June 14, 2022

Send gifts that celebrate Juneteenth by supporting these black owned businesses


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  • What is Juneteenth?
  • How to celebrate Juneteenth
  • List of 4 black owned partners and gift recommendations to celebrate Juneteenth (and beyond)

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June is typically a month representing a return to nostalgia. The start of summer. Family reunions. Father’s Day. Annual summer travel. And of course, Juneteenth.

While we have separate articles with gift inspiration that pair nicely with summer puns, Father’s Day, and even gifting someone BBQ if they missed the family reunion, we’d like to highlight ways for you to support your customers, prospects, and employees who celebrate Juneteenth. Or if you’d like to celebrate it for the time as well.

What is Juneteenth?

Falling on the 19th of every June, Juneteenth is now an official, federal holiday that honors the end of slavery in the United States. Many Americans of black or African-American descent attend celebrations that range as wide as readings of the works of African-American writers to attending food festivals or historical reenactments.

How can I celebrate Juneteenth?

If you’ve never celebrated Juneteenth before, it’s ok. You can still stand in support of prospects, clients, and employees who do. Whether you’d like to attend a historical reenactment for the first time, or you’d like to send a thoughtful gift – there is something about showing you are in support of a cause, versus merely stating it.

With that in mind, here are four Sendoso partners that you can support this month in honor of Juneteenth. Send them to folks who celebrate the important day, or just send them to your normal list of recipients and support a Black Owned business. And remember, if you’re already our client, we can send any of these gifts out for you in just a few clicks–no packing or shipping necessary!

4 Black owned businesses you can support for Juneteenth

1. Golde

Started in Brooklyn in 2017, this Black owned and Woman owned business started on a single product: the bestselling Original Turmeric Latte Blend. Fast forward to the present day, and Golde has grown their product line of many superfood essentials into the excited arms of thousands of supporters.

Papaya Bright Face Mask

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Made with 100% pure superfoods like lucuma, papaya, and sea buckthorn berry, this powder-to-gel exfoliating papaya face mask shows you care about the self-care of your recipient. It is fragrance-free, cruelty-free, and vegan-approved. There are 15-20 masks per jar, making this a gift they can remember you for again and again.

Pure Matcha

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This Matcha green tea powder comes in a tin with 40 grams worth of pure Matcha green tea goodness. This superfood is great for antioxidants and energy, and is made from 100% shade-grown tea leaves that are sourced from small farms in Uji, Japan. This is your chance to give your client the gift of tea ceremony at home.

Blueberry Calm Supplement

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Get some Zzzz’s and fight stress! This just-add-water calming solution includes 8 stick packs of calming magnesium and lemon balm. Designed to promote a deeper, more satisfying slumber, or to support relaxation and stress relief, you can show your prospects you have their back by helping them take the edge off of their stressful day.

2. The Sip

Started by two best friends who wanted to bring diversity to bubbles and the boardroom, Sip is a black owned and woman owned business that is all about putting the special in “special delivery.” By opening up sparkling wine to more people, their mission of bridging racial disparity in the industry can be aided by you choosing to gift one of their unique gift boxes to your customer, prospect, or employee. The quote on their website says it all:

“People will forget what you did and what you said but they will never forget how you made them feel. – Maya Angelou

Note: Due to state restrictions, some states cannot have alcohol shipped to them.

Celebration Box

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This gift box highlights two amazing sparkling wines and a fun sip shooter (the classy way to take a shot of champagne). The Celebration Box is essential for every celebration. Make sure you check where your recipient lives, as some states do not allow shipping or delivery of alcohol. But no worries–as a Sendoso customer, our platform will catch that for you if you forget!

Rosé Deluxe Box

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Taste your way through 3 of the top Rosé French houses. From a half-bottle Louis Roederer (the makers of Crystal) to sharing the Luc Belaire or the Nicolas Feuillate, the Rosé Deluxe box will not disappoint your Rosé-loving recipient. The Louis Roederer has a flavor profile of brioche, cherry, and smoke. The Luc Belaire has one of blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry. And the Nicolas Feuillate has notes of strawberry, raspberry, and florals. This beautiful box even includes a rose gold champagne stopper, in case your recipient wants to savor their celebration and come back to it later.

Veuve Clicquote – Yellow Label Champagne

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Sometimes a special occasion can only be deemed “special” once a bottle of champagne has been popped open. Light, crisp, and of course bubbly, this full bottle of sparkling white is the perfect gift to send to your recipient when you need something elevated to share in their special occasion or new milestone. With crisp flavors and a smoky finish, this is the signature champagne of the Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin house. The Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label champagne has become one of the world’s most loved and respected champagnes.

3. Elemental

Started by two engineers with unique perspectives on clean drinking water, Elemental is an eco-friendly, reusable drinkware brand that is dedicated to improving the planet and creating a more sustainable future. In addition, their workforce is made up of 56% women, and 87% people of color, making the saying “change the world by changing your world” a reality.

Pop Fidget Bottle

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If you haven’t seen the latest crazes for fidget spinners and poppers, here’s your chance to catch up. Elemental has combined battling hydration with boredom, and their new Pop Fidget Bottle is a new challenger that is up for the fight. Have fun popping some bubbles down the center of your 14oz bottle that promises beverages to stay cold for 24 hours, or to say hot for 12 hours. For added fun, swap out the fully removable popper handle for other colors or combinations.

Summit Mug

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Let’s face it, everyday life is an adventure, and you need a mug that can handle it all. From outdoor adventures to dropping off the kids to school in the morning, the Elemental Summit mug is made of lightweight and durable construction–making spills nonexistent whatever your day may bring. It even has a shatterproof Tritan lid, patented double-wall insulation, and a copper layer that keeps your hot drinks hot for six hours, and your cold drinks cold for 18 hours. It even has a zero condensation barrier and a scratch-resistant coating on the exterior, making this mug literally a no-brainer.

Can Cooler

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It’s a hot day. You crack open your favorite, ice-cold beverage with a tsssss kr-POP, and immediately, your mental timer starts ticking on how long your refreshing drink will last. What to do? Well, Elemental has created the Recess Can Cooler. Available in multiple sizes, simply slide your drink on in to let it keep your drink colder, longer, and without ice! Available in three grip surfaces for great slip control, the same patented double-wall insulation as their other drinkware, and an exterior later that lets your hands stay warm, dry and away from condensation, this can cooler does it all. Bring it along for your next day at the beach, BBQ, bonfire, or picnic.

4. Blondery

After a decade-long career in fine dining, two goals became evident to the founder of the Blondery: she wanted to democratize fine dining, and create a workplace where people who were notoriously marginalized within the food industry could thrive. Today, the Blondery is a Woman-owned, Black owned business that is a one-of-a-kind, virtual bakery. It creates limited-release, seasonal blondie collections throughout the year.

4 Blondies Variety Box

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If your recipient has a sweet tooth, then here is the perfect gift to send them that says “I was thinking about you.” The 4 Blondies Variety Box has three of the Blondery’s must-have signature flavors, Brooklyn Blackout (gluten-free), Cinnamon Sugar, and Pecan with Salted Caramel. The fourth flavor is a bonus, limited edition seasonal flavor. Part cookie, part brownie, blondie gifts can’t go wrong–especially when you’re sending one that someone literally took 10 years to perfect.

OG 11 Layer Cake

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This is not “a” cake, this is “the” cake. From top to bottom, the OG 11 Layer cake is designed with every single layer made with intentionality–with each layer serving a purpose that complements the layer before it and after it. With chocolate and vanilla buttercreams, devil’s food cake, ganache, cocoa nibs, toasted pecans, Valrhona chocolate pearls, salted caramel ganache, and chocolate chip blondies, sending “the” cake will not disappoint. Not to mention, the cake is absolutely gorgeous to look at. Stacked sky-high while holding an impressive six-inch diameter, this chocolate and golden-hued cake will make a truly unforgettable centerpiece for any table. It is designed to be enjoyed by 6-12 people, but your recipient can always celebrate with it slowly by coming back to it in multiple sittings.

Dog Treats

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Did your customer, prospect, or employee just get a new puppy or adopt a rescue? Celebrate their new family addition with them by sending gourmet dog treats. After all, furry friends should get nothing but the best! These dog treats are made with all pup-friendly ingredients, so you can feel good about giving this gift to your dog-loving recipient. This gift includes 15-20 treats for Fido to enjoy, and the ingredients include pumpkin, flour, oats, and water–something that will have Fido wagging his tail from side to side.

Support black owned businesses year-round

We hope you enjoyed this deep dive into four of Sendoso’s most popular vendors. As you reflect on Juneteenth and all that it commemorates, “celebrating” or supporting Juneteenth can be done in many forms. And supporting Black owned businesses is an important step in the right direction.

Just remember, sending gifts from these vendors doesn’t have to only occur in the month of June. You can show your support year-round!

If you’re looking for an easy way to automate corporate gifting at your organization, take us for a spin. Or if you’re looking for more unique gift recommendations – say for foodies, then check out the best gifts to send to foodies as well.

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