January 25, 2024

Marketing Leaders' Secrets to Sales and Marketing Alignment


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When it comes to reaching high-value prospects, what are your go-to strategies? We all know our typical sales and marketing strategies fall short when it comes to this elusive audience. They get lost in the fray of email campaigns, unsolicited voicemails, and of course, your competitors are reaching out to them too. How do you stand out?

We’ve interviewed five marketing leaders on how they’ve successfully aligned sales and marketing teams. By successfully building chemistry between these two teams, they’ve elevated themselves above the noise, and were able to drive revenue thanks to the use of sending platforms.

Board Advisor Carol Meyers starts us off: “Sending platforms…help the sales team really differentiate themselves from the competition, so I have found (sending platforms) to be a great way to achieve better alignment…collaboration, and camaraderie between sales and marketing teams.”

The Importance of Sales and Marketing Alignment

Sales alignment is important to every marketing strategy, with a recent study from Deloitte finding that CMOs feel they are primarily responsible for revenue generation at their companies … more so than CEOs. But the challenges they face date back to whoever facilitated the organizational structure at their company.

Historically, sales and marketing have always been run as two different teams. At times, they have even operated as siloed teams, complete with separate strategies and leadership. But today, they can now work together through direct mail marketing strategies — specifically through sending platforms.

“Alignment is crucial…any technology that facilitates and measures that alignment is definitely going to get my attention,” says CMO of Campus Logic Darren Steele.

Marketing Tools to Unite Sales and Marketing Teams

Unification of these two teams is imperative to several CMOs. For VP of Marketing at Cloudinary Sanjay Sarathy, investing in solutions that drive marketing and sales alignment “is probably the number one area that we focus on.”

Peter Issacson, CMO for Replicant, says working with a tool that blends these two worlds together gives companies a competitive edge. “When there is technology that actually facilitates that coordination, like a sending platform, it’s magic.”

That “magic” — the sweet spot where both sales and marketing are truly working together and are aligned in their outputs — that’s where revenue growth happens.

“I fundamentally believe in direct mail as a marketing tool…[and] sending platforms are probably one of the most critical technologies in my tech stack,” says Andrea Kayal, CMO at Electric.

Why Sending Platforms Work

Personalization is definitely trending, but the execution of meaningful personalization still feels to me a little bit elusive,” says Steele. That’s where a sending platform comes in with “the magic.”

As the leading Sending Platform™, Sendoso sends personalized gifts, virtual experiences, branded swag, and eGifts at scale — helping your sales teams stand out in an effective and revenue-driving way from the competition and arming your marketing teams with the tools they need to see their returns on investment (ROI).

“I think the future of ABM and gifting is just going to be huge for B2B marketing … [and] sending platforms are a great way to do that,” says Meyers.

She continues, “I’ve been a CMO for 20 years, but before that, I was a VP of sales…I know how critical the alignment is between sales and marketing to truly drive growth and success in any company…the sales job is a tough job. They [the sales team] want to know that their marketing team is standing behind them and trying to help them win and succeed.”

Relationships Matter

Not all sending platforms are created equal. Some lack a truly personalized user experience, and others can’t grow to scale with your organization’s evolving needs. Check out this case study on how three enterprise-level companies leveraged Sendoso to supercharge their digital sales and marketing efforts.

“Sendoso has excellent customer support. We have asked for many features to be added and accommodations to be made for us, and they’ve always done that. The fact that we could talk to a person to get the technology to do what we wanted it to do was really awesome,” says Kayal.

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