March 27, 2024

Direct Mail Unboxed: Earthly Desk Succulent from Lula's Garden [Video]


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Unboxed is a Sendoso video series where we unbox some of our favorite direct mail pieces.

There’s nothing better than bringing a little bit of the great outdoors right onto your desk.

In this episode of Unboxed, we’re showing you a beautiful desk succulent from Lula’s Garden. The succulent arrived in a small white box complete with a ribbon and a personal note.

What are the advantages of this direct mail piece?

We love this direct mail send because desk plants are actually proven to reduce stress levels in office environments and increase productivity in people.

This is an item that your prospect or customer can care for and make their desk feel a little more welcoming. Not to mention it looks super cute on their desk!

Check out our video below to see the unboxing experience!

A Direct Mail Send Featuring A Desk Succulent from Lula’s Garden

A special thanks to Lula’s Garden for our desk succulent!

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