April 5, 2022

Mother Earth approved: 7 sustainable Earth Day gifts


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Earth Day is just around the corner, and what started as a grassroots event born out of the spirit of the ’60s has turned into a global movement. In fact, Earth Day is celebrated by an estimated 1 billion people every year. It raises awareness about the impact we all have on the environment to drive real change.

More companies are integrating sustainability into their core strategies and investing in green, earth-friendly practices to support the environment. According to a sustainability report from accounting firm KPMG, 80% of the world’s top 400 companies are focusing on sustainability initiatives.

Sendoso is doing our part to care for this planet we all call home too.

Between partnering with sustainable swag vendors for your branded inventory, finding unique and sustainable products for your B2B direct mailing campaign, and investing in earth-friendly packaging solutions, we are working to make direct mail more sustainable.

Earth Day Sending Strategies

Companies that focus on sustainability appreciate vendors who feel the same way. Earth Day (April 22) is a great opportunity to make connections with your customers through sustainable sends that feature earth-friendly personalized gifts.

This Earth Day, make your sending marketing strategy do double duty. Show your customers how well you understand them and their green initiatives while showcasing how your organization is protecting the environment.

Ready to add Earth Day to your corporate gifting strategy?

We’ve done the heavy lifting for you. Plus, check back on Earth Day for a chance to win a free Earth Day Kit courtesy of IntelligentDemand and Forefront Group

Here are seven hand-picked, sustainable Earth Day sends your customers will love – and that won’t end up in the landfill. We also offer some Earth Day messaging ideas for your custom sends. Share these corporate gift ideas with your people teams – these can also be used to help drive employee appreciation and engagement!

1. Lula’s Garden Succulents

Every desk, whether in the corporate office or remote office, feels more comfortable with a plant. Lula’s Garden succulent plants sent in a pretty planter are a sustainable product that is the perfect Earth Day send.

Plants not only are Earth-friendly, but they also promote overall wellness by increasing the oxygen supply and creating a sense of calm.

2. Reducing Plastic Waste Gift Box

A staggering 1.3 billion plastic bottles are used every day across the globe.

Show your customers that reducing this number and supporting the environment is important to your company by sending a curated Earth Day sustainable gift box that includes a:

  • Soma 17 oz. glass water bottle
  • Soma glass straw set
  • Waterdrop flavor vitamin tablets.

3. Fair Trade Coffee

Did you know Americans drink 400 million cups of coffee each day?

Sending Fair Trade–certified coffee, which means the coffee has been ethically sourced and meets sustainability and labor standards, will give your customers their daily caffeine fix while supporting the spirit of Earth Day.

Pair this with a branded Yeti travel coffee mug to help your customers reduce their reliance on single-serve coffee containers.

4. One-for-One Tree Kits

Let’s face it: Mother Earth needs more trees. With the One-for-One Tree Kit send, your customers can be part of the climate change solution by planting a tree.

Making a difference is a powerful feeling. Pair this eco-friendly corporate gift with a Field & Co. campster picnic blanket to help your customers get back to nature with a family picnic.

5. Book the Meeting Bundle

Want to send your customers something they are sure to remember this Earth Day?

Try a pack of Plant Your Pencils. There are seed capsules in every erasure, so when the pencil is too short to use anymore, your customer can simply plant it and watch it grow!

Add a recycled Ambassador bound journal, Osprey Arcane large zip pouch made of recycled materials, and socks that plant trees (seriously!) to round out this unique corporate gifting send.

6. Take a Hike Curated Gift Box

Earth Day is also a time to reconnect with nature. Help your clients embrace the spirit of Earth Day with a gift box filled with the necessities for a hike, including:

  • a North Face recycled cap that can be branded with your logo
  • Bombas all-purpose performance calf socks
  • first aid travel kit
  • Rocky Mountain trail mix.

7. Packed with Purpose

Every gift box offered from Packed with Purpose is filled with products from organizations that create social impact.

Boxes include the stories behind the products, along with your personalized messaging. Their packaging is also eco-friendly, cutting down on the waste that ends up in the landfill. Their gift boxes can be ordered using the Sedoso Direct option.

Personalize Your Earth Day Send

Elevate your Earth Day gifting strategy by including a personalized note, which will help strengthen the connection you are trying to make. Here are a few inspiring and fun Earth Day messages to include in your personalized gift.

  • “Saving our planet means the world to us. We hope you enjoy Earth Day by honoring Mother Nature in your favorite way.”
  • “We are here to help you live life cleaner by making the Earth greener. Happy Earth Day!”
  • “Plant the seeds for a better future. Give us a call!”
  • “We are all about zero waste, including time. In the spirit of Earth Day, learn how we can help you focus your priorities and not waste time.”

A Word about Swag Closets

Branded items are always great gifts to keep your brand top of mind, but marketing teams know that swag closets are anything but Earth-friendly.

Expand your available swag without creating thousands of unusable items that are destined for the landfill—and taking up valuable space in your office—with Sendoso’s virtual swag closet.

We maintain the inventory. All you do is place the send order when you are ready to make a connection with your customer.

Need More Ideas?

Sendoso has fun, unique, and sustainable gifts in our product lineup for you to incorporate into your Earth Day corporate gifting strategy. Check out our catalog and follow the icons that indicate sustainable or charitable products.

While Earth Day is turning into Earth Month, be sure to place your Earth Day sending orders soon so they arrive in time to celebrate this global event.

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