May 28, 2022

25 Corporate Gift Boxes for the Person Who Has Everything


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What Goes In a Corporate Gift Box for Clients?

Custom gift boxes are thoughtful gifts for any occasion, from a birthday to the holiday season. These corporate gift baskets are sure to leave a lasting impression and are a great way to show your appreciation either to your clients or your team. Often, these custom boxes can be branded, and they come with a variety of products inside, from wine and cookies to virtual events and the most exquisite treats. In this article, we’re outlining some exclusive options for corporate gifting so you can celebrate hard work, stay in touch, or simply offer a wonderful customer experience.

10 Corporate Gifts for Clients

1. The Coffee Box

The Coffee Box – Give your self-proclaimed coffee-lover client the gift of caffeine! This box includes tempting dark chocolate-covered espresso beans, a sweet-smelling coffee candle, and of course, some full-bodied Vietnamese coffee.

2. Let the Fun Be-Gin

Let the Fun Be-Gin – This classic and delicious gift from KYAHVA features Bombay Sapphire London Dry Gin, a delectable dark chocolate bar, sea-salted fudge, gourmet popcorn, and heavenly mint imperials, making for a perfect evening at home.

3. 6 Pack Cocktail Box

6 Pack Cocktail Box – Help your customer start the party with this 6-pack Cocktail Box from Nio Cocktails, including Negroni, Cosmopolitan, Daiquiri, Tommy’s Margarita, Gimlet, and Manhattan mixes.

4. Mixed Fruit & Cheese Box

Mixed Fruit & Cheese Box – You just can’t go wrong with Frog Hollow Farm’s classic assorted seasonal fruits and creamy artisan cheeses.

5. Branded Barbox

Branded Barbox – Branding an item with the company’s logo is an easy way to your client’s heart! Any brand would appreciate this customized Wonderhaus Barbox, complete with all the tools they’ll need to concoct an out-of-this-world drink.

6. Rest & Recovery Gift Box

Rest & Recovery Gift Box – It’s imperative to take a break from hectic schedules once in a while. Give your client the chance to rest and relax with this spa-themed gift box from Curated for Equality.

7. Healthy Snack Haul

Healthy Snack Haul – Encourage your customers to say goodbye to the vending machine and give them some sweet and savory snacks to enjoy! From smoked almonds and fig salami to plantain chips and nut butter bars, they are guaranteed to love this basket from Knack Modern Gifting.

8. Letterbox Impact Gift

Letterbox Impact Gift – This box from Social Stories Club is an excellent way to support social causes and give an amazing present. Inside, you get a tote bag, two dark chocolate bars, and twin-pack tea.

9. Empowered Woman Essentials Box

Empowered Woman Essentials Box – Boss ladies will appreciate this thoughtful gift basket from Curated for Equality, consisting of all women-owned brands. Recipients will enjoy using the weekly planner, tumbler, and adorable tote bag.

10. Rise & Shine Gift Box

Rise & Shine Gift Box – Is your client a big fan of breakfast food? Give them a good morning with this Birdytell box, complete with pancake mix, a waffle, prickly pear jam, and prickly pear cactus syrup.

How Do I Send Out a Corporate Gift Box to My Staff?

It’s easy to distribute gifts to your team with Sendoso! We offer personalized gift delivery services that help you reward the people that keep your company running. The sending process is simple. Do you have to send multiple gift boxes to different addresses? No problem! At Sendoso, we can handle all your gift-giving needs with free shipping and the ability to handle bulk orders. First, you choose the gift you want to send, then we’ll package it, and finally, we’ll ship it directly to your employees. With our Address Confirmation feature, we’ll let you know once it’s delivered. Piece of cake!

10 Corporate Gifts for Employees

1. Thank You Gourmet Caramel Popcorn Gift Box

Thank You Gourmet Caramel Popcorn Gift Box – Everybody loves diving into a bag of popcorn, especially when it’s sweet! This Popsations trio set will definitely put a smile on your team’s faces.

2. Organic Fruit & Snack Box

Organic Fruit & Snack Box – Organic fresh fruit and fresh seasonal snacks are a delicious way to show you care. This Frog Hollow Farm box includes fruit, sun-dried fruit, granola, chocolate chip cookies, and organic almonds.

3. Desk Succulent

Desk Succulent – Brighten up their desk and purify their air with a beautiful succulent from The Art of Succulents.

4. Chocolate Covered Oreo

Chocolate Covered Oreo – Oreos + chocolate is a match made in heaven. These chocolate-covered delicacies from Veronica’s Treats will have their mouth-watering!

5. Carnivore’s Delight Box

Carnivore’s Delight Box – This box from Snack Magic is filled to the brim with premium charcuterie goods that will please the carnivore in your office.

6. The Buddy Box

The Buddy Box – If your employee has a furry friend, they’ll appreciate this box from Gyfting! It’s filled with treats and toys for their loyal companion.

7. The Perfect Afternoon Box

The Perfect Afternoon Box – Botanical Candle Co. offers a luxury box, featuring a lavish clove & clementine soy wax candle and salted caramel blond chocolate bar, making any afternoon perfect whether at home or in the office.

8. Cookie Good Mini Box

Cookie Good Mini Box – Cookies are always a big hit. This 6-pack of Cookie Good cookies includes all of their best-selling cookie flavors.

9. BBQ Sauce Box

BBQ Sauce Box – Who doesn’t love a good BBQ sauce? The Sauce Shop has a box that’s perfect for the BBQ enthusiast, including original BBQ, South Carolina BBQ, and Smoky Chipotle Ketchup.

10. Hug in a Box

Hug in a Box – What better way to show some love than with a Hug in a Box from Social Stories Club? It’s truly the perfect gift for an employee down on their luck, in need of some sympathy, or simply a lover of hugs! Chocolate treats, shortbread biscuits, hot chocolate, and a beeswax candle will surely make them feel loved.

Are There Corporate Gift Boxes With Wine?

There are plenty of incredible sets that feature the most luxurious wines in the world. What better way to make company friends and boost sales than with an assortment of wine? Wine baskets make excellent holiday gifts for just about anyone. Wine Country Gift Baskets are wonderful, high-quality custom gifts that are sure to please any recipient. These baskets can include anything from virtual wine tasting packages to a single bottle of wine or an assortment of wine and cheese. And we have a wide selection to choose from in our Sendoso catalog!

What Are The Best Corporate Gift Boxes for 2022?

So, you want the best of the best for your customers, and you’re wondering what boxes are the most popular. Here are five memorable gifts that are bound to make an impact on clients or staff.

1. The Peace & Quiet Gift Box

The Peace & Quiet Gift Box – One of the best presents you could ever give someone is some peace and quiet. This Botanical Candle Co. set comes with a calming candle and all-natural Lavender & Rose bubble bath.

2. Anytime Gourmet Platter Box

Anytime Gourmet Platter Box – This ready-to-serve platter is packed with organic fruits, apricot pepper jelly, olive oil rosemary crackers, Carmody cheese, and your choice of fennel & pepper salami or wine cured salami.

3.  Grillin’ & Chillin’ Box

Grillin’ & Chillin’ Box – If your customer or employee is a grill master, they’ll adore this present from A Gentleman’s Trove, including two barbecue sauces, bourbon smoked chili and coffee rub, bear paws, and artisan playing cards.

4. Assorted Chocolate Brownies

Assorted Chocolate Brownies – Take them to Brownie Heaven (literally) with these mixed selections of chocolate brownies, featuring original, milk chocolate, Oreo, jaffa cake, pecan, cookie, Kit Kat, blondes, and Caramac flavors.

5. Virtual Wine Tasting

Virtual Wine Tasting – Make wine time even more relaxing with this virtual wine tasting from Skipstone. They won’t even have to leave their couch!

Keep in mind that sending a personal message in a card along with your present is almost always guaranteed positive feedback, whether you’re a small business owner or a CEO of a giant corporation. In addition, some of the best things you can put in a company gift box are materials with their company’s logo imprinted on them. Finally, remember to review the company’s privacy policy on gift-giving, so you make sure you’re following all the rules.

Are you interested in checking out some more ideas? Check out our luxury gift ideas list if you have a higher budget or are willing to splurge. Or if you are gift shopping for a C-suite executive or CEO, check out that gift idea list as well for additional inspiration.

How Long Does It Take To Deliver a Corporate Gift Box?

At Sendoso, our service providers take an all-hands-on-deck approach and strive to fast-track lead time to ensure that all of your gifts arrive in a timely manner. We take into consideration any and all detailed instructions submitted by our subscribers, so we can pack and deliver your gifts exactly how you imagined. Delivery time depends on the location of the product and its final destination, but generally, you can expect a holiday gift box or other custom gifts to be processed and shipped within 1-7 business days.

How Much Does a Corporate Gift Box Usually Cost?

The price of a corporate gift depends on a variety of factors such as the size and contents of your box and whether or not it’s custom branded. Typically, corporate gift boxes will range from $30 to $350.

Reward Your Customers and Employees with a Corporate Gift Box

Gift-giving doesn’t have to be a stressful event! Hopefully, now you have plenty of ideas for your next custom corporate gifting campaign. The options are truly limitless. Check this article out if you’d like more client gift ideas that are truly memorable.

If you’re in HR and are searching for more ideas on how to engage your remote employees, we invite you to download our guide on 35 Meaningful Ways to Engage Your Remote Workforce – A Strategic Guide for Human Resources.

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