February 20, 2022

35 Company Swag Ideas to Wow Employees


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  • Show employees that you value their hard work with quality corporate gifts.
  • Don’t wait until the holiday, surprise and delight employees by gifting on unexpected days.
  • Discover 35 unique gifts to fit a variety of interests from wellness kits to air purifiers.

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Company gifting doesn’t have to be limited to clients and prospects. You can show appreciation for your employees all year around too.

Few things are more exciting than receiving free stuff, especially when it’s coming from your employer. While it can be difficult and challenging to find the perfect gift for an employee, there’s a slew of different swag ideas and items you can give away. The key is to find a gift that is practical, thoughtful, awesome, and something each of your employees is bound to love and actually use.

Not sure what to get? We’ll share with you 35 of our favorite ideas for company swag items that will wow your employees.

What is Corporate Swag?

Corporate swag represents the promotional products that companies and businesses use to personify and promote their brand. These products are usually given to company employees, clients and prospects to increase brand awareness and engagement as well as penetrate markets and drive sales.

What are the Most Popular Giveaways?

Employees are the heart of any company or business, but they often become passionate and valued brand ambassadors.

Each time you appreciate them with quality swag items, you’re sending a clear message that you value them. Not only that, but you’re also activating the power of these brand ambassadors to influence more audiences around your brand.

Some of the best company swag gift ideas that you can surprise your employees with include branded corporate items such as jackets or hoodies, drinkware such as reusable water bottles or cups, USB drives, or performance wear for leisure and workouts.

35 Company Swag Ideas to Wow Employees

We’ll guide you through selecting the best business swag ideas for your employees. Send them via Sendoso Direct through our vendors, or from our integration with Amazon.

1. Portable Blender

A personal blender is the perfect company swag idea for making drinks, shakes and smoothies on the go or while at the office.

2. Tile Mate eTracker

Gift your employees this incredibly useful device that they can attach to their phone, keys or anything else they want to keep track of using Bluetooth connectivity.

3. Beats Pill + Speaker

The Beats Pill + speaker definitely comes with swag. Not only does it deliver superb sound quality, but it also sports an impressive design in gorgeous colors that make it worth showing off to friends or at a corporate meeting.

4. Wireless Charging Station

If your employee tends to forget to charge their devices before coming to work, this base charging station is the perfect company swag item for them. It’s convenient for charging multiple phones, has an Apple Watch mount and three high-power charging coils.

5. Water Bottle

Custom water bottles are among the best ideas for company swag these days. They come in various colors and styles so your employees can keep hydrated throughout the day. Plus, they’re a staple for their desks or on on-the-go.

6. Backpacks

A backpack can become a cool item to carry all your employee’s belongings. Make sure it’s made with authentic material and branded with a logo that depicts your company. This way, your employee will show off about how cool their workplace is and it may also attract more potential talent to your organization.

Some of the best company swag gift ideas that you can surprise your employees with include branded corporate items such as jackets or hoodies, drinkware such as reusable water bottles or cups, USB drives, or performance wear for leisure and workouts.

We’ll guide you through selecting the best business swag ideas for your employees that you can send through our vendors or integration with Amazon.

7. Customized Headphones

Listening to music while working is a great productivity booster and enhances creativity. Send your employees a pair of customized headphones and see them get as creative as ever.

8. Dust Cleaner Kit

A workspace with dust, dirt or finger smudges impacts on employee motivation. Get them a set of branded wipers and dust cleaners that they can use to keep their computer screens and tables clean and pristine to keep the work going on.

9. Mini Dry-Erase Board

Provide your employees with a branded dry-erase board with your company logo and their name on it. This little board will help them jot down important dates and schedules and still show a good sign of company culture.

10. Customized Playing Cards

If your company has a culture of having a good time together, you can give your employees a deck of playing cards branded with your logo and colors. Playing cards carry fun and help your employees reduce stress from the work in hand.

11. Branded Apparel

If you have many events, whether physical or virtual, add some branded hoodies, t-shirts or sweatshirts to your cool company swag item list ahead of the event.

12. eGift Card

Who doesn’t love an eGift card that allows them to pick a gift of their choice? Get your employees free vouchers to shop on platforms like Amazon. You can also get them a premium subscription to their favorite online tool or workout program to help increase employee retention in a fun manner.

13. Car Clip

A cell phone car mount is a simple yet thoughtful company swag idea that will help your employees stay hands-free and safe on their commutes. You can brand them in your company colors or customize the artwork and colors based on the employees’ preferences.

14. Exercise Mat and Case

For employees who love their workouts, a branded exercise mat with a matching case is a great company swag item. It’s a great reminder of their beloved company while they enjoy some feel-good action.

15. Portable Brewer

A portable brewer is a versatile item that helps your employee start their day with their morning fix. Whether it’s a cold or hot brew, it’s an all-in-one solution they’ll treasure for a long time.

16. Gourmet Coffee

Send your employees gourmet coffee bags they can brew anytime and bring delicious energy to the workplace.

17. Sherpa Blanket

If your employees work remotely from home or other locations, a Sherpa blanket is the perfect cozy addition to their work from home settings.

18. Slip-on Sneakers

Custom sneakers are awesome, especially when you don’t have to pay for them. This company swag boosts employee gratitude and appreciation over the long-term that will make them feel good wherever they go.

19. Customized Rubik’s Cube

If your employee likes to fidget with a pen or paper punch, get them a customized Rubik’s cube instead. It’s not only a fun item to play with during breaks but it’s also good for reducing stress.

20. Mini Tumbler

Your employees work hard. Give each one a mini tumbler and host a virtual happy hour so they can pour their favorite drink over a good laugh with their colleagues.

21. Fold-up Totes Umbrella

Nobody likes being stuck at work unprepared for a storm or rain. Make commuting during the rain a little easier for your employees by giving them a stylish, branded commuter umbrella that’s sturdy enough to handle windy storms, and folds up to fit into a bag.

22. Tech Gloves

Help your employees keep warm during the cold and winter season with this pair of tech gloves. They can still use them with touchscreens while wearing them and are fully conductive throughout.

23. Lume Cube Panel Mini

For remote employees, this mountable lighting is a great tool to have especially for office video calls. It will improve their video conferencing experience and help them look their best.

24. Vintage Swag

Classic styling meets modern technology in this wireless speaker. If you have an employee who likes vintage items, this compact speaker packs an entertainment punch as it includes FM radio, built-in microphone and USB slot.

25. TUL Wireless Charging Notebook

Unlike your ordinary notebook that only takes notes, this notebook goes the extra mile and charges your phone too. It’s a great addition to your employees’ office kit especially during an important meeting to ensure they stay connected and charged.

26. Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard is an inexpensive way to ensure your employees are part of the latest tech craze and have fun while enjoying the futuristic joys of virtual reality (VR). They can also pick their own apps and customize their cardboard experience.

27. Baseball Caps

Give your new employees matching baseball caps they can wear to team virtual games or physical team building meetings. Add your company logo and customize the colors and artwork to personalize the caps to each of your employees.

28. Wellness Swag Bag

Let your employees know you care about their health and general wellbeing by giving them a wellness swag bag. It’s a thoughtful gift to give your employees. The best part about it is that you can add a wide range of items from candles and bath salts to customized soaps, essential oils and face masks.

29. Water Filtration Bottle

For the employee who loves camping, hiking or general outdoor activities, a water filtration bottle is a thoughtful gift. This way, they can stay hydrated when the office water cooler runs dry and get clean water from any water source while outdoors.

30. Mini Keyboard Vacuum

Your employees are constantly working away on their laptops or desktops. A mini keyboard vacuum cleaner is a fuss-free and easy tool they can use daily to keep dust and dirt off their keyboards.

31. Air Purifier

If you work in a tightly packed office, fresh air is a necessity. Distribute this air purifier on a department or team level to ensure they feel healthier as they work.

32. Quote Mugs

Encourage your employees to do their best by sending each one a mug personalized with their favorite quote. It’s a great way to start their day and make them feel valued.

34. A Thoughtful Book

Find out what books your employees love to read and surprise each one with their favorite titles. Alternatively, you can get them a few of your favorites that they would love to read and make them feel like you’re all together on the same page.

35. Branded Sunglasses

Everyone has sunshine-y days ahead of them. Give your employees the gift of UV protection with branded sunglasses. Alternatively, you can find out if they love the outdoors and pick a designer brand aligned to their adventurous hobbies, or pick one more minimal and stylish for a fun day at the beach or pool. Either way, you’re subtley saying, enjoy your time off — you deserve it!

How Sendoso Makes Employee Gifting Easier

Whether you’d like to welcome new employees with welcome kits, celebrate employee anniversaries and promotions, recruit top talent, or build a happier workforce, these company swag ideas are a fun way to say “we appreciate all you do.”

Not sure where to start? Sendoso helps companies and HR teams everywhere build revenue-generating relationships with employees, customers, prospects, and recruits. Whether we store and manage your company swag, employee gifts, or other branded merchandise, you can access any of your branded inventory through our platform and send gifts to anyone, anywhere, with the click of a button. It’s your “swag closet in the cloud.”

We will handle everything from delivery to tracking so you can focus on your core business.

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