February 9, 2024

How to Show Your Customers You Care (Sendoso Using Sendoso)

Meira McFarquhar
Meira McFarquhar

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This piece is part of a series where we share strategies, experiments, and honest results from running our own programs using Sendoso.

Customers are our most valuable resource. Without them, it’d be impossible to facilitate the meaningful human connections we pride ourselves on, or deliver relevant, personalized communication channels that drive revenue for marketing, sales, and CX teams.

And although we simply can’t thank our customers enough for their continued support, loyalty, and community (especially during times of uncertainty), we can certainly try, so that’s exactly what we did.

Our customer experience (CX) team, led by Sendoso Chief Customer Officer Alli Tiscornia, ran a brilliant campaign at the onset of the global pandemic to show our customers how much we genuinely care about them and appreciate their business in times when budgets are constrained, and headcount is shrinking.

To show our gratitude, we targeted high-value customers that were due to renew in 2020 and grouped these accounts into three tiers based on their customer lifetime value, current sentiment, and user role (e.g., manager vs. user). For tiers 1 and 2, we used our Address Confirmation feature that allows the recipient to safely and securely provide a preferred mailing address, ensuring the gift will get to its destination. For tier 3, we used an eGift option.

Here’s what our customers got:

Tier 1 received a treat from Garrett’s Popcorn.

Tier 2 received a box of 12 assorted cookies from The Cravory.

Tier 3 received a Sendoso Choice eGift card with options from Amazon, Target, CharityChoice, and Domino’s.

As a result, we saw:

  • A 49% response rate from Tier 1 and 2 customers using Address Confirmation
  • An 82% response rate from Tier 3 customers using Sendoso Choice
  • A total response rate of 62%
  • $39 of closed-won revenue for every $1 spent

Customers are your biggest advocates and should be reminded of their value whenever possible. By using crucial data and customer behavior to hit the right touchpoints at exactly the right time, you can keep your existing customers feeling special, happy, and eager to renew.

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