August 7, 2019

Direct Mail Unboxed: Golden Llama from Lessonly [Video]

Grace Dille
Grace Dille

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Unboxed is a Sendoso video series where we unbox some of our favorite direct mail pieces.

We are honored to have received an award from our friends at Lessonly!

In this episode of Unboxed, we received the golden llama award—an award given to ideal team players and companies around the world.

The golden llama arrived with a handwritten note and a card explaining what the golden llama symbolizes. They say that llamas are very friendly and smart, embodying the Lessonly culture. The box also comes filled with yellow crinkle paper and some fun stickers.

We love this direct mail piece because it’s a fun and creative way to recognize the amazing people in your community and celebrate their accomplishments. Plus, who wouldn’t want to display a golden llama on their desk?

Check out the video below to see the golden llama up close!

The Golden Llama Award from Lessonly Sent via Direct Mail

Huge thanks to our friends at Lessonly for sending us our awesome golden llama award.

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