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25 gift basket ideas for customers


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  • 7 Reasons Why Buying Gift Baskets for Clients is a Good Idea
  • 25 Customer Gift Basket Ideas for Inspiration
  • Send Hassle-Free Gift Baskets for Clients

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As a business, you want to show your customers (and prospects) you’re different from your competitors. So, you look for ways to stand out in a positive way. The problem is finding a method that doesn’t come off as salesly or pushy.

One option corporations are using effectively is corporate gifting.

Buying gift baskets for customers is a growing trend, and it’s working wonders for brands. If you’re not already using gift-giving as a way to attract and keep customers, then here’s a look at seven reasons why you should.

7 reasons why buying gift baskets for clients is a good idea

The top priority of any business is to remain at the top of customers’ minds. It’s easier to achieve this when you make a great first impression. So whether you had a great sales call with a prospect or recently onboarded a customer, giving a curated gift basket can set the tone to building a long-term relationship.

But if you’re still not convinced gift baskets for clients is a good idea, then take a look at these seven benefits and use cases:

  1. Promote your brand without being sales-ey (i.e., branded mugs, pens, etc.)
  2. Add a personal touch to your newfound relationship (i.e., the client likes Chardonnay — send them a basketful of it)
  3. Show your gratitude for having their business (aka they’re not just another number)
  4. Reward your customers for being loyal (and to continue being loyal)
  5. Help your retention rates and revenue (happy customers are loyal customers)
  6. Advertise without advertising (your brandable gifts are shared, given to, or seen by others)
  7. Improve your customer service and experience

This all sounds great, but what would make a good gift basket idea for business clients? Let’s take a look.

25 Customer Gift Basket Ideas

You’re on board with buying gifts for customers, but what are good gift basket ideas?

If you’re struggling to find the best gift basket ideas for clients, you’ll want to try to find gifts that are:

  • Useful
  • Personalized
  • Branded
  • Perfectly-timed (if for an important date, such as a grand opening or birthday)
  • Respectful of cultural differences
  • In compliance with potential gift-giving policies your client might have

So on that note, here are some customer gift basket ideas you can consider.

1. Carry On Cocktail Kit

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Know a customer who’s always on the go? This makes the perfect travel companion for trips via road, tracks, or air. This comes with a recipe card, spoon, aromatic bitters, and cane sugar, all within a 3-inch tin case.

2. Brownie Bites Box

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Choose between brownie boxes with 12 (three flavors), 16 (four flavors), or 24 bites (six flavors). Plus, you can give it a gift wrap and personalized note to make it truly special.

3. Vegan Non-Gluten Brownie Bites Box

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Show your vegan, health-conscious clients you pay attention by sending a gift that matches their dietary lifestyle. This vegan, non-gluten brownie box comes with the option of 12, 16, or 24 bites with three to six different flavors.

4. Customized Wine Basket

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This would make the perfect gift basket for business clients who love wine. You can choose from an assortment of options, including rose wine, red wine, white wine, sparkling and champagne, and dessert wine.

5. California Cabernet Gift Basket

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Here’s a fancy wine basket to celebrate any special occasion. This comes with a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon from Rock Falls Vineyard, butter shortbread cookie treats, olives, milk chocolate, vanilla fudge with sea salt, crackers, and smoked Gouda cheese spread.

6. Coated and Cozy Gift Basket

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This gift basket for customers comes with roasted salted peanuts, sea salt and cracked pepper kettle corn, peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, milk chocolate candy, and more.

7. A Taste of Party

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Have a customer with a birthday coming up? This would make for a great part gift basket. You can also personalize it with a special hand-written note. It comes with a variety of snacks, like cafe latte, sesame snaps, and wine-flavored cheese bread.

8. Platinum Fruit and Nut Basket

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Send your customers a healthy gift basket filled with a variety of fruits and nuts. It comes with treats like chocolate pomegranate cream truffles and milk chocolate cashews.

9. Luxury Wine Gift Set

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Save this gift basket for customers with a special occasion, such as a grand opening, anniversary, or milestone achievement. It comes with fruit jellies, milk chocolate truffles, biscuits, seasonings, and more.

10. English Breakfast Assortment

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Send a special gift basket to customers you know who are stuck working from home. This will make their staycation tastier with treats like tea time cookies, English tea, Walkers shortbread, and smoked salmon.

11. Virtual Wine Tasting

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No need to travel to fancy vineyards and restaurants. Give your customers the perfect e-gift for wine lovers — a virtual wine tasting they can do from home instead.

12. Deluxe Dog Gift Basket

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Have customers with a furry friend? Then they may love the idea of getting a gift basket for their pooch. This comes with grain-free, gluten-free treats, toys, and healthy sausage links.

13. Cravebox Care Package (for Kids)

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Here’s the perfect gift basket for customers with children (or who are in tune with their inner child). This comes with an assortment of snacks, including crackers, chocolates, and cookies.

14. Gift Basket for Him

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Dan the  sausage man’s gourmet silver star gift basket was designed with meat lover’s in mind. This comes with Seabear salmon, smoked summer sausages, and sweet hot mustard.

15. Gift Basket for Her

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This premium quality gift basket is designed with “her” in mind. It features things like sweets, cheese, tea, and other items a gourmet foodie would enjoy.

16. Chocolate Gift Basket

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This gift basket for customers is a chocolate-lovers delight. It comes with a keepsake tin box filled with chocolate-covered pretzels, truffles, and chocolate (white, dark, and milk butter pecan patties).

17. Chocolate Cookies Gift Basket

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This makes for the perfect gift basket for customers during the Christmas season. It comes with gourmet cookies with 12 unique flavors.

18. Coffee Mug Warmer and Mug

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Here’s a gift your coffee (and tea) lovers will enjoy having. It’s perfect for winter or everyday use in the office. It comes with a mug and a desktop mug warmer.

19. Cat Gift Basket

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Maybe you have customers who are cat owners. If so, then treat their feline to a gift basket filled with plush toys, treats, and a mug (for the owner).

20. Spa Luxetique Gift Basket (Lavender)

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This gift basket comes with 10 lavender products for a spa day at home. It features bath bombs, bubble bath, body lotion, and hand cream.

21. Beard Grooming Kit

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Here’s a great gift idea for your beard-wearing guy customers. It comes with a brush, comb, scissors, beard oil, beard balm, and a beard wash.

22. Savvy Infusion Water Bottle

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Looking for a gift basket idea for business clients who value fitness and health? Then send them an infusion water bottle to enhance their H20 with fruit.

23. Shiatsu Neck Back Massager Pillow

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Reward your hard-working customers with a massage pillow. It comes with heat and deep tissue kneading for the neck, back, shoulders, legs, and feet.

24. Multi-Tasking Laptop Bed Tray

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Know a customer who’s transitioning to the work-from-home life? Then this gift will help them get organized to work from their bed, couch, or chair.

25. Branded Cookies

Send with Sendoso via: Veronica’s Treats

Give your customers a tasty treat, while promoting your brand. This is priced by the dozen and can be designed with your logo on top.

Send hassle-free gift baskets for clients

Now that you have more than a handful of gift basket ideas for business clients, it’s time to put them to use. But rather than attempting to arrange everything yourself, why not use a service that streamlines the process?

At Sendoso, we offer a platform to businesses looking to create memorable experiences for their customers. We have dozens of partners (including Amazon) you can use to select your gift ideas. We will hand-pick your gift from our warehouse, hand-write a personalized note, and ship it to your customers.

Then you can track everything (including metrics, such as conversions) right from your dashboard.

Ready to see how it works? Request a demo today. And for more gift inspiration, check out this list of 41 unique client gift ideas they’ll never forget.

This article was originally published on February 15, 2021. It has been updated for relevance.

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