May 17, 2022

How to show thanks on Customer Appreciation Day and mean it


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  • Customer Appreciation Day is more important now because the pandemic altered typical shopping behaviors.
  • Show your gratitude with corporate gifts that bring brands together like virtual experiences.
  • Make sure any customer appreciation ideas are personalized for maximum impact.

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“We really appreciate your business.”

You’ve probably heard that phrase a thousand times from vendors. And you’ve probably said it as many times to your customers. Sure, you probably mean it. But if it’s ever rung hollow to you, it’s certainly rung hollow to your customers.

What’s more, not only does it come off as fake, but it’s also boring.

Say anything enough times, and it loses its meaning. Say it even more, and people just start tuning you out.

Shifting customer appreciation post-pandemic

When it comes to communicating your appreciation for your loyal customers, it’s far more effective to show them how you feel. It’s more important than ever.

With the pandemic and lockdowns that have come and gone over the past two years, about 60% of customers around the world have adopted new shopping behaviors.

As a result, customer loyalty just isn’t what it used to be. About 75% of consumers chose alternative brands during the pandemic. And although things are generally getting back to normal, these new behaviors and attitudes about brands have likely stuck.

Impactful Customer Appreciation Day gift ideas

This brings us back to our point: Showing your customers you appreciate them is far more effective than simply telling them.

Luckily, Customer Appreciation Day is right around the corner on May 20. Now is the perfect time to show—and not tell—your customers how much you appreciate them.

May 20, is the second official Customer Appreciation Day! The first one was on April 18.  So if you missed that one, step up and show clients exactly why they’re important to you and your business.

To get your creative juices flowing, below are a few Customer Appreciation Day gift ideas that will really wow them.

1. Host a virtual happy hour

While some businesses are back to the office in full, many have adopted the concept of remote working. Yet one of the biggest challenges with remote work remains constant: How does a company maintain a sense of conviviality and comradery when everyone’s geographically separated?

Our response:  Virtual happy hours!

Get the party started by tapping into your automated gifting platform for all your corporate gifting needs. Platforms like Sendoso offer a variety of gifts sure to make the whole office smile.

Consider sending your clients a Craftmix Variety Pack. It comes with a variety of cocktail mixers. All your clients need to do is add alcohol or other tasty beverage and ice!

Or create unforgettable customer experiences.

Celebrate Customer Appreciation Day from the comfort of home by hosting an online happy hour. Pick from a wide array of Sendoso Experiences. Customers will receive all of the supplies needed to partake before the big day.

Virtual Wine Tasting

2. Give a shareable customer gift

Conversely, for those who are back in the office, sending a gift that can be shared among coworkers can provide a much-appreciated break from the mundane. What’s more, it’s a great way to get your brand name in front of a larger group of people in an economical way.

For some tasty ideas, we highly recommend Sendoso vendor Goldbelly! Their food experts scour the country to find unique, creative, and delicious foods that can be shipped directly to your customer.

Choose from one of Ina Garten’s scrumptious cakes or cookies, a New York bagel brunch, or tons of other food gifts that will make your customer’s mouths water.

3. Build on a previous corporate gift

It’s no secret that it takes multiple touches just to close a sale. Similarly, it takes continuous touches to stay top of mind and keep customers coming back.

And that’s a perfect opportunity to send multiple gifts that demonstrate your appreciation.

A great example is what Sendoso client ExtraHop did. The ExtraHop marketing team not only sent coffee mugs and Nespresso coffee pods but an actual Nespresso coffee maker! The value of the gift grew as prospects moved through the sales funnel.

You could also send a customized mug, and later send a Tea Forte Tea Tasting Assortment box and Tea Forte Raw Honey sets. Gifting experts recommend picking a theme and carrying it through the entire sales cycle.

4. Think small gifts for a big impact

Of course, you don’t have to spend big to make an impact. Extravagant gifts are nice, but sometimes it pays to think small.

Customers will often appreciate smaller gifts, especially if you can personalize them. Personalized customer gifts can help build better connections, inspire future talking points, and show that you’ve been listening.

The trick here, as it is with larger gifts, is to accompany your gift with some clever messaging. Look for opportunities to work in witty sales and marketing puns that tie together and messaging no matter the time of year.

5. Get quirky with customer appreciation gifts

Ostrich Original Napping Pillow

One of the best ways to be memorable is to send something unique, maybe even something that’s off the wall. Send curation experts at Sendoso constantly offer unique and scalable corporate gift ideas to make your job easier. Plus, unique business gifts naturally spark conversations where your brand is sure to be mentioned.

For example, there’s the Ostrichpillow Original Napping Pillow with its very unusual shape.

Every time your customer puts this on—or even a coworker notices it—it’s an opportunity for them to say, “Oh yeah! [Company Name] sent me that!” It’s an unparalleled branding opportunity.

6. Stock their office supplies

What is it about office supplies that people love so much?

Whether it’s a sleek, modern-looking pen or a stylish notebook, customers often love things they can use every day. Or maybe you want to go a little more upscale, there’s always Terra Thread’s Laptop Sleeves or their Dunia Tote Bag.

7. Make customer gifts personal

Getting to know your customer is an essential part of building a relationship with them. So when it comes to giving them a gift, why not show how well you know them by giving them something that fits their interests?

Know someone who loves dogs? Considering sending a Wild One dog harness and dog treats.

Do they love music? How about the JBL Clip4?

Are they into gardening? They’ll probably love plantable pencils that grow into herbs, flowers, or even trees!

The point here is to key in on their interests to show you truly appreciate them.

Want more ideas for sending that perfect Customer Appreciation Day gift? We’ve got you covered! Contact a send specialist for some creative ideas that are designed to impress.

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