March 25, 2022

5 Clever April Puns Perfect for Marketers


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Make the most out of marketing and sales campaigns launching in April with themed direct mail strategies. Start brainstorming by pairing an April holiday with a witty pun, then pick the perfect gift to incentivize prospective clients.

Add extra excitement to April Fool’s Day, Easter, and even Earth Day by using Sendoso’s automated gifting platform to trigger customer engagement at all levels.

There’s no better time and better marketing strategy sending your prospects a holiday-themed gift. You gain their attention and book more meetings. The most successful campaigns include puns or a humorous play on words.

Take advantage of these occasions below to show your company’s worth, stand out from the noise, and boost sales.

April Fools’ Day, April 1

Send It Theme: You’ll be fine without us.

April Fools’ Day is a perfect opportunity for sales development representatives and marketers to launch fun, creative campaigns. For example, by showing clients the ways they’ll be fine without you, you can show them why they need you.

You can make a fake announcement, provide a too-good-to-be-true discount, or surprise your customers.

But don’t go too far with your B2B marketing gifts. Avoid prank gifts that can hurt your customer, violate their trust, or diminish your brand.

Gifting Idea: Can of SPAM

Mail clients and prospects the good kind of SPAM using the Sendoso Amazon integration. Include a note about how your relationship with them is no joke.

National Beer Day, April 7

Send It Pun: Let us make your business lager than life!

Alternative Pun: You’ll be hoppy we met.

For decision-makers who appreciate a good beer, be sure to mark your calendar for National Beer Day. Maximize this holiday as an opportunity to start a conversation with your prospects via email or face-to-face during a virtual experience targeted to beer aficionados.

Gifting Idea: Treat your beer-loving prospects to branded beer koozies created through the Sendoso swag store. Sales and marketing teams can also send alcohol with ReserveBar on the Sendoso platform, including gluten-free beer, a beer tasting craft, or a beer snack experience gift.

Personalize your direct mail win with a handwritten note featuring a good beer pun. Try something like, “Wish you were beer!”

Easter, April 17

Send It Pun: We are egg-stra!

Easter is a welcoming of spring and often involves large family gatherings for your clients. This is a great opportunity to wish them a fun weekend full of Easter egg hunts, chocolate bunnies, and family dinners.

Gifting Idea: Easter is the perfect holiday for a sweet gift. Send cookies or cupcakes via Sendoso Direct. The simple gesture reminds prospects that you’re thinking of them.

Piñata Day, April 18

Send It Theme: Break into new accounts.

Surprise holidays are some of the best to catch customers off guard with your marketing efforts. National Piñata Day is a great way to reach customers on what might otherwise be a typical Monday.

Gifting Idea: Delight customers by sending a mini piñata filled with candy. Piñatagrams can be shipped via Sendoso Direct and come in a traditional multi-color or as a pink unicorn. Companies like HighRadius found success sending Piñatagrams to clients through B2B direct mail marketing. The campaign created a ripple effect getting them noticed beyond their intended client base.

Not ready to order by April 18? No problem, give yourself more planning time by planning a Piñatagrama campaign for Cinco de Mayo.

Earth Day, April 22

Send It Puns: For what it’s Earth…

Alternative Pun: Go short tree, it’s your Earth Day.

Earth Day is about preserving our planet and its resources. One of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint is to be thoughtful about the products you buy. The same principle applies to sending. Look for corporate gift ideas that are useful, sustainable, and won’t end up in a landfill.

Gifting Idea: Send your audience sustainable gifts like eco-friendly notebooks, pens, reusable straws, or seed paper. Sendoso carefully curates thousands of high-quality, sustainable gift ideas.

Enter to Win: To celebrate Earth Day 2022 we’re doing the same by giving away Earth Day prize bundles. Watch the Sendoso LinkedIn page on April 22 for a chance to win. Each kit includes:

  • Reusable water bottle
  • Reusable straw
  • Tote bag
  • Sprout pencil

Earth Day kits are courtesy of IntelligentDemand and Forefront Group. The first 150 to claim their prize online will receive a free kit.

Influence of Marketing Puns and Creative Themes

“If you come up with a pun, whether it’s the handwritten note or the gift itself, it creates some smile, laughter, quirkiness that showcases that you’re thoughtful,” explains Sendoso CEO and Co-Founder Kris Rudeegraap.

Many sales and marketing experts are steadily hunting for the best way to reach out to their prospects besides email marketing. Overall, a strategic marketing plan can increase the response rate and revive cold prospects.

A proven way to achieve this is by adding themed promotional items to your campaigns. It allows prospects to see your brand as fun and relatable. Also, creativity drives ROI and makes brands stand out.

By integrating Sendoso with 6sense, Tipalti, an accounts payable software company, was able to target high-value prospects with personalized door-openers. Tipalti drove marketing-sourced opportunities and revenue and generated about $3M in influenced revenue.

Tipalti is only one of the many companies to enjoy a well-themed direct mail campaign. Other Sendoso clients celebrate big profits by creating similar direct mail strategies.

Creating a Pun of Success

April holidays create an opportunity for fresh ideas in your marketing. If you apply direct mail marketing in your campaign effectively, you can increase your prospects’ response rate and also engage cold ones.

Plus, with a sending platform like Sendoso, you can save time and integrate with platforms like Amazon, HubSpot, Marketo, and more. Sendoso also makes it easy to track direct mail marketing performance.

Reach out for a demo to witness the influence of corporate gifting or come brainstorm with industry leaders by joining the SuperSender program.

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