February 20, 2024

30 Client Thank You Gifts that Nail the Post-sales Experience


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These 30 gifts for clients are the perfect way to thank them for their business and won’t break the bank. Check out these quality gifts for every industry that your clients will surely not forget!

Q: How do I find a unique corporate gift?

If your company takes pride in being innovative, odds are you want to think outside the box for truly unique customer appreciation gifts. In order to select the perfect thoughtful gift, you have to start by identifying their needs or interests. That’s just great customer appreciation 101.

In a major study, the Business Gift Satisfaction Survey, business etiquette expert Laura Jennings found that “It’s memorability that drives the connectedness and loyalty that create ROI.” This shows that corporate gifting is only really effective when done right. Research also shows that physical corporate gifts with eye-catching presentations are more memorable than digital items like coupons or access to free content.

So how should you get started with your shopping? A tried and true way to select unique client gift ideas is to shop industry-specific. In addition, try personalizing your gift by including a handwritten note or adding the recipient’s initials or name to the custom gift. It’s the little things that go a long way!

Unique corporate gifts often have “value-add” qualities such as:

  • Purchased from woman-owned or minority-owned business
  • Locally owned or sourced
  • Artisan or handcrafted
  • Sustainable certification
  • Made in the USA

Also, consider gifts that give back. Customers love knowing that their gift supports a social cause, it makes the customer appreciation moment even more meaningful!

Q: What are some good client gifts by industry?

Whether your clients are teachers, in an HR department, C-level executives, or anything in between, there really is a client gift for everyone if you know where to look!

Client Gift Ideas by Industry

The best corporate gifts take time to curate. Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you and hand-picked this collection of top gifts for everyone on your list. These fresh gift picks are sure to help you make a lasting impression!

Real Estate Agents / Brokers

Potted Succulent

Send with Sendoso via: Lula’s Garden

Description: Real Estate agents with an eye for design aesthetics will love plants and this four-inch potted Haworthia succulent will be right up their alley. They’re easy to maintain and are perfect for the broker who is always on the go. They even provide wellness benefits by helping purify the air and add humidity to the home office environment.

Mumm’s Napa Prestige

Send with Sendoso via: The Sip

Description: A little bubbly is the right gift to uncork and celebrate when they close the next big sale. Brut Prestige is Mumm Napa’s signature sparkling wine. This gift purchase supports a minority-owned business. Success never tasted so good!

The Sweetness and Light Gift Bag

Send with Sendoso via: Botanical Candle Co.

Description: This curated collection of minis includes a 120ml Amber Jar Candle of your choice, an excellent addition to any Real Estate agent’s next open house or big showing. Give them a gift that they’ll be able to use again and again to set the ambiance and close the deal.

HR Departments / Directors

Coffee Tasting

Send with Sendoso via: Marco

Description: Who needs a coffee break more than the HR department? In this one-of-a-kind gift experience, the Gnarwhal co-founders will walk you through the basics of brewing a good cup of coffee using whatever brewing equipment you have in the kitchen. While they’re brewing, they’ll also dive into the history and origins of sustainable coffee.

Hug in a Box

Send with Sendoso via: Social Stories Club

Description: For the director who does it all, send them a hug (in a box)! This stylish box is stocked full of gourmet goodies, including Cafe Direct Hot Chocolate that has given back over £6 million to coffee farmers! This gift supports different social causes and comes with a booklet with the stories behind every product.

Woodford Reserve® Double Oaked Bourbon

Send with Sendoso via: ReserveBar

Description: For the distinguished director with a great pallet, show your appreciation with a special bottle of Woodford Reserve. This double-oaked bourbon is matured in handcrafted new white oak barrels; the bourbon is then uniquely matured for a second time in another new barrel. It’s definitely a big step up from Jack Daniels and deserves a spot on the top shelf.

Office Admins / Assistants

8″ Rum Cake

Send with Sendoso via: Monfriese Rum Cakes

Description: This minority-owned business takes pride in its mouth-watering, gourmet dessert that is baked only with the finest ingredients. The team will be surprised and delighted by this unique, luxurious treat that they can enjoy and share together. It’s an easy way to show your appreciation for all they do!

Empowered Woman Essentials Box

Send with Sendoso via: Curated for Equality

Description: Show your gratitude for the women who run the world, or at least the office administration corner of it. This curated gift box supports charitable causes and comes packed with fun office accessories and novelties like coffee mugs, tote bags, stationery, and more all by leading female-owned brands.

Anytime Gourmet Platter Box

Send with Sendoso via: Frog Hollow Farm

Description: Want to show you’ve got good taste? Gift this appetizing platter which arrives ready-to-serve with little to no preparation. It includes organic mixed fruit, jelly, seasoned crackers, Carmody cheese, and gourmet salami — plenty for all the assistants to enjoy!


BBQ Old Fashioned (2 Servings)

Send with Sendoso via: Cocktail Courier

Description: This Sendoso exclusive is sure to be a hit with the law division! The kit Includes 3 Bourbon (50ML) Bottles, Blueberry Algre-Doux, Black Lemon Bitters, dehydrated lemon wheels, & Bourbon barrel wood chips. An excellent gift idea for any networking business associate who is a bourbon connoisseur, it’s a new twist on an old-school favorite.



Send with Sendoso via: WonderHaus

Description: For the customer who is organized to a T, this gift set neatly stocks a full bar. The 17-Piece elite mixology bartending kit includes everything needed to whip up professional cocktails in a snap.

Financial Advisors & Wealth Managers

Haus Mixology Expedition

Send with Sendoso via: Marco

Description: Treat the finance team to only the finest — not just another bottle of liquor, but an immersive mixology experience! A Sonoma-based brand that is changing the way people indulge, Haus is the next big thing for mixed drinks. A resident Marco mixologist will lead your customers on a cocktail adventure, teaching them creative ways to mix familiar cocktails with a modern twist.

Sear Genius

Send with Sendoso via: Crowd Cow

Description: Depending on your client’s preferences, sometimes it doesn’t make sense to treat them to a nice dinner out. What are your other options? We’d pick these mouth-watering, sustainably raised, grade-A sirloin steaks. This package includes four 8 oz Top Sirloin steaks and is sure to be a hit with your wealth manager this holiday season.

Cosmetic Surgeons & Medical Spas

Afternoon Tea Gift Set

Send with Sendoso via: KHYVA

Description: Medical spa professionals spend a lot of time caring for others. Help your clients unwind and enjoy some rejuvenation of their own with this tea caddy gift set. It includes a variety of high quality teas and flavored biscuits that are presented in a debossed Khyva grey pearl gift box. A spoonful of comfort, each set also comes with a stylish pearlescent gift tag printed with your personal message!

Floral Workshop

Send with Sendoso via: Marco

Description: In an industry where people love to work with their hands, this experiential gift will be a smash hit! A floral designer will walk clients through creating a floral arrangement, while sharing tips and tricks along the way. Floral kit and tons of fun included, it’s a gift that’s sure to be posted to social media.

Why is sending corporate gifts to clients important in 2022?

The positive impacts of showing care and client appreciation with corporate gifts are numerous. Over 80% of C-suite executives believe that business gifts generate measurable positive ROI in addition to intangible benefits. The result is that authentic gifting humanizes business and forges a connection between real people. Don’t miss this important opportunity to deepen your business relationship with your loyal customers.

How much should you spend on client gifts?

Gifting doesn’t have to break the bank, because it really is the thought that counts. Check out these great gift ideas that can fit any budget:

Client Gifts Under $10

  • A coffee mug with a customized logo
  • A heartfelt and handwritten note of thanks
  • A personalized appreciation email

Client Gifts Under $15

  • Stationary personalized with the client’s initials
  • An Amazon gift card
  • A custom water bottle

Client Gifts Under $20

  • Personalized 8 fl oz. Glass Bottle of Coca Cola
  • Chocolate Caramel Spread by COCO Chocolatier
  • 3 Chocolate Bar Bundle by The Cheeky Project

Client Gifts Under $25

  • Chili Sauce Box by the Sauce Shop
  • Gourmet Whole Bean Coffee by Beach City Coffee
  • Cookies in a Jar by Bonjour Bakehouse

Client Gifts Under $50

  • Journaling Letterbox Gift by Social Stories Club
  • 12 Bit Brownie Box by Bad Brownie
  • Ready-to-Mix Cocktail by Dmxmyth

You can send any of these $20-50 gifts quickly and easily with Sendoso!

Q: Can you buy Christmas gifts for clients?

Wondering what the business etiquette for holiday gifting is these days? We’ve got you covered! Sending corporate gifts to clients is not only appropriate, but it is also a great way to show genuine appreciation. People love to be surprised, so spread holiday cheer by sending client appreciation gifts. If you’re struggling with selecting the right thing, here are some of your standard go-to items:

  • Christmas gift box
  • Themed gift baskets
  • Holiday cookies platter
  • Gift cards
  • An industry-specific business gift
  • Company Christmas card and personal message

Want to get a little more creative with how you show appreciation for your customers and business associates? Download our guide with 167 Exceptional Gift Ideas for the Holidays to select a business gift for any of your clients, coworkers, teammates, or business partners.

Is there an easy way to send a corporate gift to a new client?

Thoughtful customer appreciation doesn’t have to be stressful or time-consuming. Partner with Sendoso for all your gifting needs. We make it quick and easy to make a lasting impression with Physical Impressions™ that drive better response rates and yield higher ROI. Show some love to your new clients and make them feel like a VIP with a memorable appreciation gift.

Here’s how our process works:

  1. First, we’ll help you create your sending strategy, streamlined with your existing programs and campaigns.
  2. Next, choose from limitless unique gift and sending options.
  3. Simply click to send from the tools you’re already using.
  4. Send Tracker shows you the progress of your send in every step, so you can time your outreach and connect with a follow-up perfectly.
  5. Finally, measure the effectiveness of your offline marketing efforts with the Analytics Dashboard!

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