April 2, 2018

Gifting Ideas: Customize Coffee, Prospect Portraits, Etched Wine Bottles, and Snack Bundles


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Love sending direct mail but running low on ideas? Check out these gifting ideas for some inspiration!

Branded Coffee

Send branded coffee as a door opener. Yes, you can even customize your company logo and a phrase onto the coffee bag! (SuperSender tip: Add a handwritten note for an extra touch of personalization)

Custom Paintings

Tired of prospects ignoring you? Sending them a portrait (2’ x 2’ or larger) is a sure way to get the attention you deserve.

Etched Logo Wine Bottles

Wine bottles with logo etched in on the glass? Sign us up! A great direct mailer through any stage of the customer journey.

Snack Bundle

What’s better than snacks to get you through the stress of EOQ? Here’s a cool idea of what Sendoso can help you send to prospects to get them through that finish line.

Hope these send ideas have inspired you to get gifting!Want to learn how to segment your ABM audience and determine what to send top-, middle-, and bottom-tier prospects? Grab a copy of our strategic guide below!

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