March 3, 2024

CONNECTED Attendees Left With Award-Winning Strategies To Help Engage with Their Customers


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CONNECTED 2021 has come and gone, and boy was it a good one! Were you able to make it? I hope you did because we celebrated being connected and engaging customers in new ways. Sendoso recognizes that companies seek new ways to communicate with prospects and customers in practical ways, leaving lasting impressions. There was certainly something for everyone with different tracks to follow, whether it was a sales crowd interested in booking more meetings or closing deals faster or marketers who were curious about generating better, more qualified leads by delivering memorable experiences. Speaker sessions featured experts from such companies as Salesforce, Outreach, Salesloft, Gong, Vidyard, and a CMO panel offering tips, insights, and challenges from a C-suite POV. There was also an opportunity to highlight some of our SuperSenders, hearing their best practices, personal success stories, and most successful sends. And then there were our extraordinary guest speakers (my personal favorites), Trevor Noah and Shola Richards, who lit up the virtual stage. Trevor told us moving stories of his upbringing, family life, struggles and compared entrepreneurship to his path to becoming a comedian. Meanwhile, not a dry eye in the audience as Shola Richards used his session entitled, “Showing Up Together” to inspire and uplift with impactful stories about his life mission to transform workplaces worldwide as the Founder & CEO of GoTogether Global. Every presenter was truly unique in their own way and the engagement we heard from attendees has left us speechless.

Trevor Noah

Comedian and host of “The Daily Show” Television host, writer, producer, political commentator, comedian, and actor

Shola Richards

CEO & Founder, Go Together Global

Best-selling author of “Making Work Work”, well known

TedX speaker and a positivity blogger with a passionate worldwide following. It’s always challenging to find new and genuine ways of connecting, especially during a pandemic. Hearing from others whose organizations have gone before us and vetted tactics with proven results was encouraging and inspiring. CONNECTED was an opportunity to listen and share space with others who are in many ways just like us, and we’re all just trying to figure things out.

If you did miss CONNECTED 2021, not to worry, we’ve got you covered; it’s On-demand and ready at your fingertips.

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The final piece to the event was Sendoso announcing new product advancements. Among them, the Custom Brand Shop, which makes creating  branded materials more manageable than ever before and Playbooks, which arms sales teams with the perfect gifts and messages to confidently make an impact. We believe these new features will assist your teams in delivering more memorable experiences that will book more meetings, generate qualified leads, and close deals faster.

Thank you for taking the time to join us for CONNECTED 2021. We hope you took away some great ideas and inspiration and look forward to seeing you again next year.

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