January 28, 2024

Level up corporate gifting with an online Swag Store


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  • Save money by phasing out traditional in-house swag closets.
  • Give clients and employees the power of choice with an online company swag store.
  • Discover how real companies like Pax8 and Quantum Metric are benefiting from online Swag Store™.

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A last-minute swag order can feel like a smack to the face. Curating swag, or branded merchandise, can be time consuming. It’s also difficult to assess what prospects, clients, and employees really want when it comes to business gifts.

Imagine an online storefront where buyers, customers, and employees can choose from a variety of your branded gifts.

With Sendoso, it exists.

You can easily get ahead of the swag panic when your marketing merchandise goes through Sendoso’s Swag Store™.

Traditional marketing swag problems

Let’s start with a swag scenario that, unfortunately, you can probably relate to.

One afternoon, as you’re recapping next steps from a successful demo, the director of marketing calls you up. Time to switch gears.

“The team upstairs put us down as a finish line sponsor of a fun run. Lots of local media coverage. They need 2,000 logo t-shirts. Order it up from storage and make sure it gets to the race organizers.”

Shaking the stunned look off your face, you run a quick mental tally of your promotional products in inventory. Keychains, 1,100; tumblers, about 30, but old logo; stress balls, too many to count.

You throw your hands up in exasperation. “We used up the last of our apparel swag this spring with the golf scramble!”

“Well, that’s okay, it’s not for three weeks. You can manage.” Click.

Sound familiar?

Most marketing teams experience a series of events like this one before they make the switch to a brilliant solution like Sendoso’s Swag Store.

Time consuming swag hassles

Companies that choose Sendoso’s Swag Store quickly discover that they have been scaling all wrong.

Keeping branded swag and apparel in-house is a nightmare. But once they sign on, ordering up a couple specialty items or even thousands of logo items with quick turnaround becomes a breeze.

That’s because Sendoso keeps all your inventory in our robust sending fulfillment center network. We make logistics work in order to build your brand and make gains.

With Sendoso’s Swag Store, say goodbye to stock, inventory, storage, and shipping. We handle it all. That’s right. We are your bottomless company swag closet for branded merch.

But most importantly, you never have to pack a box of t-shirts, run to FedEx on your lunch hour, or stuff logo swag into your carry-on ever again.

Sendoso’s Swag Store can help you achieve marketing goals. By making the switch, you’ll be devoting more time to connecting with clients and increasing your company’s visibility.

Creating an online company store for swag

In the B2B marketing space, companies that weave together a combination of logo swag and a gifting platform make up more ground and drive more pipeline.

Sending moves prospects further down the funnel. According to a recent study, 83% of professionals surveyed said a corporate gift made them feel more connected to the company that sent it.

But what if the prospect you’re trying to land and could choose their own gift?

We suggest direct mail that showcases your Sendoso-fueled storefront, with your most popular company swag and your chicest branded apparel. Choices like that will have prospects warming right up.

B2B cloud solutions company Pax8 uses Sendoso in their swag storefront. And it’s no sweat because Sendoso integrates with Shopify. The integration effortlessly building their virtual marketplace into a landing page.

Not your typical swag experience

Companies that do swag right are running up the score on the other guys who snooze on swag buying and logo placement.

Think back to your last field marketing event or trade show. Did you bring home a bag of branded notepads and lanyards? That’s all fine and dandy, and there’s a place for those items. But take notice of the companies whose leave-behind gift made you feel something.

That’s where brand loyalty begins.

Do you specialize in design and want to put your logo on a paint can that can be used as a pen holder? Maybe you build spa websites and want your customers to laugh when they see you hand out a logoed soap-on-a-rope (seriously, all real-world examples).

Clients connect with companies that incorporate humor, personalization, and playfulness into their strategy.

Sendoso’s Swag Store can make any of your ideas a reality so that you can carefully craft your company’s image.

Prop up teams with swag shopping experiences

Building out your company’s merch can also help with employee retention, recognition, and team cohesion. There’s no better brand ambassador than a well-cared-for employee, happily singing your company’s praises.

Quantum Metric understood this concept and made employee appreciation a top priority. They promoted their company swag store to team members as a reward for going the extra mile.  Now employees can select their favorite swag options.

Team members were encouraged to reward other employees with points. When they banked enough points, they bought logo items from the storefront. Slack sent the messages, HiThrive processed the points, and Sendoso fulfilled and shipped the orders.

Seamless integration across the board, and no extra hassle. All for acknowledging and rewarding a job well done.

Quantum Metric Swag Shop - HiThrive

Think big and make swag a strategy

When it comes to marketing strategy, getting your name in the mix is what it’s all about. Quality swag can be your ice breaker, jumping into the conversation with a bang.

That’s why putting swag to work to grow direct mail, build brand loyalty, and retain employees is smart thinking.

Choose Sendoso’s Swag Store and achieve your brand’s ambitions. No matter how big or wacky, Sendoso can advance your company’s swag game to help you gain ground with accounts.

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