March 5, 2019

5 Ways to Send Direct Mail for National Sending Day


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This week, we’re celebrating National Send It Day by sharing some of our favorite ways to send direct mail. We created this holiday as a way to give thanks to everyone who’s important to your business.

Whether you already have an amazing group of raving advocates or you’re on a mission to generate excitement around your brand, sending creative direct mail touches will help you rise above the noise and build strong relationships

Sending direct mail is an incredibly effective strategy for meaningful communications. The U.S. Postal Service, Canada Post, and the United Kingdom’s Royal Mail have found that direct mail is valuable to the recipient, better for brand recall, and has better response rates.

In honor of National Send It Day, we’re going to be talking all week about the unique direct mail pieces we love to send. Check out this one below from a member of our sales team, Cole Crist.

Note that what you send is just as important as the message you send with it. Including a handwritten note enhances the experience for your recipient! Select a relevant, thoughtful, or personalized item (or items) to send and include a fun or meaningful message about what you sent and why you sent it. Don’t be afraid to get a little cute or cheeky—it all adds to the experience.

Here are five other ideas you can use to send direct mail for National Send It Day and throughout the entire year.

Send Direct Mail in Honor Of National Send it Day

  • – Branded Gum to “Stay Fresh.” Create packs of gum with a custom wrapper featuring your logo or general brand style with a note about “staying fresh.” Send them out with an event invite, after a conference, or just to a group of people in your audience to generate awareness for your solution.
  • – “Sweet to Meet You” Candy. Send gummy bears, jelly beans, cupcakes or other sweet treats to someone you recently met at an event, took a demo from you, or purchased your product. Include a note saying something like “It was sweet to meet you” to brighten their day.
  • – “Let’s Grow Together” Desk Plant. Delight new customers by sending them a succulent or another plant small enough for them to keep on their desk. Accompanied by a note from your founder or CEO, this touch will surely make your customers excited to “grow” with you.
  • – “Thanks for Bringing this to Light” Candle. When a customer shares an exciting idea for your product or shares an important issue you weren’t aware of, send them a soothing candle with a note thanking them for “shining a light” for your company.
  • – Lunch on Me to “Fuel Your Day.” When someone does something that you really appreciate—whether that’s a colleague, employee, partner, or customer—send them an eGift card with $10-15 for lunch as a token of appreciation to “fuel their day.”

Use these ideas to unleash your innovative ideas and send direct mail while putting smiles on faces around the world all week! Post a picture of the best thing you’ve ever sent or received with the hashtag #NationalSendItDay to Twitter and tag @sendosohq. Need some inspiration? Grab a copy of our eBook below.


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