day themed branding to set the tone.

Note: “When you’re going for your goals, remember to enjoy the journey (and the company).”

21. Gourmet Pet Treats: Let pets indulge on Valentine’s Day too.  Consider gifting your favorite clients gourmet pet treats.

Note: “Here’s something great for your ‘very good boy/girl’ to enjoy!”

Give these 21 gift ideas a try or stick with a Valentine’s Day classic. Flowers and plants are some of the most popular holiday gifts. However, you’ll want to plan in advance. Visit Sendoso Direct to find U.S. and international vendors. Not sure how to maximize your Valentine’s Day marketing strategy? Request a demo to see what Sendoso can do for your team.

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