January 12, 2024

Marketing and sales gifts deliver 60% response rate


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  • One B2B company saw returns of $1K in pipeline for every $1 spent with Sendoso.
  • The data research company integrated Sendoso with Salesforce to serve their marketing team and sales development representatives.
  • Switching to Sendoso empowered the sales team to manage their budget and send mailers on demand.

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Sendoso has taken a lot of the heavy lifting off of me when it comes to direct mail.

A smart B2B marketing campaign requires attention at every single stage of the customer journey—from creating the initial meeting to closing the deal and beyond. B2B marketing can be complex. However, successful companies are putting their marketing technology, or martech, stack to work by using platforms like Sendoso.

A corporate gifting platform does more than automate direct mail.

Marketing teams are using platforms like Sendoso to produce big results. One company even reported earning $1,000 in revenue for every dollar spent on their direct mail campaign.

Handling sends in house ties up your team

The company producing the big results knows B2B marketing well. As a leader in connecting data and intelligence, they provide unlimited access to the largest and most accurate B2B data set. Their platform helps customers reach their best prospects on every channel.

The marketing team understood the power of direct mail for reaching out to new prospects and engaging customers. But they executed all initiatives in house, including personalization for every single package sent.

Sourcing all the different elements—packaging, contents, notes, and more—was incredibly time-consuming. It also didn’t allow their sales team the autonomy to send mailers in the natural cadence of their sales cycles.

The company was already sending out more than 500 mailers each quarter. They could see the limits of their ability to scale the direct mail program as their company and sales team grew.

They also wanted to empower a sales team of 25+ reps to manage their own budget and send mailers on-demand in their own time, all directly through their Salesforce integration. With big volumes of sends and gifts, finding a solution for sourcing, sending, and tracking items for their custom mailers was essential.

Scale initiatives and send in volume

It’s clear to see that the workflow was too much for the marketing team. That’s why they decided to add an innovative sending platform to streamline the processes.

Sendoso allowed them to scale their direct mail initiatives and send out large volumes of gifts. It was also quickly adopted by both account executives and business development representatives. Any busy marketing manager knows how important that is.

“Sendoso has taken a lot of the heavy lifting off of me when it comes to direct mail,” said Marketing Senior Manager Angelina E.

Sendoso was especially helpful because of its direct integration into the company’s Salesforce account. All a team member had to do was click on Sendoso, view their available direct mail options and budget, fill in text for a handwritten note, and send.

“I simply set up the touches and assign sales their own budgets at the start of each quarter,” added Angelina. “This has allowed our sales teams to send mailers when it makes sense in the sales cycle.”

The team also partnered closely with their Sendoso customer success manager and creative project manager to design complex, personalized mail kits and create an operationalized system of direct mail. The partnership resulted in a 60% response rate for packages sent.

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