April 26, 2022

20 employee gift boxes to boost productivity


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Your workforce is the fuel of your business. Your company wouldn’t be able to create its products, sell its services, acquire new clients, or reach any of its goals without a solid team running the show behind the scenes. You see your employees’ hard work, and it’s important to recognize them for a job well done at the office. According to a recent survey from SurveyMonkey, 82% of employees are happier when they are recognized on the job. Happier people tend to work better and remain loyal to a company that shows them great care.

Remember how awesome you feel when someone says “great work!” to you? Why not award your dedicated staff with the same praise and attention? Here at Sendoso, we understand how critical recognition is to a person’s confidence and sense of purpose in the workplace. That’s why we’ve compiled a convenient list of unique and thoughtful employee gift ideas to help relieve the stress of internal corporate gifting, whether it’s a special occasion, birthday, employee recognition day, retirement, or the holiday season!

Reminding your staff that they each have a special purpose is a great way to develop healthy relationships and give them the best possible experience with your company. Make a lasting impression on your team members with amazing corporate gifts that are more than just a gift card.

What Should I Put In An Employee Gift Box?

Sending unique gifts isn’t rocket science, but it does take some thought and creativity to really show your support. Think about who they are and what would mean the most to them. Have you overheard them talking about how much they love healthy snacks? Get them a basket filled to the brim with guilt-free options! Do you notice that they’ve had a lot on their plate lately and could use a break? Give them a spa-themed basket for a relaxing evening at home. Whether you’re planning to send a batch of holiday gift baskets or you’re celebrating a rock star team member, you want to ensure that the gift expresses your gratitude and goes the extra mile with a personal touch. Your gift box is sure to impress if it contains one or more of the following items:

And the best part is, it’s simple to send your employee gifts, thanks to a variety of corporate gift-giving companies!

What is a Good Gift For Employees?

There are countless options to choose from, but here are several types of gifts you can consider:

  • Gift cards
  • Branded apparel
  • Coffee mug
  • Tumbler
  • Calendar
  • Bluetooth headphones
  • Weekly Planner
  • Motivational Quotes
  • Candle
  • Books
  • Movie Tickets
  • Snacks or Sweets
  • Experiences

The Best High-Quality Employee Appreciation Gift Boxes to Give Year-Round

Thoughtful gifts go a long way with employees. Take a look at the following corporate gift baskets that are wonderful options for men and women at the office and even remote employees or remote teams.

  1. Present Day Culinary Box – This premium culinary box is the perfect present for people who love to cook. It contains organic extra virgin olive oil, hot sauce, garlic and rosemary sea salt, Italian herbs, and Dijon mustard.
  1. Yorkville’s Wine Crate – Celebrate your staff member with this elegant custom gift box, featuring a bottle of wine, fig preserve, and olives.
  1. Popsations Classic Caramel Popcorn Tin – Satisfy your employee’s sweet tooth any time of year with a decorated tin of gourmet caramel popcorn.
  1. Bonjour Bakehouse Cookies in a Jar – What could be better than fresh cookies in a jar? It’s a sweet way to reward someone who’s been working extra hard lately. And let’s be real; the gift design is adorable.
  1. Sift Dessert Bar’s Assorted Macarons – A package of 12 delicate treats from Sift Dessert Bar is the perfect way to say thank you to a star team member. They’re gluten-free and come in a variety of seasonal flavors.
  1. RTZN Snack Bundle – Everyone needs some in-office snacks for when those late afternoon cravings start up. This bundle includes beef jerky, mango coconut fruit bites, a peanut butter chocolate bar, white cheddar chickpea puffs, cherries, berries, and nuts, and coconut chips.
  1. Fairytale Brownies Bite-Sized Brownies – This 12-pack of bite-sized artisan brownies will take anyone’s taste buds to heaven with classic chocolate, chewy caramel, toast walnut, and tangy raspberry swirl flavors.
  1. Knack Shops Just Breathe Spa Gift – Treat your superstar team member to a self-care spa day with this curated gift box, including a coconut bath soak, body sea sponge, soy wax candle, and more.
  1. New Cakes Doughnut Treat Box – Who doesn’t love a good doughnut or three? This box of fresh baked goods features mouth-watering flavors such as dark chocolate ganache, white chocolate and raspberry, and white chocolate and walnut.
  1. Botanical Candle Co.’s The Peace & Quiet Gift Box – We all could use some peace and quiet after long hours at the office. The calming candle and all-natural bubble bath will quickly relieve the stress from their hectic day.

Low Budget Curated Gift Boxes

If you’re buying bulk employee gift boxes, you’ll definitely want to watch your spending. We understand that some companies have tighter budgets than others, so that’s why we’ve given you a list of some low-cost gifts for your team. All of these items are priced under $50.

  1. Ceramic Desk Succulent – This stylish succulent can spruce up any desk space or shelf at home and is small enough to fit in just about anywhere. And the best thing is, it’s only $33!
  1. Snack Box USA Snack Care Package – Snack time at the office is easy when you don’t have to buy your own snacks! This snack pack is only $23 and includes everything an employee could ever want to munch on, including granola bars, trail mix, cookies, crackers, nuts, fruit snacks, and even Rice Krispies treats!
  1. The Dirty Cookie Assorted Cookie Shots – Shots have never been this sweet (or affordable)! Encourage your employee to indulge in these handcrafted cookie shots for just $42. All they have to do is warm the shot up for 5-7 seconds in the microwave or in the oven for about 30 seconds, fill the shot with their choice of filling (ice cream, coffee, milk, etc.), and enjoy the different flavors!
  1. COCO Chocolatier Gold Chocolates – Chances are, everyone in your office is a fan of chocolate. So, these irresistible golden chocolate drops are sure to be a hit! And if your team member happens to appreciate modern art, they’ll love the beautiful package design too! You can get this product for just $21.
  1. Personalized Coca-Cola Bottle – This is the most inexpensive gift of them all, coming in at only $18. Order a classic Coca-Cola bottle with their name on it and watch them light up!
  1. Jack Link’s Beef Jerky Kit from Snack Box USA – There’s probably a few hungry carnivores in your office. If so, this is the perfect gift to satisfy their craving! With this snack pack, you get two original beef jerky bags, two teriyaki beef jerky bags, two slow cooked and seasoned beef steaks, one original beef and cheese stick, and one original beef stick, all for the price of $30.
  1. Beach City Whole Bean Coffee Bag – Coffee is one of the best things you can give an employee, especially if they’re an avid coffee drinker. Treat them to a caffeine fix with this $21 8 oz bag of premium coffee beans.

Virtual Gifts For Your Valued Team

It’s important to also take into account the fact that you also may have remote employees. Although you might not see them in person every day, you can still give them an impressive gift! Take a look at some of these fun virtual ideas:

  1. In Good Taste Virtual Wine Tasting – Help your staff wine down with a virtual wine tasting, where they can sip on a variety of fancy wines from the comfort of their own home.
  1. Virtual Coffee Tasting Kit – If the recipient loves a good cup of joe, then they’ll appreciate this fun virtual coffee tasting from Marco Experiences. The experience includes a presentation on the history of coffee, a brewing tutorial, two, one-pound bags of coffee, and four cans of cold brew.
  1. Alo Moves Annual Membership – Encourage your employees to improve their fitness and renew their minds with a year membership from Alo Moves. With this membership, they can enjoy thousands of virtual fitness classes designed for the mind, body, and spirit.

Motivate Your Workforce to Be Their Best

Valued workers are more likely to actually want to come to work each day and work even harder. Why? Because it means the world when you know you’re appreciated and seen! Even your corporate clients will notice your team’s smiles, and that will only benefit your customer service in the future. Small businesses, corporations, and every company in between should order business gifts on a regular basis.

Are you engaging with your staff with regular recognition and good corporate gifts? Shipping a custom corporate gift box has never been easier, thanks to Sendoso! Our gift sending services cover everything from the most unique presents to the best-branded gifts on the market.

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