June 28, 2019

Direct Mail Unboxed: Wine Box Video Mailer from UviaUs [Video]

Brianna Valleskey
Brianna Valleskey

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Unboxed is a Sendoso video series where we unbox some of our favorite direct mail pieces.

We know that customer experience is more important than ever.

Not only do 65% of consumers say that a positive brand experience is more influential than great advertising, but those consumers with an emotional connection to a brand have a 306% higher lifetime value.

And when it comes to experiential marketing, direct mail can be a powerful medium. Sending direct mail to your audience allows them to engage in an experience with your brand from their home or office (as opposed to asking them to go somewhere and attend your event).

Our partners at UviaUs specialize in delivering physical experiences in a remarkable way. They recently sent us a refreshing and unique direct mail piece that we featured in a recent episode of Unboxed.

This piece was a one-two punch of personalization: First, the box they sent us was engraved with our logo. Then the video message that automatically turned on when you opened the box included a custom greeting for a company. And finally, there was a thoughtfully selected bottle of wine for us inside the box.

This is a great direct mail piece to send to high-value prospects or target accounts—especially those in your account-based marketing campaigns. Check out the video below to see it in action!

Wine Box Video Mailer: UviaUs Direct Mail Feature

Want your direct mail piece featured in an episode of Unboxed? Simply email marketing@sedoso.com. Check out more videos in our Unboxed video series here.

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