July 29, 2022

9 January puns to inspire creative New Year’s gifts


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January is all about new beginnings. Rebirth. Rethink. Reform.

And a new year means a new chance at resetting your marketing strategy.

It’s time to properly prepare for a year full of direct mail marketing campaigns that grow new partnerships. Make a New Year’s resolution to kick off January with a simple thank you. January puns and gift ideas don’t need to be complicated. Thank your customers, prospects, and contacts just for being a part of your B2B network of connections.

To show your appreciation, or maybe reset the clock on your relationship, send a direct mail gift that puts your gratitude on full display. And don’t forget, a well-crafted message with clever January puns can help put you on a good footing with each client for the rest of the year.

New Year’s Day, January 1

1. Send It Pun: New year, new gear!

Gift Idea: Has it been a while since your contacts received your latest swag? Or maybe you need to offload the latest batch before the spring rebrand and summer conference series.

New Year’s Day is a perfect time to send out a swag bomb featuring your company’s branded swag, as LiveRamp did. T-shirts, pens, notebooks, folders, anything to get them outfitted with your gear and thinking about your contract. Check out the capabilities of the Sendoso warehouse to keep all your swag in stock and ready to ship.

2. Send It Pun: Cheers to the new year

Gift Idea: If there’s one thing that reminds folks of New Year’s and celebrations, it’s champagne. Sendoso Direct offers a variety of choices for any budget. For a fancier option, we like Coup Champagne, which provides an entire kit with a saber, flute, and laser-engraved label.

Bean Day, January 6

3. Send It Pun: Cool beans! Check out what we can do for you.

Gift Idea: Beans can actually go multiple ways here—chili beans, jelly beans—but in this case we’re going the coffee bean route.

Use Sendoso to automate and trigger your Bean Day corporate gifts. Stay on budget by shopping Sendoso’s favorites under $50, including the Explorer Cold Brew 4-pack

Bubble Bath Day, January 8

4. Send It Pun: We’re bubbling over with excitement for the new year!

Gift Idea: Bubble baths are for anyone who needs a little rest and relaxation after the long holiday season. Check out Knack Shops “Bathing in Luxury” gift set, which takes the standard bubble bath and gives it a little more oomph with a few aromatherapy options.

5.Send It Pun: Pop and chill before your next meeting.

Gift Idea: Okay, okay, so it’s not bubble bath related, and it’s more of a dad joke. But it’s important to promote wellness and stress relief among your clients. That’s exactly what they’ll get with the Ostrich Pillow heated neck wrap. They can pop it in the microwave (or freezer) for a few minutes and chill out with an open mind during their next webinar. Or enjoy it in the bubble bath!

International Thank You Day, January 11

6. Send It Pun: A million thanks for growing with us.

Tree Kit

Gift Idea: A beautiful way to begin a new year is to nurture a new plant. Just like any B2B relationship, it needs love and attention.

For this direct mail campaign, we like the idea of sending the You Plant We Plant Tree Pouch by Forest Nation. The company plants ten trees for every plant sold.

7. Send It Pun: Our thanks to you for sweetening this relationship.

Gift Idea: Sweeter Cards has put together a thank-you card and chocolate bar in

one gift— what a perfect pair! Simple and sweet. Look for options in Sendoso Direct.

Chocolate Cake Day, January 27

8. Send It Pun: Our team takes the cake!

Gift Idea: Chocolate cake is a gold standard when it comes to direct mail gifts. And there are so many ways to make it your own! Whether you celebrate with chocolate cake pops, chocolate cupcakes (with your logo), or chocolate cake truffles, your client will be reaching out with a thank you and a request to reconnect in the new year.

Data Privacy Day, January 28

9. Send It Pun: We aren’t phishing around with this offer.

Gift Idea: This direct mail campaign works best in a field where cybersecurity is paramount, just like Automox, who recently experienced a massive success with their IT-focused Star Wars Day campaign.

Another Sendoso Direct hit is the eight-piece Tech Kit from Pinch Provisions, which has all the gadgets needed to keep an IT team connected.

Pro Tip: Set up your corporate gifting automation so the gift can be redeemed only after prospects book a meeting with you.

Fresh start to the new year with Sendoso

Let’s face it, 2023 is only 12 months long, and your calendar is going to fill up quickly. So it’s important to start planning direct mail campaigns and sends now.

Think beyond January puns and gift ideas. Try checking out the entire Sendoso Pun Calendar to map your campaigns well in advance.

When you sit down to map out your marketing strategy, understand your audience, set your goals, and give yourself time to plan campaigns that can drive engagement and improve the bottom line.

With the new year come new opportunities, and Sendoso is here for it. Happy New Year!

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