July 17, 2020

5 Top of Funnel Plays for Sales Using Address Confirmation

Zackary Alspaugh
Zackary Alspaugh

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Recently we’ve been hearing, “I’m not sure how to run my usual direct mail plays because I don’t know if my prospects are in-office or working remotely.”

When the pandemic hit, it became apparent that many companies were going to invoke a work remote policy.  Less than a week after California officially announced its Shelter-in-Place mandate, we released a new feature, Address Confirmation, that would allow senders to confirm and only send their direct mail to the right location. Because it respects the privacy of the recipient, it’s very well received for both companies executing their sends, and those that are receiving them.

Step one was to evolve our platform capabilities to meet the needs of the moment. But with it also came an evolution in the sending strategy. We experimented, explored, and interviewed our customers, looking for the best ways to leverage address confirmation.

What is Address Confirmation and How Does it Work?

Here is a quick introduction of the new feature before we dive into the specific plays and how it enables accurate sending.

For anyone unfamiliar with our new Address Confirmation feature, it’s very simple. From the send screen, you simply select the Address Confirmation checkbox before sending. The recipient will receive an automated email from you asking to either change or confirm their address within two business days. If the recipient needs to make a change, they’ll do so on the linked landing page.

Their information is only used to process the order and is kept completely private. Neither the senders nor Sendoso has access to any of the input information or home addresses. Once the address is confirmed, the send is fulfilled by Sendoso’s Warehouse and Inventory Management system and the sender receives a delivery confirmation.

Changes to Sending at the Top of the Funnel

The traditional top of funnel direct mail play works like this: you ship a branded box and collateral to a decision maker’s office; break through the online noise and grab his or her attention with something tangible; follow up with the decision-maker with a note that reads “Dear (recipient’s name), Hope you received my package. I’d love to discuss further…” It’s a very tried and true play.

While the mechanics of this play haven’t changed, there are a few more variables to contend with like Shelter-in-Place, reopening states, and now permanently remote employees. You want to make certain that your send reaches the decision-maker, wherever the decision-maker may be working.

Another effective goal of the traditional direct mail to the office is capturing as many in-office eyeballs as possible. Often you’d aim to send something bright, eye-popping, and shareable (i.e. a dozen branded cupcakes) that will inevitably catch the attention of other key team members. Brand awareness goes up, and so does the likelihood of engaging other members of the buying committee.

Now, the focus of sends is less of a brand play and more about 1:1 relationship development. Aim to send things relevant to the here and now, invoke empathy, and don’t be afraid to get personal.

Why Use Address Confirmation?

Your sends go to the right place. Even for those who are in an office, accuracy can be a concern. Companies have many locations. Often the address you have in your CRM, say the HQ office, even if it matches the city and state isn’t necessarily where an individual may be seated.

You only spend money on recipients that want to receive a send. The settings allow you to only send to (and therefore only spend on) decision-makers who confirm their address, eliminating any wasteful spending in the process.

You can activate the conversation sooner. Usually, a conversation begins when the decision-maker receives the send. But when press “send” with Address Confirmation, an automated notification is sent to the decision-maker—providing you an opportunity to reach out, explain who you are, and why you can help their business.

Address Confirmation Best Practices:

  • Don’t Dangle Gifts Like a Carrot: The most effective sends come with no strings attached. Remember, this is a vehicle for sharing information and developing both trust and rapport with the buyer. Don’t bribe, beg, or badger.
  • Nudge the Recipient: Although Sendoso sends an automated note to the recipient, most of our decision-makers are busy people. Sometimes, they see the notification and intend to confirm later. A little reminder will help your confirmation rates.
  • Include an Image of the Send: When you send your nudge, add an image of the gift so they can see what they will receive. This makes the gift real and tangible. It will also increase the confirmation rates.
  • Leverage Champions: If you have inroads with the company or mutual contacts, don’t be afraid to have them set up an intro.

5 Effective and Easy Address Confirmation Plays for Top-of-Funnel


Time is money, and in sales, many hours go into mapping your accounts, finding the right decision-makers, and building those connections. So when the research is thorough and it is time to connect, you want to make sure you’re able to get a meeting on the calendar. Sending will allow you to stand out from the herd of sales reps vying for your prospect’s attention. You can create a compelling reason to meet, ensure the time spent together is productive, and leave a lasting impression. Here are five easy Address Confirmation plays you can add to your Top of Funnel repertoire:

1. Meeting Setters:

Hoping to get a meeting with someone? Send them a coffee on you! Show you’ve done your homework by sending a branded or alma mater coffee mug through our Amazon integration. After your Address Confirmation notification is sent, reach out with a message that says something like, “I’d love 20 minutes to share a cup of coffee and discuss X, Y, or Z. Please check your inbox for an Address Confirmation notification.” Or send branded coffee with the mug. You can even customize your company logo and a phrase onto the coffee bag!

For prospects working from home while trying to watch their kids, send a family-friendly item like a puzzle, a board game, or even an eGift to download a movie. Your message could say, “Here’s something to help your children stay busy so you can stay productive. Hopefully, this frees up some time for us to hop on a quick discovery call.”

2. Desk Toppers:

The goal of every send is to land on a decision-maker’s desk, but the value goes up if you can keep it there since you’ll have a better chance of keeping your brand top of mind, as well. Some simple ideas include desktop plants like succulents, which you can easily pair with a message like, “Looking forward to growing this relationship,” or a branded laptop camera cover with a message that says, “We’ve got you covered.”

3. Third-Party Validation:

Earn the trust of your decision-makers and lay the educational groundwork with printed analyst reports or customer testimonials. Let your recipient know that you’ve put together a custom package for them with relevant information and ask them to kindly confirm their address. Another effective play is sending best-selling business books that will help inspire problem-solving or innovation.

4. Put a Face to the Name:

People buy from people, so use sending as a way to humanize yourself. Send a branded video mailer (a video player inside of a small box with a prerecorded clip for the recipient) with a short video explaining who you are and how you can partner with them to solve a specific problem. You can easily record your message over Zoom or Google Hangouts in just a few minutes and include a note about wanting to meet “face-to-face” when asking to confirm their address. Include a short demo in your video box to help accelerate your sales cycle.

5. Send as a Follow Up:

Leave a lasting impression by sending after a discovery call, demo, or meeting. You can send half a dozen cookies with a message that reads, “Sweet to meet you,” or even just a handwritten note thanking your prospect for taking the time out of their schedule and some of the points you discussed on the call.

Address Confirmation Success Story

Snapdocs is a financial technology company trusted by over 4,500 mortgage lenders and title companies. The team built an enterprise B2B account-based marketing program where marketing and sales work closely together. “We wanted the Snapdocs brand to be engaging and different from our competition,” explains Mike Phillippi, head of marketing.

Snapdocs’ sales development leveraged Address Confirmation to send their newly launched book, The Definitive Guide to Digital Closings, to executives at key accounts. They achieved an 84% response rate, created seven new sales opportunities, and converted seven accounts into lower funnel stages. The campaign, which cost a little over $4,000, has influenced $5.5M in pipeline revenue.

Click here to read more about their campaign.

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