February 11, 2024

3 Sports Campaigns Designed to Drive Business

Giano Fiore
Giano Fiore

Sending Specialist at Sendoso
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We’ve all heard the saying, “sales is all about the right person, the right messaging, and the right time.” It’s no different when connecting with a prospective client who is a big sports fan. You know the client, we’ll give you messaging ideas below, and the right time – it’s after the big game.

Try building memorable connections over your shared love of sports. These winning campaign ideas work whether your prospects love the Olympics, football, college basketball, or are packing their bags for baseball spring training. Design a campaign around sporting events to increase response rates.

Focusing In On a Fan

LinkedIn Sales Navigator list example

You’ll need to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to really take focus on potential sports fans. I recommend Sales Navigator to create an account list and search your target accounts by location.I check to make sure the prospect has lived in this area for at least ten years before writing an email and assuming they are a fan of their hometown team. Leading up to the Super Bowl, I used this filter to find decision-makers on my accounts who could be fans of the Cincinnati Bengals. We’ll start with that.

Congratulatory Playoff Win

As mentioned in my intro, congratulating people on their city heading to the playoffs and then (hopefully) Super Bowl, is a great campaign that generates responses. My sales team made a sequence starting during the NFL playoffs with a follow-up step every week. After each win, we followed up with our prospects. Try adding in an NFL tumbler with Sendoso’s Amazon integration and you’ll surely get some eyes.

Here’s a positive response I received after sending a tumbler to prospects in Kansas City after their playoff win:

Interested in learning more about your company offering. I support our western region to include Denver, Oakland, SD so we have some friendly jabs that go back and forth within. I will go with the Steelers tumbler (unless they are a hot commodity and all sold out 😀). If so, Chiefs will work. Thank you.

March Madness

LinkedIn Sales Nav school filter

Sales teams go crazy for March Madness. Use your Sales Navigator filters to find prospects who attended schools in the Sweet 16 or Elite 8. Follow up after their team wins, send them a hat or mug, and there’s no way they won’t respond.

Even small personal touches go a long way. Targeting customers on a one-to-one basis increases response rates by more than 50% and can be the key to creating lasting connections.

MLB Opening Day

Baseball season can get tricky. Not everybody is a baseball fan and there are too many games to track in an email cadence. So try targeting prospects around the most important day of the MLB season. It’s a safe bet that people living in a metro with a major league baseball team care about Opening Day.

I never cared too much about baseball. But for me, Opening Day means spring is here and it’s time to party. Search big sports towns like Boston. Send out team swag to help them celebrate and you know it will be one of the most memorable emails they’ve seen that week (or month). Template Idea:​

Prospecting email idea with gift

Betting On a Sales Home Run

The key to any successful sales campaign strategy is making it personal. Those personal touches like hometown teams and playoff celebrations are guaranteed to be a sales prospecting home run.Connect with the Sendoso team if you’re interested in learning more about using Sales Navigator advanced filters for prospecting your accounts. Our sales development representatives are coming up with creative ways to set meetings with prospects, and of course, they use Sendoso to make it happen.

Giano Fiore - SDR

About the writer: Giano Fiore is a sales development representative at Sendoso where he connects prospects with personalization + Sendoso. He believes sending creates more deals, more conversions, and more meetings.Want to chat about creative ideas for your team? Get creative with Giano and book time with his creative mind.

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