July 15, 2022

Drive advocacy with gifts during customer onboarding


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  • Strong customer onboarding processes can improve customer retention from the start.
  • Learn how to create a multi-touch onboarding process using gifts.
  • Sendoso customers share their favorite onboarding gift ideas.

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Customers who were introduced to our advocacy program at the early stages of onboarding have been the most engaged and best advocates that we have.

Alana Merdzan

Uberflip Customer Marketing Manager

New relationships are often fun and exciting. So, why shouldn’t it be the same when establishing a new connection between two companies? In the business world, fostering that new relationship can ensure a long-term connection. And that starts with customer onboarding.

Sendoso is a leading Sending Platform™ and a must-have tool for customer onboarding.

The platform automates the corporate gifting process saving time and money. However more importantly, it frees up employees to focus on the people during customer onboarding instead of the process.

Customer onboarding: How to set the tone with gifts

Incorporating corporate gifts into your B2B marketing strategy is a sure-fire way to delight any customer. But successful customer onboarding is key to product adoption and retention.

Thoughtful gifts show customers you value their business. In return, direct mail gifting can build customer loyalty and increase retention.

Dazzle new clients, celebrate their milestones, and foster a positive relationship with welcome kits, a personalized gift, and branded swag.

Multi-touch gifting in customer onboarding

What better way to kick off a customer relationship than by sending a welcome gift directly to their desk? Customer service starts before B2B companies sign contracts. Get people excited about being a part of your customer family!

Client onboarding is the first touchpoint with a customer after the deal has closed. So kick off the new relationship with a stellar gift. Send a welcome kit with branded swag and educational materials so customers become excited about working with your company.

Uberflip utilizes Sendoso to send welcome “launch” kits to clients. The space-themed gift includes astronaut frozen ice cream, a notebook, and space swag—all sent through the Sendoso warehouse.

“[Customers] feel like an extension of our team because they were connected from the get-go of onboarding,” said Uberflip Customer Marketing Manager Alana Merdzan.

Happy customers are more likely to renew contracts. Not to mention, those engaged advocates can be an excellent source of word-of-mouth marketing for your brand and customer acquisition.

“They are the ones who are speaking at events for us, talking to many prospects on reference calls, and leaving positive reviews.”

Open Box

Turn customer onboarding into customer loyalty

Direct mail gifting does not need to be a one-time event. Improve the customer experience with gifts throughout the onboarding process.

Think of it like a built-in loyalty program. Allow customers to earn points and shop the Sendoso gifting catalog for a prize.

“The thing about this rewards catalog—like seeing Uberflip socks, wine glasses, or mugs—these are all completely integrated with Sendoso,” said Merdzan. “So, all I have to do is enter in the address, click send, and Sendoso takes care of the rest.”

Plus, Address Confirmation ensures your customers receive items wherever they are currently working. The Sendoso platform makes it easy to organize a mailing list, track deliveries, and view reports on spending.

“It is just a few clicks and you’re off sending really personal gifts,” said Merdzan. “It really speaks volumes about Sendoso and the personal touches it allows you to do very easily.”

Uberflip customers complete 80% of their onboarding activities now that Sendoso is part of the onboarding program.

Hot gifts to increase customer engagement

Touch base with clients with a coffee eGift to get them ramped up for the onboarding process. It will give them a little boost to complete the process. Building a throughout onboarding process helps streamline your customer retention strategy too.

Pro tip: eGifts are also a great opportunity to treat the new customer to lunch. Host a virtual lunch-and-learn to get more face time with your client.

Other top ideas:

Tree Kit

1. Desk Décor: Spruce up their home office with some greenery! Or at home where they spend more time.The You Plant We Plant Tree Kit allows the recipient to plant a tree. With each gift, the company will also plant ten trees in an underdeveloped country.

Sendoso Direct allows customers to easily place custom orders and have them shipped directly to the recipient. Want to earn bonus points with your customers? Have it delivered along with a handwritten note!

2. Sweet Treats: Celebrate completing the onboarding process with a toast! Whether it is a bottle of bourbon, their favorite sparkling wine, or assorted cupcakes, a treat will surely brighten their day and strengthen your relationship.

3. Get Social: Group gifts are an excellent way to introduce and get to know new customers on a social, yet personal level. Connect with clients through a Sendoso Experience.

Sendoso offers experiences where customers can plan and take part in various fun and engaging live events. These exceptional experiences are great ways to connect and build relationships with clients.

Sendoso partners with In Good Taste, purple cork, and Marco to offer 14 unique activities. All offer a fresh take on gifting.

These immersive experiences work for you—remote, hybrid, or in-office. Many can be tailored to fit the needs of guests, whether it be a live event or kits with materials and ingredients delivered straight to the recipients’ door.

Customer onboarding gifts drive results

Be sure to include onboarding as part of your next marketing campaign. It can spark interest with your customers and help celebrate customer success. Sendoso is here to create a custom and effective gifting to drive results.

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