March 3, 2024

How to Celebrate National Sending Day on March 10


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What is National Sending Day?

Mark your calendars! December isn’t the only time to show customers and employees you care. March 10 is a holiday you always wanted (but never knew you needed): National Sending Day.

It’s a chance to stand out among your competitors and do something meaningful for the people in your professional life.

The line between work and life continues to blur. Many have returned to the office or physical events. While others clients are permanently remote and Zoom audiences are fatigued. So take a moment to stand out from the typical direct mail marketing by doing something extra to mark National Sending Day.

What is National Sending Day?

National Sending Day is an official Sendoso holiday for creating meaningful connections in authentic and unforgettable ways because we believe relationships matter.

Whether you want to start new conversations with a target audience or reward your most loyal customers, this is the day to let them know that you care. Consider sending direct mail, personalized gifts, virtual experiences, branded swag, and eGift cards.

When is National Sending Day?

National Sending Day is celebrated every year on March 10.

How is National Sending Day Celebrated?

We believe in using sending as a force for good. Use the opportunity to thank a vendor, inspire a co-worker, or surprise and delight a client. Phone calls and email are nice but only go so far. National Sending Day is about building authentic relationships by creating meaningful moments.Here are a few fun and sincere ways everyone can celebrate National Sending Day:

  • Craft a custom item like a Piñatagram and send it to the top VIP attendees of your most recent event. Use this as a way to continue the conversation. Include a message on the box that says you are looking forward to celebrating your future success together.
  • Send an early celebration with a branded bottle of wine. Perfect for closing deals or reigniting customer attention. Send a branded bottle of wine with a handwritten note about how you’re looking forward to celebrating your future success together.
  • Your customers are always there for you when you need them. Give them the chance to pay it forward and be there for those in need by sending them the option to donate to charity. Charity eGifting options enable you to send funds in various amounts to millions of nationally recognized and local charity organizations around the world.

Host an in-person or virtual experience (wine tasting, group workout class, trivia happy hour, etc.) for your advocates and send everything they need in advance of the event fully customized with your branding and a personalized note.

Or skip the inbox notification and send someone a personal, handwritten note just because. Show people that you care! Don’t have time to write it yourself? Sendoso can help!

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