June 2, 2022

Best Gifts for Foodies


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  • Foodie gifts for those with a sweet tooth
  • Gifts for foodies who are savory fanatics
  • How Sendoso can help your sales team send foodie gifts in just a few clicks

You’ve made the initial call. You broke the ice. Your foot is in the door. Now what?

It’s time to book that meeting or it’s time to close the sale! But how?

What is a Foodie

Well if your prospect is a self-proclaimed foodie, we have the top 16 food lover “sends,” (Sendoso’s term for corporate gifts), that appeal to foodies with good taste.

The definition of a foodie, or food lover, is a person with a particular interest in delicious food. They typically love gourmet foods, are familiar with multiple types of cuisine, and always have a pocketful of restaurant recommendations for their friends and family – both local and abroad.

Food lovers can also be picky restaurant-goers, and can sometimes be labeled as “food snobs.” The benefits of this group of people, if they’re your prospect or customer, is they’re probably familiar with “famous” local finds, little gems, and can appreciate a locally-sourced ingredient, a farm-to-table dish, a craft beer with a story, or a single-origin chocolate bar tinged with Himalayan pink sea salt–straight from the Himalaya’s.

The 16 best corporate gifts for foodies to get your conversation started

For food lovers with a sweet tooth

Whether you are sending to customers or prospects, if you know through conversation they love sweets, here is a list of delectable confections that are sure to impress. From vegan, gluten-free, and United Kingdom (UK) based sends, these gifts for foodies cover the full range of sweet to sweeter within the Sendoso marketplace.

1. Georgetown Cupcakes

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box of cupcakes

Anyone who has been to DC knows about Georgetown – specifically Georgetown Cupcakes. Started by two sisters who now have their own TV show, send your foodie prospect a taste of well-balanced, confectionary perfection to ensure your calls are returned. With the right amount of frosting and the right amount of cake, (try the red velvet!) you can even have a dozen branded with their company logo to show you are serious about winning their business, or that you appreciate their time.

They also have gluten-free and vegan-friendly options available.

2. Junior’s Cheesecake

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With our partnership with Goldbelly, a company that takes the best local food establishments to a national scale, you can now send your prospect who loves to visit New York City the world-famous cheesecake from Junior’s. With its original location based out of Brooklyn since 1950, this “just right” cheesecake is Goldilocks-approved and is the ultimate comfort food for your prospect who might have had a stressful day.

3. The S’more, The Merrier

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With our Send Curation team, aka our premier-level, in-house gifting experts, you can send a campaign message, clever pun, a custom bundle, and more to your top target accounts. Whether you would like to upsell or renew your product offering, this bundle is an excellent idea for the food lover who wants to escape to Yellowstone or who enjoys camping.

  • S’mores! Recipe book by Dan Whalen
  • Miir Camp Cup Gift Set – Laser Engraved
  • S’Mores Marshmallows
  • A clever pun or handwritten note like “We need S’more people like you. Give us a call!”

4. Champagne & Strawberries Macarons

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The Champagne & Strawberries Macaron set is a pairing from Dana’s Bakery that is made up of two Champagne Celebration and two Strawberry Shortcake macarons. This is a flavor combination that no foodie should miss. There are also branded macaron options available, because who doesn’t want their company logo reimagined in a delectable, macaron form? We promise, after one bite it’ll be brand approved!

Macarons with United Kingdom Delivery

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And if you’re food lover is vegan, and located within the U.K., send them the Gourmet Vegan Macarons 6 count box from the March Hare Bakery. It’s a beautiful box in a classic assortment of flavors that promise a flavor-packed mouthful in every bite!

5. Blondies

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No blonde jokes here. For your prospect who used to lick the brownie batter out of the bowl as a child (and who are we kidding? They might still do it!), the Blondery has the next best option. A Woman-owned, Black-owned business whose founder has a background in fine dining, if you send your food lover the 4 Blondies Variety Box, they just might cuss a word or two after their first bite. Don’t worry, it was a compliment!

This box includes three of their must-have, signature flavors: Brooklyn Blackout (gluten-free), Cinnamon Sugar, and Pecan with Salted Caramel. The fourth flavor is a bonus, limited edition seasonal flavor. (See: exclusive. Every foodie loves that word). Call your prospect after a few bites … they’ll be glad you called.

Brownies with United Kingdom Delivery

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If your food aficionado happens to be vegan and based out of the U.K., you can also send them a dozen Vegan Brownie Bite from Bad Brownie. This vegan box ensures all the brownies are super gooey, extra sticky, and deliciously decadent. Flavor titles include Oreo Cookie Dough, After Eight, and Biscoff. ‘Nuf said.

6. Party in your mouth cookies

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Who doesn’t love cookies? If you don’t, you’re probably not a foodie. With our partner Tower Treats, a Woman-Owned business, send your prospect The Mini. It’s a shareable corporate food gift with a dozen bite-size treats of their famous peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies – cooked to perfection with a golden brown outside, and a soft, gooey inside.

Vegan Cookies

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Monica’s Gourmet Cookies will not disappoint your foodie’s sweet tooth who follows a vegan lifestyle. These dairy-free, soy-free, and egg-free dark chocolate chip cookies will make them forget their vegan. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but you can hash it out over the phone as you book your next meeting together.

7. Alpine Fondue Edition Gift Box

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Thanks to our vendor Vices, you can send your high-taste customer this gift set designed for them to journey through 25 food discoveries a day (although they can certainly be binged through like a new show.) Let your customer melt down rich, Belgian dark chocolate in their new Emille Henry French Clay Fondue Pot. While they wait for the velvety chocolate pools to form, they can sip Artisnal Nocino on the side. Dip in with many classic pairings, all meticulously selected, and all guaranteed to really leave a lasting impression.

Foodie gifts for the fans of all things savory

Perhaps your foodie is steering away from the sugar, we’ve got you covered! Here is a list of other yummy foods to send them, from charcuterie boards and wine pairings to gourmet truffle hot sauces (yes, you read that right), you will find the perfect corporate food gift to send to either warm up a prospect, or to keep the conversation going with your customers.

8. Artisan Gift Box w/ Vintner Red

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Like a fine wine, let’s help your customer relationships age well. This Artisan Gift Box with Vintner Red Blend from ONEHOPE includes a bag of rustic artisan chips, salami, olive tapenade, jalapeno Monterey jack cheese, and a bottle of Vintner Red Blend–a big and bold red wine with complex berries and cocoa aromas. As a bonus, your foodie can feel good about their taste buds and their values, as this purchase supports organizations that work on clean water access, hunger relief, health research, and education.

Please note that alcohol cannot be shipped to certain states in the U.S., but don’t worry, Sendoso’s Address Confirmation feature will remind you if you forget after you’ve inputted your foodie’s address.

9. Italian Essentials

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This corporate food gift is great for the prospect who enjoys watching Italian cooking shows, making their own pasta, or is fanatical about how “extra” a virgin olive oil really is. In terms of gifts for foodies, you can’t go wrong with this gift that will literally send the taste of Italy thanks to Tasty Ribbon. Sourced and curated from small Italian businesses, this box will transport your foodie prospect to sunny Italy. They can start with some primi piatti with spaghetti or penne, with the pesto or the tomato and ricotta sauce. As they wait for the water to boil, they can enjoy a bag of tomato and oregano cookies to whet their appetite. For dessert, let them dive into the handmade vanilla cookies, the coffee and hazelnut Dragées, the decadent Cremino, and the milk chocolate bars with tangerine, coffee, or hazelnut filling. When their tastebuds resurface back to the U.S, that might be a good time to follow up and chat more.

10. Sauces, the secret add-on that makes everything in your mouth taste better

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If you find your food lover prospect raving about the latest ghost pepper challenge, or how they just perfected their homemade truffle oil fries, they would love TRUFF’s Best Seller Pack sauce set. It is a collection of their most sought-after items and is packaged in a gorgeous matte black and gold foil VIP box. The set includes their fan favorites: Signature Black Truffle Hot Sauce, White Truffle Hot Sauce, and their decadent Black Truffle Oil. As a bonus, all sauces are vegan-friendly and gluten-free. Are you drooling yet?

11. A real Philly cheesesteak

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If your foodie has been to Philadelphia, they’ve tried a cheesesteak. While there are turf wars and adamant claims on who has the best Philly cheesesteak, Pat’s King of Steaks’ claim as the inventor of the original cheesesteak is tough to argue. Thanks to our Goldbelly partnership, Pat’s has made a package designed for 4-6 people, which includes 4 Philly cheesesteaks 9-10” long, 1 pouch of cheese whiz (it’s not an authentic Philly cheesesteak without it, ask a local), and includes the options of choosing to have them with onions, American cheese, or even provolone cheese if you so dare. (Don’t tell a Philly you prefer provolone!)

12. Boba Milk Tea & Popcorn Chicken

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When it comes to boba milk tea (aka bubble tea), you either love it, hate it, or you’ve never tried it. If your prospect is a foodie, they most assuredly have tried it. And for the boba connoisseurs out there, they know that chicken and boba pair well. If you’d like to sway a whole team, this is actually a food experience that needs an 8-person minimum thanks to our partnership with Marco. Led by a team of chefs with training and experience from San Francisco’s fine dining and Michelin-star restaurants, and Kassava’s two founders (aka boba connoisseurs), this experience will leave you with a full tummy, and full of confidence in the kitchen.

This kit includes loose-leaf tea, boba, milk base powder, boba straws, tea bags, fry mix, seasoning mix, soy sauce, and chicken.

13. Legendary Carolina BBQ Oink Sampler

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There is a time and place for BBQ, and the decisions about which fork to use or what wine pairing to try go out the window when your prospect breathes in the tantalizing smell of smoky, charred, finger-licking-good BBQ. Enter Kings BBQ, the legendary BBQ restaurant that has been a mainstay in Kinston, NC since 1936. Your foodie recipient will appreciate this Oink Sampler, comprised of some of King’s bestsellers, like their hand-chopped pork BBQ, two racks of BBQ pork ribs, one pint of Brunswick stew, one pint of potato salad, one pint of slaw, and 12 King’s hushpuppies. This is another small town gem that is made nationally available thanks to our Goldbelly partnership.

14. Chicken Noodle Soup Package

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While chicken noodle soup might not come to mind on a foodie’s list of favorites, there is always a special place in everyone’s hearts for comfort foods, especially when one isn’t feeling their 100% best. Thanks to Spoonful of Comfort, this gift set includes a 64 oz jar of sensational chicken noodle soup (4-6 generous servings worth), six bacci rolls, six cookies, a ladle to serve up smiles, and a personalized note card. If your prospect tells you they’re recovering from a bug or seasonal allergies, sending them this thoughtful package shows you care about their wellbeing. And again, a foodie loves food. With this send, you’ve basically guaranteed yourself a great conversation once they’re all patched up and feeling better.

15. For the discerning coffee drinkers

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Another option offered by our talented Send Curation team is this curated message and carefully selected coffee bundle. It’s thoughtfully designed to help you close the deal with the food lover who appreciates a delicious cup of coffee. If during your conversations they mention things like nitro brew, pour-over, or their preference for a single-origin dark roast bean, this bundle is for them (through you). This bundle includes:

  • An 8oz Joey double wall ceramic mug (Laser engraving available)
  • A Clara French Press
  • A bag of coffee – whole beans or ground
  • A clever pun or handwritten note like “Don’t sleep on us, we’d work “brew”-tifully together.

16. Vegan Cheese Spread with United Kingdom Delivery

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From Artisan Deli Market, send your vegan foodie customer in the UK a deliciously curated cheese hamper that is sure to impress. This luxury hamper includes white macadamia nuts, cashew cream cheese, “I AM NUT OK” vegan cheese, savory Spanish olive oil crackers, Pistachi Yo! plant-based chocolate, Salty Susan plant-based chocolate, Edamame bean Pâté, Spicy Bean Crush, and vegan black truffle mayonnaise.

Food is a love language

Not sure where to start? Take Sendoso for a spin to find out how you can send your prospects or clients the best gifts for foodies in just a few clicks. With access to hundreds of vendors and partners (the list keeps growing), you’ll find the perfect custom foodie gift every time, no matter where they live, or what foods they love. If food is an unofficial love language–it’s time to show some love!

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