March 1, 2024

20 Unique Executive Gifts for the C-Level that has Everything


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  • Tips and tricks for giving unique executive gifts
  • List of the 20 best gift ideas for executives
  • How to easily give the most impressive executive gifts

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Whether it’s gift-giving season, or a special occasion has popped up, it’s hard work finding the perfect gift for people. Whether you’re recognizing the hard work put in by your boss, or you are extending a sincere thank you to your important clients, you want to make sure you’re offering high-quality products to the C-level executives.

Whatever the occasion, you need the perfect gift that conveys more than just a half-hearted gesture, a boring gift card, or money clips. You need a custom gift that will successfully show your gratitude and make a lasting impression on your executive. Sendoso is here to offer the best, personalized gifts for anyone on your list!

Tips & Tricks for Giving Unique Executive Gifts

Giving a free gift is a surefire way to leave a lasting, positive impact on your executive-level clients and will encourage customer loyalty. They’ll remember the time you sent that delicious box of branded cupcakes or that gorgeous bouquet of holiday flowers. Here are 4 items of etiquette to keep in mind when trying to order the best corporate gifts, including executive gifts:

1. Obey Laws & Policies

There are a few rules to follow when you’re giving corporate gifts to executives, team members, and customers; some are assumed and others may even surprise you. Regardless, you need to understand the corporate gift-giving code of conduct. Talk to your HR department to review your policies to make sure your gift-giving plans are in compliance with your company’s code of conduct.

2. Ensure Inclusiveness

Be sure not to single any one person out by giving them a seemingly better or more expensive gift than everyone else. This is especially the case when a boss is giving to an outstanding employee. Showing favoritism is never a good thing, as it can brew resentment and even lower company morale.

3. Customize the Item

Don’t always settle for a fancy ballpoint pen or plate of cookies. Most people appreciate personalized gifts, as they can make them feel recognized and appreciated as an individual. You can also include a custom, hand-written thank you note to show your appreciation, which can take the gift to a whole new level.

4. Quality Matters

Yes, you may be able to get a discount on the cheaper chocolates or those gift boxes you’ve been eying. But remember to be generous with your company gifts. Presenting something that looks or tastes subpar can send the wrong message. You’re sure to find reasonably priced quality goods through Sendoso. The best part? We’re here to help you every step of the way in finding the perfect gift. To learn more about the art of gift-giving, check out our Corporate Gifting Guide.

The Best Executive Gift Ideas

Are you ready to make a statement with your next gift? Here are 20 unique corporate gifts with a wide price range to help you do just that. Step into our Executive Gift Shoppe and see what we have to offer. Whether you’re looking for your CEO, boss, or clients, you’re sure to find the right item with free shipping.

1. Cup Warmer

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Who doesn’t love a hot cup of joe or tea when they get into the office? Executives will enjoy this thoughtful
present and will surely appreciate fewer trips to the microwave each day.

2. Wireless Charging Stand

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Chances are, your executive is constantly making or taking phone calls, replying to texts and emails, and draining their phone’s battery. Give them the gift that will recharge them and allow them to take on all their communication duties! This handy device is the perfect way to charge Apple Watch, smartphone, and AirPods on the go.

3. Travel Documents Holder

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C-suite executives tend to travel a lot. This convenient pouch is an easy way to stay organized, allowing them to carry their passport, ID, tickets, credit cards, money, and more traveling essentials all in one place.

4. Tumbler Set from Spoonful of Comfort

Send with Sendoso via: Spoonful of Comfort

Giving your executive a set of tumbler glasses featuring the corporate logo or company name is the perfect way for them to enjoy their beverages and also promote the brand they’ve built. The package also comes with a matching bag and coasters that also feature the business logo.

5. Espresso, Cappuccino, and Latte Maker

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You’ll have no regrets when you purchase this beautiful, stainless steel 3-in-1 coffee maker. After all, who doesn’t appreciate a couple mugs of caffeinated bliss each day?

What Do You Get a CEO for Christmas?

With the holidays comes the stress and chaos of hunting down a noteworthy gift for family members, friends, etc. But what do you do when you need a present for your CEO clients? We’re here to help! Take a look at the following gift options:

6. Chocolate Brownie Gift Box from The Brownie Gourmet

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Giving a sweet treat usually never backfires! The Christmas holiday is prime time for baked goods like some delicious gourmet brownies.

7. Executive Laptop Case

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99% of CEOs are using laptops regularly, in meetings, when they’re working while traveling, and at home. Give them a laptop case with a stylish design to protect their beloved computer from falls, spills, and other damage.

8. Southwest Charcuterie from Birdytell

Send with Sendoso via: Birdytell

Help your client CEO entertain and feed their guests at their holiday party with this gourmet charcuterie board, including olive oil, blue cheese stuffed olives, balsamic vinegar, White Sonora crackers, and sundried tomatoes and herb tapenade.

9. Cookie Corn Popcorn from Cookie Good

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Everybody loves popcorn and cookies! Put them together and you’ve got a fantastic corporate Christmas gift. These delicacies are covered with homemade caramel, rolled in cookie crumbs, and baked until they’re perfectly crispy and bursting with flavor.

10. Until We Meat Again Box from Crowd Cow

Send with Sendoso via: Crowd Cow

First, make sure your client isn’t a vegetarian. Once you’ve confirmed that, go ahead and splurge on this box of premium meat from all over the world. This gift set includes a 12oz Grain-Finished New York Strip Steak, 12oz Grass-Fed New York Strip Steak, and a 4oz A5 Wagyu Petite Striploin that will satisfy any meat-lover.

What is the Best Gift to Give Your Boss?

Finding the right gift for your boss doesn’t have to be hard. You can discover many functional gifts and little things that make a big impact and prove you’ve gone the extra mile. A quick tip: anything with a company logo on it is usually gold! Here are some ideas for you to consider:

11. BBQ Sauce Box from the Sauce Shop

Send with Sendoso via: Sauce Shop

Is your boss a fan of BBQ? Why not give them some specialty sauces to use during their next cookout? This box includes Smoky Chipotle Ketchup, South Carolina BBQ Sauce, and Original BBQ Sauce, all gluten-free! You could even include a fun recipe book as well!

12. Aromatherapy Candle

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Bosses deal with a lot on a daily basis. From managing clients and employees to fixing financial issues and making the big decisions, they are usually under a lot of stress. Help your boss out by giving them an aromatherapy candle to calm their anxiety.

13. Potted Succulent from Yorkville’s

Send with Sendoso via: Yorkville

Succulents can add style to any office and are the perfect present for any occasion! They are a low-maintenance, humidity-adding plant that purifies the air, making for a more comfortable work environment.

14. The Coffee Gift Box from Gyfting

Send with Sendoso via: Gyfting

If your boss is a fan of coffee, then they will rave over this box, filled to the brim with coffee-related items, including dark chocolate-covered espresso beans, Vietnamese coffee, a coffee-scented candle, and even coffee soap!

15. Amazon Kindle Oasis

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Touch device users and book lovers will appreciate this thoughtful present. Instead of tracking down all the books they’ve collected, they can access all of their precious novels and find more books, newspapers, and audiobooks, simply with a touch of their finger. And the best part is, it’s completely waterproof! Reading by the hotel pool or in the bathtub has never been easier.

What Are Good Virtual Gifts?

There are tons of luxury corporate gift ideas that are totally virtual and are a great way to show you care. Check out these fun ideas:

16. Virtual Wine Tasting from Purple Cork

Send with Sendoso via: Purple Cork

You don’t have to travel to Sonoma and Napa to have a memorable wine-tasting experience; you can do so from the comfort of your own home thanks to this virtual wine tasting! Whoever receives this present will be able to sample wines, learn about winemaking, and enjoy a relaxing time without leaving their couch.

17. Hard Kombucha Tasting & Virtual Brewery Tour by Marco

Send with Sendoso via: Marco

If you’ve heard your co-worker, boss, or client talk about the health benefits or even the flavor of kombucha, this may be the perfect gift for them! With this gift, you get two different flavored cans of kombucha – Cucumber Melon/Ginger and Hops/Ginger and the opportunity to see how it’s made in the brewery.

18. Virtually Impossible Magic Show by Marco

Send with Sendoso via: Marco

Give the gift of entertainment with this interactive and immersive virtual magic show hosted by Kevin Blake.

19. Virtual Fitness Class from Dryft Live

Send with Sendoso via: Dryft Live

This virtual fitness class lets you work out without even going to the gym! You can choose from high intensity interval training (HIIT), stretching, Pilates, yoga, and other types of plans.

20. Year of Amazon Prime Membership

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It’s likely that your boss, co-worker, or client shops on Amazon. So, why not give them the gift of free shipping and so much more? Amazon Prime offers countless perks once you subscribe, such as Prime Day sales, Prime Wardrobe, Amazon Photos, and Prime Video!

Give The Most Impressive Corporate Gifts

We hope these ideas have sparked your creativity and helped you decide on your executive gift. Sendoso helps you connect with your customers and deliver the most memorable experiences. Now’s your chance to say thank you to the CEOs and other professionals in your life!

Are you looking for an easy solution to sending multiple executive gifts at once? Learn how the Sendoso, the leading Sending Platform, can handle everything from gift consultation, sourcing, sending, and tracking, all with a few simple clicks. Request a demo today.

This article was originally published on August 26, 2021. It has been updated for relevance.

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