May 15, 2024

It's All About The Packaging Baby

Lexie Stegura
Lexie Stegura

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You have the perfect direct mail campaign, with the perfect items to send… but have you thought about the packaging?

The way an item is delivered makes a big impact on perceived value and is a great way to add some brand recognition.

When Sendoso was co-hosting a Dreamforce party in 2017, we sent out our invitations in a metallic gold bubble mailer and sealed it with a sticker that had all the co-hosts logos. We received feedback from multiple people saying how exciting it was to open up a shiny package, and that they knew the party would be fun (I can confirm that the party was VERY fun)  For a couple extra bucks, it made us stand out and set a positive tone for the sponsors and event.

Here are some other options and ideas to think of surrounding packaging:

Crinkle Paper:

Why send a package plain when you jazz it up with crinkle paper? It comes in many colors and gives the feeling of a fun gift:

Tissue Paper:

In line with crinkle paper, tissue paper is a great way to add some gift value. It’s typically best for more solid items like wrapping a book or item packaged in a box like an Amazon Echo. Did you know you can even do custom tissue paper with your logo.`

Packaging Tape:

Let the recipient know who sent the package before they even open it! It makes any kraft shipping box feel more special. Did you know if you have packaging tape stored in our warehouse, we can add it to EVERY package that is sent from your companies account? That even includes packages sent using our Amazon integration.


Want to fully customize the box your package is sent in? Not a problem! Sendoso can provide a dieline where you can go wild with the graphics on both the outside AND inside of the package! It takes longer, but looks great!Make the packaging work with your creative vision around the entire campaign:Sending a package with a theme around stealth? Send it in a black mailer box to set the tone! Sending a theme around bubble gum fun? Send it in a pink mailer box!

Flat Mailers:

If your package does not require a box, and instead can be sent in a poly mailer, bubble mailer, or envelope we can make that awesome too.Send a T-shirt in a fully custom poly mailer. Sendoso can send you a dieline to get started! Send an invitation in a metallic bubble mailer (you can totally copy our Dreamforce invitation, we think it’s flattering) Send a one-sheeter in a fully designed standard envelope to give some brand recognition upon receipt.While your campaign is the main star, Sendoso wants your packaging to shine! Keep these ideas in mind for your next campaign, or contact us now to incorporate it to any of your current campaigns.As always, happy sending



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