July 8, 2022

24 December puns to pair with client holiday gifts


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When the snowflakes start to fall, and Christmas lights twinkle up and down city streets, businesses may feel like it’s ready for a long winter’s nap. But don’t get snowed by that idea. Instead, look for winter inspiration from these December puns or to keep your clients engaged well into the new year. You can even start planning well into the new year with the sales and marketing Pun Calendar.

Some clients may be a little harder to reach after the autumn rush. Contacts slow down, meetings are missed, and prospects might need a revival.

Corporate holiday gifting strategies

December is a winter wonderland for successful B2B direct mail marketing strategies. Use the season to your advantage. Corporate Christmas gifts (plus December puns!) are the way to share in the magic of the holiday season.

But think beyond traditional corporate holiday gifts too with these lesser-known holidays.

National Pie Day, Dec. 1

1. Send It Pun: You’ll want a piece of what we offer.

Gift Idea: Incorporate an ooey-gooey, buttery, flaky crust pie into your holiday direct mail marketing campaign. Pies prompt those homemade, cozy vibes.

Expect a thank you following National Pie Day. It’s not just good manners. These responses create opportunities for marketing teams to continue the conversation.

Pro Tip: Don’t spend your time boxing up hundreds of pies. Use an automated corporate gifting platform, like Sendoso, to do the manual labor. Select fresh baked goods from using the platform. Sendoso handles the branding, shipping, tracking, and even calculates your analytics.

National Earmuff Day, Dec. 3

2. Send It Pun: Our team can help drown out the noise.

Gift Idea: Work from anywhere has put noise-canceling headphones in hot demand. Whether sent as an executive gift or to someone in need of a little silence, expect a big thank you and a request to touch base.

3. Send It Pun: We’re keeping this connection warm all winter long.

Gift Idea: Earmuffs may be out of fashion. However, branded beanies and scarves are useful and hip in cooler climates. Your client will stay stylish and promote your brand every time they step on the ski slopes.

Keep your swag out of the junk pile by keeping your branding small and the coloring neutral. Customize your winter swag using Sendoso’s Custom Brand Shop. You’ll be able to select colors, sizes, and merchandise to fit your brand’s messaging.

National Cabernet Day, Dec. 4

4. Send It Pun: Cheers to our partnership this year.

Gift Idea: Wine is a favorite in the corporate gifting world. Elevate your gift by opting for a wine and cheese box, wine and chocolate box, or a wine and snack gift basket.

5. Send It Pun: We RED your mind on what you need this holiday season.

Gift Idea: There are so many excellent cabs, pinots, and burgundy blends to try. Let your client try them all with a wine sampler or tasting pack.

We love the Vin Voyage collection in the Sendoso Direct online catalog. The wine collection from In Good Taste offers eight different wine samples from around the world.

Wine Set Direct

National Cotton Candy Day, Dec. 7

6. Send It Pun: Spin your business right with ____ from us.

Gift Idea: Go to the max and make this holiday a literal sweet treat for your client by ordering up some cotton candy. The holidays are all about nostalgia. A little cotton candy will make the client feel like a kid again. Sendoso can ship directly through our integration with Amazon and even pack it in your branded box.

7. Send It Pun: Thanks for all of our sweet deals together.

Gift Idea: If you’re not into a literal interpretation of this holiday, cotton candy can also be a fun scent in candles, home aroma wax warmers, or even spa treatments like bath bombs.

Gift this to the person who needs a little more stress relief during the busy holiday season.

National Brownie Day, Dec. 8

8. Send It Pun: Brownie points toward our next meeting.

Gift Idea: Browse Sendoso Direct for dozens of mouth-watering brownie options that fit every budget.

Sending food is a favorite amongst sales development professionals. Send enough for everyone on the team. A well-thought-out office gift can generate buy-in from every level including key decision-makers.

9. Send It Pun: Wishing your team a choco-LOT of holiday joy.

Gift Idea: Sendoso also partners with Goldbelly for the best in regional cuisines and famous sweets and treats from all over the U.S. Send sales prospects Goldbelly’s world-famous Killer Brownies. Happy prospects will be reaching out for a spot on your calendar.

National Sleigh Ride Day, Dec. 9

10. Send It Pun: We’re excited to keep this deal moving.

Gift Idea: We know the chances of incorporating an actual sleigh ride into this gift are slim to none. But, don’t let that deter you.

What is a sleigh ride must-have? A soft, cozy blanket to keep out the frosty chill. Whether you opt for cashmere, plush fleece, cable knit, or sherpa, a blanket will have your client snuggling up to talk business.

11. Send It Pun: Our teams sleigh-ed it this year.

Gift Idea: Put on the ritz in order to get a client on board or thank them for a big deal. Go for a Santa’s sleigh approach with a sack full of presents for the entire team. Pack all of it together using Sendoso’s sending fulfillment center and we’ll take care of the rest.

National Gingerbread Decorating Day, Dec. 10

12. Send It Pun: Our partnership is spiced just right.

Gift Idea: A gingerbread decorating kit is a fun family activity for those Christmas vacation snow days. It’s a perfect holiday element, baked into so many of December’s festivities.

Include a call to action if you’re sending out gingerbread house kids. Ask clients to post their photos or turn the builds into a virtual decorating contest. You’ll surely get some response like when Loeb Electric shared their gingerbread houses on Twitter.

Loeb Electric Gingerbread House

13. Send It Pun: We like the cut of your jib (aka we like you).

Gift Idea: Christmas cookie cutters are a seasonal must-have. Any baker worth their weight in flour will tell you the shapes they can never have enough of including gingerbread man, Santa’s hat, Christmas tree, snowman, wreath, stocking, and snowflake.

National Hot Cocoa Day, Dec. 13

14. Send It Pun: We’re stirring up some hot ideas for our next project.

Gift Idea: Think like you’re putting together a s’mores kit, but winter themed. A hot cocoa kit should have gourmet cocoa, chocolate straws, flavored marshmallows, and a high-quality mug so your client can sip and ponder all you have to offer.

International Tea Day, Dec. 15

15. Send It Pun: See why we’re quali-TEA partners.

Gift Idea: Just like a hot cocoa kit, but this one is for tea drinkers.

Many tea-lovers relish in the relaxation and health benefits of their favorite beverage. So, be conscious of organic and sustainable ways to give this gift. Sendoso Direct has a filter for that!

National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day: Dec. 16

16. Send It Pun: We have some ‘so appalling they are appealing’ options to talk with you about.

Gift Idea: Maybe an ugly Christmas sweater is a Christmas marketing idea that’s too played out for you. But there are so many more ugly options out there to be silly with and celebrate. Ugly Christmas earrings, ties, and socks can evoke a laugh and make a connection with your client.

17. Send It Pun: It’s no sweat being part of your team.

Gift Idea: If you do want to go the sweater route, the bigger the better!

Tassels, sparkles, sequins, and even blinking lights will make your sweater stand out. Ugly Christmas sweaters can also be found in a variety of themes, including sports teams and favorite movies. Select one that makes this cheesy gift a little more personal.

National Maple Syrup Day: Dec. 17

18. Send It Pun: We are flipping out over another great year together!

Gift Idea: You hear maple syrup and you think pancakes and waffles, right?

As much as we’d love to flip some flapjacks to your clients, opt for an Uber Eats eGift card for a quality breakfast or brunch place in their neighborhood. Try this method for human resources teams with remote employees spread out across the country.

19. Send It Pun: We’re feeling sappy about all that we’ve accomplished.

Gift Idea: Send a big box of maple bars for all their hard work as a thank-you before the office closes for the holidays. Rewarding teams for their dedication and commitment is a great marketing solution that can extend that contract another year.

National Holly Day, Dec. 19

20. Send It Pun: We’re hoping to make a fa-la-la-la-lasting impression on you.

Gift Idea: Unless you want to send a big bouquet of holly to your client (ouch, spiny leaves), this day is wide open to incorporate some holiday themes and gifts. Whether you want to send a gift of holly-shaped cookies with your logo on them (Sendoso can do that), or a Christmas tree-scented candle packed with your branded colors, ask about our endless options to help get your message across.

National Reindeer Day, Dec. 23

21. Send It Pun: Jingle jangle, we heard you need a solution.

Gift Idea: Reindeer wear bells around their necks, right?

Well, incorporate silver or even silver bells into this holiday gift to make them think about prancing hooves. An engraved flask, clock, or bank note clip are shining examples of gifts that open doors.

22. Send It Pun: Thanks for being such a ‘deer’.

Gift Idea: This gift hits that sweet spot by combining gifts that are quirky and classy. Pair a high-end gift, such as a bottle of champagne or wagyu beef steaks, with a reindeer antler headband. You’ll have your client chuckling like a jolly old elf.

Christmas Day, Dec. 25

23. Send It Pun: Be-Claus of you, it’s been a merry Christmas.

Gift Idea: Anytime you select a Christmas business gift, you’re expressing your thanks to someone for being who they are in your life.

Use the signature holiday of December to drive home how much you value their relationship. There are no wrong answers here, only great gifts to send and relationships to build.

Corporate Christmas gifts can add up fast so keep your budget in mind. Set a limit like gifts under $50 and stick to it.

Boxing Day: Monday, Dec. 26

24. Send It Pun: We’re not here to box you in.

Gift Idea: Did you know that Boxing Day was originally celebrated as a day to uplift the less fortunate?

Today it’s morphed into another shopping day.

But we suggest that you use the traditional origins to give back charitably. Make a charitable donation in your client’s name, or to a charitable organization in their neighborhood. Don’t forget that Sendoso Direct has a helpful filter to select only vendors that incorporate charity, among other inclusive options

May all your corporate gifting sends be merry and bright

It may feel overwhelming to tack on holiday shopping for business contacts and associates when you’re already giving gifts to loved ones this season.

But try to see the forest through the Christmas trees on this: gifts that recognize someone’s effort and commitment are about showing your appreciation, not trying to buy their business.

Sendoso can help you shop, plan, and ship your B2B marketing business gifts. Avoid the holiday rush by starting early. Companies like Quantum Metric suggest sourcing gifts in July.

Just remember whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year’s, or any other winter holiday you choose to commemorate – revolve around close connections.

So, be sure to mention that funny meeting you had a couple of months ago, or joke about a marketing email typo that made you cringe. Your message should be genuine and thoughtful, not stale and generic.

Put that holiday joy and spirit into your sends. A gift that expresses the sentiment of the Christmas season can do wonders for connecting, scheduling, and driving home deals.

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